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lucia vives  caribbean • 21 • 📷 ~ 🇨🇴 ~ 🇵🇷 ~ 🌳 ~ • artist, writer and activist • ~ 🌞 | my own skin •

it was an absolute dream and an incredible honor to feature on the cover and inner spread of the 2017 Dec. - Jan. 2018 edition of MAXIM Magazine in Colombia • besides the 3 days of food poisoning , throwing up before and after nearly each shot (this one included) , the crashing and flipping over of a Can-Am motor cart with me n @cv420 inside, you can barely freaking tell here ! i had the blessing and privilege to stay at a breathtaking eco-hotel at a natural reserve in Guatapé , Antioquia that is home and sanctuary to more bird species than there are in All of England. facts. this eco hotel cares for some of Colombia's most endangered species, monkeys that visit you for breakfast, a puma, deer, a cougar, 5 black swans, and Acres n Acres n Acres of beautifully nourished green land for all the flaura to flourish in health • massive thank you to our talented team of badasses and the opportunity to feature in the cover of this gentleman's magazine, as a latin queer woman, shot by a latin female photographer to talk about feminism and philosophy • wholly grateful !! pick up a copy lmk whatchu think ❤️🌹❤️ • ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️. the article's interview unfortunately features some fallacious information regarding huracán maria ... including stating 13 casualties is an insult to claim after the hundreds reaching thousands that lost family members.
@maximcolombia @maximmag 📸 @perazna • styled by @nataliauribevprodstyling • location @hotelmanantialesdelcampo

the Skeleton Woman who lies under the sea • she is the personified , full fleshed representation of a deep instinctual potential. a deeply real part of the woman . of ourselves. this instinct knows the nature of life.. the creation of it and its simultaneous creation of death. we insist on a life of constant bliss, pleasure, recognition , approval, celebration , and egotistical compensation , we think we deserve it. we think it is owed to us. thunder , lightning , excitement all the time... this is when our instinct for the nature of life and death goes right off the cliff , drowned into the sea again. life and death in our projects, life and death in our triumphs, life and death in our relationships and ourselves, our moments, places , and pieces .... the skeleton woman is the part of us that embraces that instinct and breathes by it. the nature of our skeleton woman is embracing the cycle of death in all things. we are contaminated by our fear of death. we innately fear nature. figurative and symbolic death . makes room for new life• ignoramos nuestra mujer esqueleto por el miedo que le hemos cultivado a la muerte. cuando dejamos entrar o escuchamos a ese instincto , a esa voz de nuestra mujer esqueleto, logramos aceptar el ciclo natural de las cosas; las etapas de la vida, nuestras circunstancias, las personas en nuestras vidas, las relaciones , y hasta nosotros mismos tienen un principio, y un fin • evolucionamos cuando no respetamos el ciclo natural de nuestra vida y todo dentro de ella • Skeleton Woman 💀Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés • pending series by @ashleyggarner • makeup @lynnweinbergmakeup • styling @papusza_papusza

me on your forum rn (;

"say cheese!"

being who i am in my house and in my culture has never been easy.. with just a few blessings as exceptions.
i acknowledge that i am half the woman my family dreamed me to be & though im grateful for their intentions,
and grateful for their hopes
and their ancient ways of reasoning my sexuality , my voice, my position and my activism ... i can't help but realize how hard they have to try,
and how worrisome my persona is to a lot of those around me.
how much easier it would be for all of them if i was different ... if i was exactly what they wanted
everything they expected
maybe even more.

my mind goes back and forth between caring about how i feel and caring about how i make everyone else feel.
see, i always thought they were correlated. n that as long as i was making other people happy and proud,
that's what my own happiness would feel like.
no matter how quiet i was, how complacent , how still and how obedient .

