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First meeting at HOR this rainy Wednesday, with one of the tightest blocs in Congress, the Visayan Bloc, headed by Rep. Albee Benitez. 😊

❤️❤️❤️ I grew up playing street games, and my favorites were waring-waring, biko-biko, Chinese garter, shatum (that is how we called it). We flew handmade kites and built makeshift houses in the backyard, using old blankets, sticks and stones. I remember we had a mansanitas tree by the guardhouse, and we would pick the fruit to use as bala for our handmade tirador, targeting those fruits on trees that were too high for us to reach. By day's end we would be all tired and sweaty, but very, very happy. What was your favorite street game?🌺

Congratulations to the luminous and beautiful @missizacalzado🌹So happy for you and all that you have achieved! Cheers to your star shining brighter and brighter as the universe continues to conspire, granting you endless opportunities to share and showcase what you do best.❤️And what a great read @raymondangas, gifted and flawless writer that you are!👏🏻 (P.S. Thank you @imcalledtoffee for the beautiful Mother's Day red rose you sent to the office today.)

Hi @gomezjuliana!👋🏻 Found this photo of you in my phone, taken not so long ago. Hi Ninong @randy_e_ortiz! She is wearing the gown you made for her.❤

Thank you, @smshopmag🌺 That was a fun shoot to do with my Mom and Juliana.🌺

Today, I talk about the joys of being able to pad across a hallway to my not-so-secret refuge ---the room of my daughter; there where the wisdom of a 16-year old teenager is sometimes all it takes to make the day (or at least tomorrow) feel brand new again.🌺 Link in my bio. Happy Mother's Day!❤️ @philippinestarlifestyle

Mothers are the superheroes that make the day feel safe, gentle, and kind in a world that isn't always so. Thank you, Mom, for all that you are to me and my siblings.❤️ And thank you, Juliana, for allowing me to experience the purest kind of love.❤️

Sweet 16.❤ My little best friend, now all grown up. @youngstarphils

I love this girl. She arrived late for dinner because she was busy inflating the 🎈 she wanted to bring for us.😂 So sweet. Thank you @piacampos!❤️

It's been 19 years but I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. ❤️You are my dream come true @richardgomezinstagram but I love you so much more than all the magic you have brought into my life. And honey, always, know that ours will always be my favorite love story.❤️ Cheers to forever and ever!❤

Friday cry-day.😭😭😭 And this movie gets me wishfully thinking that every one should know of that one perfect jazz bar, maybe somewhere far away and cold, where a piano man plays music upon music that will do not much more than heal all that is broken, and messy, and imperfect about you, about love, about life.... Beautiful movie to watch for that ugly-face cry fix we all need every so often.😅 #BugatSaKasingkasing

Throwback to that summer's day when this (❤!) found its way to me.

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