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Monkey D. Luffy  Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates GomuGomu no mi I fight to protect my nakama! . Really sorry for being inactive x(

Any manga suggestions? Something that has fantasy and comedy in it... kinda running out of manga to read ._. #monkeydluffy #luffy #strawhat #mugiwara #pirate #follow #anime #otaku #op #onepiece

Guess what? We hit 2k followers! WOO! I know I'm making a big deal out of this but I want to thank all of my wonderful followers for tagging me and liking my pictures even tho some of then have horrible quality. The reason why I'm happy is that my followers were not mainly by shoutouts. (I know how some of you guys hate shoutouts so I try to keep it at a bare minimum.) Even tho every now and then I would be inactive for a long time, you guys still stayed with me.
But I was thinking when I get more followers, I would like to give shoutouts to people who deserves it and have little followers so that way, they can have an easier start. Some of you guys might think this is dumb but I remember when I started, it was really hard for me to gain followers (which was about 30 weeks ago).
Again thank you!
#monkeydluffy #luffy #strawhat #mugiwara #pirate #follow #anime #otaku #op #onepiece

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