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the truth is, people have always been dying... addiction is something we don’t talk about enough... so people that need help never know where to get it and probably get labeled crazy, or unstable... addiction is a disease... as social as it is real.. and its so damn harmful when you mistreat it.. getting educated on addiction is something our society hasnt even come close to doing, we shun addicts and tend to shut off any compassion because we cant tell the difference between a bad person and a damaged person ... just a thought. more on this soon... •
blessed to give you guys a brand of sandals that loved me enough to send me some real warrior gear • these gorgeous sandals got me through some of the toughest hikes in colombia to the steepest walks in italy.. @jerusalemsandals • thank you for takin me back to comfort in my wardrobe these past few months. and a big thanks to 📸 @fredlove for this day at the beach before flyin back out to new orleans 😊

i promise i will try harder to stay in touch .. it is tornado season in my mind 🌪

happy monday foools 📸 @leavesyoubreathless x #nicolepagan x @obeyclothing

under construction • 🚧
it’s difficult to admit that we were at fault some of those times we said we weren’t. i am imperfect, i am a work in consistent progress, and that progress consists of as many failures as it does triumphs, if not more. i am guilty of nearly everything i’ve ever been accused of , especially if it came from those who know me.. those who truly loved me enough to know me. i am a monster the moment they say i am. • we cannot be so incredibly narcissistic that we see ourselves exempt from progress or growth. we cannot dare tell someone in our lives that what they feel about us is invalid. the human cannot depend on only themselves when it comes to setting a standard of morality and value. you, yourself, are not qualified to determine the impact and treatmemt you extend to someone else. see that determination comes from the person who recieved the treatment; the person impacted by you. • when we disconnect , when we cease to see that sometimes, what we think, or what we intend, to be ‘positive or pleasant or even passable / neutral behavior’, can be incredibly damaging, hurtful, insensitive, intoxicating and even inmensely abusive, in fact. • hush the ego that tells you you are capable of no wrong. hush the ego that tells you ‘You are right, and Everyone else, or That SOMEONE else is Wrong’. • we humans carry a lot of shit, we deal with bullshit every day no matter what race, sex, gender, age, class, region we belong to. so each day, i try to drop the ego a little. travel more lightly. admit to my faults so i can learn from them. and look out every once in a while and say, hey... come down here, from your suite up there in the castle’s tower, and stop pretending we’re the only ones under construction. • nyc babyy! take me back!!! my bags been packed. lez werk! •
miss this beautiful soul 📸 @theglasscamera • who wants to see us get serious with some motion film? 😉 ah? anyone? 🎥 #MissJackofallTrades

resurrection... there’s so much i want to write and a part of me doesn’t want to do it here anymore.

de camino a un fincho en Bogotá, pero sí, extrañando un poco a mis amigos en los angeles. ¿nos vemos pronto?


there is a fine line between man and woman. there are countless intersections in those constructs of gender .. because there Are intersections in our sex. the perfect masculine , is substantially feminine and the perfect feminine is substantially masculine. some males are more feminine than others, some females are more feminine than others..this is simply another lesson on human ambiguity, and human relativity...specifying for a moment, sex and gender. • we find happiness and health in this balance, humans are capable of using and feeling both these wonderful and beautiful energies. we are nourished by them and it pains us when we repress them. men just as women are encouraged in this time to be themselves regardless of the limitations of the gendered social construct.. we invite men to see beauty and pride in these human qualities we’ve labeled Feminine.. we invite men to embrace these qualities so that they can be seen as human, instead of as Feminine. we invite women to do the same , we are capable, we are boundless , and we are pure potential.

thank you @murdasworld for being my muse and my gemini in this shoot,, to visually capture the intersection between men and women, to help open our minds to see the spectrum in between and the reality of its comfort and naturality to so many.. • you tuned into the character effortlessly and you were a lovely reflection . • the road to understanding is long, and i am just at the beginning .. how wonderful to continue • and thanks to the talented @fredlove for being patient with my vision even though we’d just met• Loyola, Ill see you on monday! And YES! We’re Continuing Feminist Fridays at the Women’s Resource Center, happy to be working that again after a well needed break from the city • #letsgetthatdegree

welcome to the microset.. a giant steel pole fell on my head before starting these shots.. the braids provided some cushioning, but hey, im alive, again. happy friday y’all ! excited to finally finish up my philosophy degree this year , dabble in as much social work and travel as much as i humanly can and each day, keep pedaling... forgetting the past doesn’t seem like the wisest route.. it seems lazy to forget.. extremist to forget but there is healing to be done to move forward .. and eventually, at least forgive... always mostly myself. but y’all, tthere’s always a chance we’re indeed batshit crazy 🙃 always gotta end on ambiguity. just wasted a good minute of your time n you’re welcome. ill be here, like a few times a months, tormenting your feed with my millenial bullshit • BUT BUT BUT! i also give u good stuff like this great collection for @amodomiostore x shot by the beautiful 📸 @danigophoto • thanks for letting me keep shooting even though y’all thought i was concussed ❤️❤️❤️❤️

