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i had so much to write about love that honestly... silence was the best way to express it. •
art saves me daily. so a big thanks to my heart n soul @biancagerasia for doing this on a chilly night in SoHo right after i got off that plane . i cant think of a warmer welcome at 11:50pm 🎥 @theglasscamera
and my lover @gogetgordon

check out the whole vid!! @theglasscamera !

blood, not poison• i looked in the mirror and i yelled because i needed to. youre lying if you say youve never needed to yell at something. especially at you. and you remember that time Dr. Whats her face told you to ‘let it all out’, so you do. and then you realize we are like ecosystems... we must also have hurricanes, tsunamis, volcano erruptions and sandstorms that wipe nearly everything away, until what’s left is but raw earth. we need this in order to bloom again.. like split ends need to be snipped for the hair to grow.. the last 3 years have been a hellish parade that i could never describe here. every once in a while life sprinkled miracles of happiness and light on the true and unforgiving darkness that i managed to carry with me for that long. for almost a year withdrew from my family, i didnt even go home for the holidays.. i found that id been living on auto pilot... driving aimlessly to silence and shame, and so much pain..and i saw it all start.. the river’s tide rising and rising and rising.. but i didnt move .. i just stood there, n i watched.. and then the levee broke.
all the built up toxicity, all the poison, all the loathing, n all the lies inside me , sunk me deep into those waters and the tides shook me like a snowglobe until eventually..... it all dried up. and soon my head stopped spinning and my knees got strong enough to hold me , then strong enough to run.. and jump and kick .. i could feel myself breathing again. and the song that went mute in me started humming.. louder with each of my heart beats... blood not poison... i am here, existing in my purest form for the first time in what my mother reminded me was 3 years. i yelled at the mirror today n smiled , grateful for my life, grateful for the angels that never left my side n those that landed along the way. the road to redemption is a road of recovery.. and it is a battle of the self. • i am raw earth today and it feels like fucking glory ✨ aye •
today: - i love you and i’m sorry - •
! ! !
Amores que andan en colombia! recojan esta nueva edición de la @revistaexclama para ver las locuras que nos inventamos con el maestro 📸 @misaelbelt • 💄 @vaninadisalvo

my board broke.. • this little candid taken a few blocks from my house in new orleans is a nice and flavorful depiction of my days here.. • blue hair , green house, tip toe kicks and a peak at one of my favorite esmerald designed hoodies from my fam at @skateboardsushi • i’ll be preaching again soon (; •

more delicious shots for @skateboardsushi to come 💦 📸 @yoyosamaa

sneak out •
📸 @ianevanlam

im drowning in philosophy • so here’s a pic • happy to head to PR for fall break n maybe decompress a bit of the madness, between critical papers on Spinoza and the actually horrific vomit spewed from Kavanaugh and anyone defending him at that hearing last week. hearing those men speak the way they did, in a setting of supposed authoritative respect and honor wouldve been the funniest shit ive seen all year had it not been .. um real. i saw little difference in SNL’s skit this weekend but hey, this is seriously our country . disheartening and disgusting. lindsey graham’s words were repulsive but not more than brett kavanaugh’s sorry excuse for an opening statement.
i extend my deepest regards to the women who came forward with their accusations... but unfortunately we are a country of 13 year old pigs in suits and ties (with the exception of few refreshing Humans). thank you to these brave women for proving to us , once again, the sad reality of who our government is

Deborah Ramirez, Julie Swetnick and of course Dr. Christine Blasey Ford staying TRUE through the bullshit. 📸@falcocultum for

full moon • i got on a plane to italy a few months ago to supposedly go take some pictures in capri. i’d never been to western europe before. but of course i feared being taken and the fact that technically i had no answers for my parents’ interrogative questions except “his names @badboi , and he’s really talented”. After a cancelled flight to napoli from barcelona, and 24 hours of total travel , @timothysykes welcomed me with 3 pizzas from l’antica pizzeria de michele as we took a midnight boat ride to Capri. we talked about new orleans and philosophy, 2 things we had greatly in common (: he explained to me who they were and what exactly they did, probably not expecting me to fall in love with @karmagawa . •
Karmagawa is an innovative charity community that strives to reach people of all ages with their message of awareness and call to service. i felt right at home when they welcomed me into the fam 🤘🏽 we believe that if we have the means to travel to these beautiful places all around the globe, we should feel responsible to give back to them.. if we can enjoy the views and snap the photo, we shouldnt be able to ignore some of the crucial issues that are occurrinng on a daily basis. •
get on board with karmagawa : $4.2 million donated in 3 years, 45 schools built/opened, 12 in development, 10 libraries in Mexico currently being built, 4 animal shelters and 1 soccer stadium in Cambodia 🇰🇭 sad that studying made me miss the wonders over in Bali, but excited to join y’all in all sorts of adventures in the future , fam 🙌🏽 • 📸
blessed to have found you in the real realm after 4 years of pen pal correspondance @badboi . thank u for this , n ill see u in the phillippines👅 •
featuring legs , back n booty from @pizzapizza_nisa 😊