i became the best liar i knew.
some days, i believed all the bullshit that spewed out of my mouth.
i smiled through heart breaks because god forbid i felt anything for another woman,
i laughed through my depression because "after all, it's mental and you can choose not to be weak", and picked myself up every single day because god forbid someone with my kind of privilege has anything to complain about. . .
i was blessed with a beautiful family, broken throughout the years in different ways, unapologetically human, strange and so so far from ordinary and it's true that i'd never be me without them and the love they've given me.
as women, we are forced to pretend, forced to hush, and forced to follow... we are discouraged to be anything other than a copy or a doll, forbidden autonomy .
we lack guidance and courage... more than anything we lack a role model. no matter how hard it is to swim against the current, it only takes one to change the mold for the coming generation of women in your family. it is an opportunity you've been given.
#twomonthsatgrandmas • 📸 @maxthompson

serie morivivi• ¿si te lo cuento to', que harias? ¿entenderías algo o solo criticarías? puedes decir cualquier cosa de mi. nada me avergonzaría. me da orgullo mi vida, me guillo de mi estadía. por sobrevivir como el morivivi, tirando espinas a lo puerco espin, haciéndome el tonto cuando convenía, molteandome a lo loco cuando eso debía, y haciendo frente, embistiendo, sacando diente si no había mas salida. - palabras de un poema que nunca olvidé , escritas por un autor que no recuerdo • 🇵🇷 • gracias infinitas a ustedes , en particular los que han donado a mi pequeño proyecto de caridad para Mayagüez, hemos pasado los $1,000USD y tengo la felicidad de decirles que esta semana veremos ese dinero en efectivo, contado para empezar a repartir . este proyecto es uno enfocado en hacer cambios íntimos y personales en un pueblo pequeño de approx. 80,000 habitantes• es acercarnos a una parte del problema mayor para si lograr ver una diferencia. una sonrisa . gracias por la oportunidad de poder compartir nuestro privilegio con esta causa • gracias por seguirme enseñando que somos capaces de la compasión ! 📷 @bunsandrosses this beautiful team of puerto rican talent was a real fucking blast to work with, a blonde @gustavo.png a redhead @paola_valiente and dark haired doll @_eduardo_perez_ thank you for being such a fam , n so open minded with me • more of morivivi to come ❤️

hoy solamente pensando en mi orgullo , mi privilegio, y mis bendiciones. pasamos mucho tiempo en el pasado, mucho tiempo lamentándonos, yo misma dejo de vivir tantas veces al día por mi adición al tiempo. gracias por siempre recordarnos lo importante que es cuando #vives. @carlosvives 📸 @bunsandrosses

happy hollows • and to all my intuitive lunatics i wish y'all a wonderful night of spiritual and energetic refreshment, for all you creatives , a night of vomiting expression and actual Fuck Itness, a night to bring out or make up a wonderful , a different type of you • thanks to @roseheffartistry for creating this beautiful steampunk monster out of me • fuckin gear wars by @bryceellphoto 📸💀🎃 • be safe tonight, respect the spirits . living and dead. finally celebrating tonight because AFTER 40 DAYS WE GOT THE POWER BACK AT GRANDMAS HOUSE ! • slowly pedaling, more of an update when i finish doing some more physical research, more signal, more hope.... still soso much thats unbelievably wrong, bullshit and crass about the status of the island after Maria .. but its given everyone quite the eye opener about where we are, who we are, and what the fuck it means to be a colony of a country like the United States under trump• GNIGHT BABIES!! miss you all dearly.
excited about upcoming projects. much love to all. keeping our prayers and intentions out to the real scary shit going on in our world these days. and everyone being affected by them. think of progress. live in the solution .... hard to practice, easy to preach •

theres not much we can do to compensate for the amount of help y'all have been sending over, emotionally and spiritually. i appreciate it, and slowly but surely the island will pick itself up thanks to the hands inside n outside the island • please donate to the @hispanic_federation at hispanicfederation.com . so far they've proven to be using their funds genuinely and efficiently to help areas on the island that are in high demand of water, drinkable water, food, crucial medications such as insulin and quimo, as well as lice kits, supplements for the ill, the newborns and the elderly, female sanitary products and infant products including formula, baby food, diapers etc. ill be doing my best to team up with some badass humanitarian brands to give those of you a chance to pat yourself on the back for giving to a cause ... a cause i call my home. so if being a um decent privileged human that is helping and productively caring for a difference isnt enough of a treat for ya, lucky for y'all my sexy ladies at @verameat n vera herself was nice enough to spoil you fucks by helping me get y'all 40% off on any purchase @ verameat.com with the discount promo code : lucy • !!!! donate n treat yoself 👽 📸 @theglasscamera