crispy film 😋 • the first time i took a chance at photography modeling was circa 2015.. i’d followed this magnificently talented woman by the name of nicole cartolano after falling in love with her work on 35mm expired film. i wrote to all of her available contacts, expecting my pleas for her attention to go straight into the void... i had little experience, i was still barely 5 foot 5 and having an agency representing me was definitely not in the cards. to my surprise, it took only a few days before she responded.. we exchanged numbers .. and before you know it, i was waking up at 4:30am somewhere in beverly hills waiting for a very talented stranger to pick me up n go shoot. she was brazilian, young and incredibly beautiful , we got along like we’d been soul pals for centuries and the day unfolded infront of us breathing beauty and wonder into every pore. a little past 5am, we made it to the beach near the santa monica pier. the natural light was reaching its peak and suddenly... when im reaching the shore, a baby sea lion began to approach me.. i looked at it in awe, trying my best not to frighten it.. but it didnt seem scared of me. instead, it kept coming closer.. directly towards me.. the moment ended as my little friend went out into the ocean n we parted ways.. nicole and i paused , in awe of the universe for a few moments... i never asked if she captured the sea lion on film cuz we shot for 13 hours that day .. but after developing all that film, this shot came first.... and since then, i knew what i had started was gonna be one of my biggest ventures in this life. • it taught me my very first lesson in this ... sometimes the best moment to capture is the moment made, not the moment we make. 📸 wildflyme
#35mm #film #tbt #35mmfilm #nicolecartolano

sometimes im glad life has me at a point where miami is just a temporary • no offense to Miamians • anyway! hi! the producers of snobish costumes are bringing y’all some great hits this summer, like “tropical depression”, “cruel summer” and classics like “don’t fuckn’ stare”. this is a dope shot of my scar • 📸 @nocapphotography x #dfs

#tbt n cheers to more days like these with wonderful souls like these • @chariskm x @dustinhollywoodphoto for @nakid_magazine issue VII

• excited to finally, personally announce this beautiful campaign. • from my ancestral home over in Medellin, brought to you by two incredibly strong women that left everything behind to follow their dream... i give you all @soulintimates ... • when i started this whole adventure behind the camera, I had many versions of what my purpose was.. amongst them, a protest to the saturated portrayal of big asses and big tits in the nude, intimate and health media targeted towards women particularly in latin culture. this same phenomenon seemed to go hand in hand with the inmense popularity of breast implants, buttock augmentation and consmetic mutilation even at ages as young as 15 in young women in latin culture. this correlation isn’t a coincidence in my opinion, injecting unnatural matter into our breasts and and bodies to look like a certain shape is almost directly influenced by the media’s obession with showing one body type as the accepted norm for our beauty standards... this makes me proud to see my tiny ass plastered on a lingerie campaign back in my country 🙌🏽 • we are the endless possibilites of our societies• i wanna invite each of you to an opportunity to treat yourself 🍾 lingerie is about allowing ourselves to enjoy our intimate beauty ! it is truly work of the soul . 🕊 •
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WHAT’S UP WORLD 🌎! • it’s been hard to stay active lately.. so first, i wanna say thank you for all those who have stuck around and are still rooting for me , even in my silence. . paralysis. each day my head fills with another load of ideas, projects, songs to write, movies to make, chapters to think up for the book, chapters to think up for a new book.. and honestly, some days i dont feel big enough for half my thoughts. i often wonder how on earth i still have any followers at all when i’m as distant as i am..hiding in the bone walls of my mind’s sanctuary.. moving an inch at a time, but bound to silence. there is, however, a method to this madness . see, staying afloat is some days the biggest accomplishment... sometimes it’s the most you can do, sometimes it’s the least you can do but we can’t keep expecting the whole world to swim at all times.. most importantly, we can’t expect that of ourselves. nothing good comes from rushing, nothing organic comes from obsession and all great things are worth cultivating . i may not accomplish every tiny dream i’ve ever felt compelled by, but the work i do accomplish wil be mindful and it will be real. im excited to get back to LA, back to New York, and start brainstorming some insanely wonderful ideas to share with the world. so here’s me. always , at least, afloat.

casual desert looks. ladies, keep your knives on you • after you learn how to use em. consent is sexy, but since that hasn’t caught on yet, self defense is also pretty damn sexy. • before y’all get on my ass about promoting violence, read again. until the violence against women of all colors, races and ages, comes to an end, i will unapollagetically promote self defense, be it physical, or verbal or legal self defense.
love me some crispy grainy #filmphotography 🤤 📸 @duvan.chaves

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