the truth is, people have always been dying... addiction is something we don’t talk about enough... so people that need help never know where to get it and probably get labeled crazy, or unstable... addiction is a disease... as social as it is real.. and its so damn harmful when you mistreat it.. getting educated on addiction is something our society hasnt even come close to doing, we shun addicts and tend to shut off any compassion because we cant tell the difference between a bad person and a damaged person ... just a thought. more on this soon... •
blessed to give you guys a brand of sandals that loved me enough to send me some real warrior gear • these gorgeous sandals got me through some of the toughest hikes in colombia to the steepest walks in italy.. @jerusalemsandals • thank you for takin me back to comfort in my wardrobe these past few months. and a big thanks to 📸 @fredlove for this day at the beach before flyin back out to new orleans 😊

i promise i will try harder to stay in touch .. it is tornado season in my mind 🌪

happy monday foools 📸 @leavesyoubreathless x #nicolepagan x @obeyclothing

under construction • 🚧
it’s difficult to admit that we were at fault some of those times we said we weren’t. i am imperfect, i am a work in consistent progress, and that progress consists of as many failures as it does triumphs, if not more. i am guilty of nearly everything i’ve ever been accused of , especially if it came from those who know me.. those who truly loved me enough to know me. i am a monster the moment they say i am. • we cannot be so incredibly narcissistic that we see ourselves exempt from progress or growth. we cannot dare tell someone in our lives that what they feel about us is invalid. the human cannot depend on only themselves when it comes to setting a standard of morality and value. you, yourself, are not qualified to determine the impact and treatmemt you extend to someone else. see that determination comes from the person who recieved the treatment; the person impacted by you. • when we disconnect , when we cease to see that sometimes, what we think, or what we intend, to be ‘positive or pleasant or even passable / neutral behavior’, can be incredibly damaging, hurtful, insensitive, intoxicating and even inmensely abusive, in fact. • hush the ego that tells you you are capable of no wrong. hush the ego that tells you ‘You are right, and Everyone else, or That SOMEONE else is Wrong’. • we humans carry a lot of shit, we deal with bullshit every day no matter what race, sex, gender, age, class, region we belong to. so each day, i try to drop the ego a little. travel more lightly. admit to my faults so i can learn from them. and look out every once in a while and say, hey... come down here, from your suite up there in the castle’s tower, and stop pretending we’re the only ones under construction. • nyc babyy! take me back!!! my bags been packed. lez werk! •
miss this beautiful soul 📸 @theglasscamera • who wants to see us get serious with some motion film? 😉 ah? anyone? 🎥 #MissJackofallTrades

resurrection... there’s so much i want to write and a part of me doesn’t want to do it here anymore.

de camino a un fincho en Bogotá, pero sí, extrañando un poco a mis amigos en los angeles. ¿nos vemos pronto?


there is a fine line between man and woman. there are countless intersections in those constructs of gender .. because there Are intersections in our sex. the perfect masculine , is substantially feminine and the perfect feminine is substantially masculine. some males are more feminine than others, some females are more feminine than others..this is simply another lesson on human ambiguity, and human relativity...specifying for a moment, sex and gender. • we find happiness and health in this balance, humans are capable of using and feeling both these wonderful and beautiful energies. we are nourished by them and it pains us when we repress them. men just as women are encouraged in this time to be themselves regardless of the limitations of the gendered social construct.. we invite men to see beauty and pride in these human qualities we’ve labeled Feminine.. we invite men to embrace these qualities so that they can be seen as human, instead of as Feminine. we invite women to do the same , we are capable, we are boundless , and we are pure potential.

thank you @murdasworld for being my muse and my gemini in this shoot,, to visually capture the intersection between men and women, to help open our minds to see the spectrum in between and the reality of its comfort and naturality to so many.. • you tuned into the character effortlessly and you were a lovely reflection . • the road to understanding is long, and i am just at the beginning .. how wonderful to continue • and thanks to the talented @fredlove for being patient with my vision even though we’d just met• Loyola, Ill see you on monday! And YES! We’re Continuing Feminist Fridays at the Women’s Resource Center, happy to be working that again after a well needed break from the city • #letsgetthatdegree

welcome to the microset.. a giant steel pole fell on my head before starting these shots.. the braids provided some cushioning, but hey, im alive, again. happy friday y’all ! excited to finally finish up my philosophy degree this year , dabble in as much social work and travel as much as i humanly can and each day, keep pedaling... forgetting the past doesn’t seem like the wisest route.. it seems lazy to forget.. extremist to forget but there is healing to be done to move forward .. and eventually, at least forgive... always mostly myself. but y’all, tthere’s always a chance we’re indeed batshit crazy 🙃 always gotta end on ambiguity. just wasted a good minute of your time n you’re welcome. ill be here, like a few times a months, tormenting your feed with my millenial bullshit • BUT BUT BUT! i also give u good stuff like this great collection for @amodomiostore x shot by the beautiful 📸 @danigophoto • thanks for letting me keep shooting even though y’all thought i was concussed ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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