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So I went to a ball last night and came home craving for potato chips. I went straight to @gomezjuliana’s room (she always has a happy stash, in a big basket under one table) and sat on her bed while she told me about the Filipino essay she was working on. ‘Mama, smile’ she says, as she took this shot.❤️

@benchtm 30 years!❤️🙌🏻 Congratulations, @bcbench and our entire Bench family!👏🏻❤️🌹🍾🎉🎊 It is amazing, and awe-inspiring, just how far you have come! Onwards and upwards, Bench!


And then there was this dream. To help fishermen get a headstart again. I was scared to make a go for it, but my Richard, ever the brave one, made me believe that together we could spearhead the launch of maybe even just one hundred bancas. To help even just 100 fishermen. And change even just 100 lives immediately for the better.
All we needed was someone to fuel that dream and get the journey going. And Bench, ever so generous, made it sail, giving hundreds of boats from their company alone. Then there was the Rotary Club of Makati, followed by countless more clubs from different chapters. Boss Manny Pangilinan and Bong Santamaria of SMART. Mr. Ramon Ang of San Miguel Corporation. Doc Vicki Belo and Alice Eduardo, always ever so generous and wonderful. Many, many private companies, individuals, people I have never met, strangers who have become friends, my colleagues in Congress who helped quietly in their personal capacity. A child who gave me her piggy bank to buy a fisherman his boat. A reporter who, after interviewing me about the project, tearfully gaveme the 5k she had in her wallet for the cause. The couple who, instead of wedding giveaways, opted to use the budget to buy a fishermen one banca. Birthday celebrants who asked friends to pool funds for boats in lieu of gifts. I have many, many stories to warm the pockets of my heart. (The full list of donors is in rebuildormoc.com)

And so that dream of maybe just a hundred boats gave way to a reality of thousands. Thousands of fishermen. Thousands of lives changed. And all it took was a leap of faith. And after having been at the reveiving end of so much kindness, how can I not have faith in humanity, in the innate good that I know is out there?

In this photo is a miniature model of a banca, which was a giveaway during the launch Bench did for Mission Possible: The Fishing Boat project of Leyte IV. I keep it where I can see it daily, to remind me that dreams come true because God activates His people to be instruments and channels of His goodness. Thank you to the thousands who bought in on the dream. Because of you, hope sails on.❤️ @bcbench @alicegeduardo @victoria_belo

Typhoon Yolanda. 4 years today. I take a moment to remember all that was —� the lives lost, the great damage to property, all the pain it brought, the growing up I had to do in my capacity as representative of a district that was horribly hit. But I remember, too, with much gratefulness in my heart how, when life was so dreary and hard, the best of humanity shone through. I say a prayer of thanks for the great kindness I witnessed first hand, for the everyday miracles, for countless hearts and hands that reached out to us. We will not forget. I keep a box in a drawer in my room. In it is a flag from the Sultanate of Oman. Mohd Issa and Mohd Rashid gave it to me the day they flew back to Oman after spending many weeks in the Philippines, helping tens of thousands in Leyte 4, the district I represent. They represented their king, King Quaboos Bin Said. I am very grateful. Then there was Commander Joe Ring, one of the first responders, a real-life hero, too. He came in a badass chopper one rainy day. A great big ship under his command followed days later, docking in Ormoc Bay, in it a flow of generous basic supplies for a people who had lost all but hope. He and his men stayed on a few days to drop sacks of rice in mountain areas we could not reach because of roads blocked with fallen trees and debris. The cap in the box is from Commander Joe. Then Globe brought Gabriel Macht to Ormoc for their livelihood program, empowering sari-sari store owners, helping them rise again. The autographed shirt in the box is from him. There were many others —� NGOs, private businesses, friends, strangers —�- so many came together to help us gather the broken pieces of life. I have printed emails, photographs, notes, many other mementoes in another box. I have kept them all. I gather them like bouquet close to the heart. There is much to be thankful for. It was during those very dark hours when I was reminded many times over how God is so great and always provident, and how life can still be beautiful even when it is difficult, thanks to the innate kindness of human beings.❤️ Sending big love to all who looked upon us ever so kindly.🙏🏻

Yesterday was beautiful. Woke up at sunrise to the sound of birds chirping and breakfast cooking. Then we went to Palompon to turn over projects ......many of them.🌹 The sun was out, the welcome wonderfully warm, the smiles plenty. An eco-terrestrial park, 4 school buildings of 39 classrooms, a Socio-Civic Center, and three barangay roads later (oh, and a delicious lunch of fresh shellfish plus my favorite nilung-ag na saging with ginamos😋), we travelled the road back home to Ormoc City, our hearts full, making it just in time for dinner with the family. I played with my four little playmates (ages 7, 5, almost 2, and 10 months) before calling it day.
Palompon is a municipality. But under the excellent leadership of Mayor Ramon Onate and VM Georgina Arevalo their star continues to shine oh-so brightly. The LGU has won countless awards under his watch, to name a few:
ATOP Best tourism Oriented LGU 2014, 215, 2016 (Hall of Fame) ,
CLAD (Climate Change Adaptation) 2016,
MMK (Malinis at Masaganang Karagatan) 1st runner up 2016 ,
ATOP Best Sports Tourism Event 2017,
Galing Pook Awardee for Community Integrated Tourism 2017.
They are again a finalist for this year’s MMK, an award I hope they will win.🙏🏻 I feel very blessed to be working with excellent leaders like Mayor Ramon and his team. He was our very first ally back in 2010, and through the years has become a dear friend, a wonderful part of our family. And in Palompon, going there also always feels like going home.❤️ @richardgomezinstagram @88matt88 @carentorres_rama

Dear @richardgomezinstagram, before you swipe to the left, lingkod usa palihug, Dong. Pamugong. Unya ginhawa ug lawom. Ready? Swipe. Naa na gyud kai dalaga.😅 Ipaba-id na ang mga sundang , paguniti sa mga iro na dugay-dugay na gyud nimong gi-train, para na-a sila added skills.😅😂 #unsaonnalang #DiliNaSiyaItoy @gomezjuliana

Dear @reginevalcasid, your star shone so bright last night. You made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us remember why you have reigned as queen for all of 30 years (and counting!). And yes, you also made us fall in love with you and your music all over again. Thank you for being a real inspiration.❤️ #NganoDiliManKoKahibawMukantaOi😫

Over the past year, work has required us to spend so much time apart as a family. I miss us being together everyday but this morning, as I listened to you deliver your first State of the City Address, I want you to know how proud I am of all that you have achieved, together with your entire team behind you. I honor the work that you do, and all that you have taken on in the name of service to the people of Ormoc City. The responsibility is great but you do not balk under the weight of it, instead going about every full work day with not just commitment but also joy and enthusiasm. May God’s fingers be upon your shoulders always and cheers to the best that is yet to come!🌹May all your beautiful dreams for Ormoc City come true.❤️ @richardgomezinstagram

Congratulations, @garmentsurgeon!🌹 Gorgeous collection for the Red Charity Gala!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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