introducing @bella.pitt1 • amazingly talented n driven n badass at such a young age im excited to see everywhere you go, everything you conquer ! this sesh was a lovely goodbye ! thanks for being fam 🤘🏽• a big thank you to my favorite rats for the threads n vibe @nonamesaint • n 📸 @bryceellphoto

way more casualties than reported to the president ... no water or electricity , in thousands of homes across the island weeks after the storm. many fleeing. idk what else to say at the moment, there's a somber strange vibe and i just now got some signal, for the first time, i have many calls to make and messages to answer. my family is stable, though there isn't any power at any of my family members homes from Rincon to Mayagüez to Cabo Rojo ... not to mention what the center of the island is going through .... water comes and goes .. it's important to keep in mind the wider reality of this situation, dont believe everything you read .. we have had no service or signal outside the capital and far west.. so idk where y'all are getting your facts. the feds? lmao. the gov? haha. heres a picture of me shoving my hands in my jeans cuz lol the world rn has me speechless and my brain literally tickles reading the PR news . sorry, there are many people to thank, volunteers, some of FEMA , local doctos and working peoples motivated by serving their community and expediting our progress. fuck everyone who's looting right now, especially taking the generators and diesels from the antena points. whatever. thank you. long way to go, but we're pedaling • #puertoricoselevanta 🇵🇷• 📸 @ianevanlam

i am my island ... in history the Spanish came seeking gold. they colonized the island after being ensured of its riches and after just a few decades managed to eliminate an entire community of people. an entire island's population of taíno people. killed off. puerto rico's only 'true people' turned into muts. like most of us. the island is now composed of a vast variety of cultural and genetic combinations that make up your average bunch of puerto ricans. from spain's hands we went to the military general rule era of the united state's colonization of us. where we've been since. its fucking obvious that a political shitstorm like ours didnt happen in a year and much less in a day . so though its news to donald trump, the island's needed some political reassessment for centuries. get educated and maybe we wont drag an island like its last nights leftovers until the debt is over 70 billion dolars now. no one can point fingers, those to 'blame' if any, died centuries ago when the problem started• we learn history so we dont repeat it... no? oh. • the neck is the most vulnerable part of the animal.. yes us too. animals. the gold drips down my spine blood running in its course n i feel like my island... dead and beautiful inside.. revealing its truth a little more every time we jab.. • welcome puerto rico, im yours.. y vamos pa lante puñeta . • looking at the island from an empty commercial flight was heart breaking.. but i come to give all my strength and all my privilege can offer • thank you @roseheffartistry for the art and unicorn concept n @bryceellphoto for capturing and making the moment happen. what a team , theres no one i wouldve done my final shoots with •

update : packed up. got dozens of LED lanterns, portable solar powered, waterproof, a few different forms of water purification, emergency food portions and more first aid kits that i can smuggle •i hate to say it took me this long or took something of this level of catastrophe but it's done. i've spent every moment since last wednesday getting my certification and card renewed for first aid CPR / AED and working with the red cross association to become a volunteer . finally in the system ! feeling only a little less helpless. just 5 excruciating days until i'm there , instead of feeling my islands heartbeat go from slow, to quick, thumping , like a hummingbird's.. all the way from louisiana • yesterday, i finally got my first phone call from my town.. mayagüez: my mother. hearing her voice brought us both to tears as she explained to me that it was bad... assuring me that we were okay, but our home would never be the same again. there were many casualties, more that we've heard, finding bodies daily.. predominantly if not strictly, the poor ... • most of the wealthy, the privileged, and the 'powerful' are fleeing the island.. along with a more general sense of community, empathy, and ethical responsibility. the people of my town are walking through a minimum of a foot water to nearby pharmacies and gas stations.. (nothing against @mercedesbenz this was a true story) you see the mercedes SUVs and people with functioning cars drive right by their neighbors afoot and then speed home, back to their comfort. puerto rico is in a state of emergency. • we will rise if you turn a blind eye, because we've been here before. but now you are aware. what will that change?
Despierta Boricua. Defiende lo tuyo. no seas del montón hasta que se convierta en ayudarnos . ustedes en la isla ayudando• sobreviviendo, les mando mi todo y llego pronto. los amo. con toda el alma y vamos pa 'lante. con la mente y las manos. y siempre: la palabra.
#somosuno 🇵🇷 #puertorico 📸 @crimsoncrazed@vanecarreno

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