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Luenell  Ya'll already know me. Mommie/Comic/Actress/Producer/Major Cougar Boss/BBW/Spreader of Good Cheer/ L-Murder, Inc. CEO/PENTHOUSE Model👙👠

Me & my Lady Bug🐞@kristiniadeb also at the Marie Westwood Magazine Party n Bev. Hills, CA. All part of the @betexperience weekend. We met on the set of the @nickcannon movie #SchoolDance and have been like niece and Auntee ere’ since! Catch her on @growinguphiphop @papaleemusic @itsdanelledoee @leaveittob @you_can_call_me_puddin @liketinawithak @love_kmc @therealdeniserich #debargefamily #vocalist #blackgirlmagic #whoruntheworldgirls

Me running off at tha mouth to @vanessajsimmons the other night at the Marie Westwood Magazine party n Bev. Hills, also part of the @betexperience She was Very lovely and we talked about tha show Growing Up Hip Hop. What a trip to have loved Run DMC for So long and now to b choppin’ it up w/tha kids who r Grown btw! Mindblowing😁 @wyllisabennett @revwon @iamjustinesimmons @misslaurahayes @papaleemusic @tgo1225 @you_can_call_me_puddin @liketinawithak @love_kmc @flygirljujub @angelasimmons @b_a_morgan @therealdeniserich #betexperience2018 #grownandsexy #offspring #goodgirl

COMIC KIDS! There otta b a show like Growing Up Hip Hop for Comedian’s kids! Here is My daughter @itsdanelledoee and Mike @eppsie daughter i Think this is the beautiful @briaepps C’mon @BET produce this shiw b 4 @bravotv @wetv or @vh1 grabs hold to the idea!🎤🎥📺 @papaleemusic @tgo1225 @sherrieshepherd @cocoabrownonefunnymomma @georgelopez @therealmoworldwide @eddiegriffin @therealmarkcurry @misslaurahayes @misterleroi #comickids #ouridea #producerscredit#greatidea #wewannasee #2ndgeneration #legacy

The Iconic #betexperience2018 started off w/a bang at GBK & Champagne and Girls/BET Style Lounge at the Louvre Banquet Hall. Always one to grab a snack and shop for free....who do i run n 2 First? My LOPEZ love interest, Anthony Campos aka @bigcitric (love this guy) and INSECURE’s, @ronejae Sarunas J Jackson. My daughter @itsdanelledoee fur baby Dolce enjoyed the music, food, champagne and of course free fashions! Thank u to my Publicists Mary Moore and @wyllisabennett for putting this weekend together! @ogjuspeachie @you_can_call_me_puddin @issarae @yvonneorji @papaleemusic @georgelopez @love_kmc @liketinawithak @harriet1913 @therealdeniserich #freeswag #redcarpet #fashions #hollywood #celebrity

1st of 3 events last night w/my date @itsdanelledoee for @amconstance @chrisobaby #betexperience2018 Weekend

Follow up fr the last post! @aprilwattslive I hadda share, this was jus Too FUNNY! 95.5 Baltimore! Don’t Ask!🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆🙌🏾 @tylerdashwhite @flexaforeal @chrismholley @chrisobaby @papaleemusic @mrjerryoc @papaleemusic @ibdjroc @tgo1225 @guytorry #girlproblems #livelaughlove #mediachicks #baltimore

Last week i had a Ball rubbin’ all over my favorite radio personality n Baltimore, 95.9’s very own @aprilwattslive She bern holdin’ it down fa Years and always does a Wonderful interview w/me! LUV u April girl! Jus hadda grab ‘em for all my peeps out der who will never get a chance to!😆😆😆
@chrisobaby @chrismholley @mrjerryoc @flexaforeal @tylerdashwhite @papaleemusic @ibdjroc @lolcomedyhonors @baltimorecomedy #blackgirlmagic #baltimore #mediachicks #nocharges #brickhouse

Late post, AGAIN!😝 This was from last night but TONIGHT it’s goin’ down! 3....THREE shows tonight for all u night owls. Happy Father’s Day weekend!!!@bmorecomedyfactory @comedianagwhite @sisterquintella @papaleemusic @tgo1225 @itsdanelledoee @lolcomedyhonors #fathersdaygift #blackgirlmagic

Late post......SHIT!!!!🍿😝

These youngstas r commin’ so we better get used to it. I will never get used to HACKS but when you put in the work, are eager to learn and we respect one can be beautiful. s/o 2 my @innovativeartists Agency sister @watchjazzy and Crazy make up artist to tha stars, @supreme_reign WOMEN RULE THIS BITCH! @papaleemusic @chrisobaby @tgo1225 @thejennykim @sisterquintella @comedianagwhite #letsgetthisschmoney #workhardplayhard #femalecomicsrock #blackgirlmagic #itsalllove #shecanacttoo #livelaughlove

My weekend is starting off Great! Just ran n 2 my love bug @tomgreen @tomgreenlive Yes, there r sparks btwn us. I can c a project n our future. You hear THAT HOLLYWOOD? Power couple over here!!!😂 @papaleemusic @tgo1225 @comedianagwhite @chrisobaby @sisterquintella @amconstance @tylerdashwhite @mrjerryoc @chrismholley @mikeewinfield #ThaChad #foolishness #comiclove #baltimore

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