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Celebrating Dad's Birthday

Post FGT Training, Dinner w/ FGT Mates

If this ain't one the most genuine smile I've ever pull, then I don't know what it is. Also I look good in this pic. kudos to the photographer.


I don't need to show you my "After" Picture as you probably know how I looked now, but what I'm going to tell you is not just about a mere physical transformation. There's more than that. I'm going to say this once and I hope this is the last time I said it.
This was taken 10 years ago, I was in high school. Sports & Exercise are NOT my thing during that time. I'm one of that misfit kid who play video games a lot and have LOW self confidence to a point where I really hate myself, and it kept stay like that for the next 10 years.

During that 10 years timeframe, I lost all the weight and I felt slightly better about myself, But I still can't get that feeling of being fully confidence with myself. When I lost all the weight, I thought all my confidence were suddenly all there. but no, I'm still that shy, self hating, low self esteem person.

Things started to change when I decided join a workout community a year ago, and started to take an intense workout routine. At first, I was having a really hard time with it as my body didn't use to it. But, as days goes by, I'm slowly started to feel the change in me. The outcome of that decision that I made was amazing. Not only did my body felt a lot better, I started to appreciate myself more often, I stopped doubting my skill and abilities in career. And most of all...The confidence that I tried to reach for years is now living in me.

Ever since then, there's always an excitement to pursue everytime I woke up, life gets more exciting, and I'm more eager to learn new things. It's all because of a simple thing we all underestimate sometimes.


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Post FGT Training Dinner w/ FGT Mates

Post Muaythai & HIIT Group Training. We tried so hard to smile after all that torturous training.

Wishing my fellow muslim a Happy Eid Al Fitr and have a pleasant hollidays !

One of my wish I asked God on my birthday is to simply celebrate it with all my family, that's more than enough.

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