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Today, we are happy pineapples!🤗🤗🤗 #ormocpinafestival2017

Following the lead of our hardworking and dedicated Majority Floor Leader Rep. @rudyfarinas, the House of Representatives continues to hold various committtee hearings even while officially on break.🇵🇭 In the photo also are Rep. Romy Acop and Rep. Gus Tambunting.

Tonight we will be on Kapuso Jessica Soho❤

To Juliana's Superman (and mine, too!), Happy Father's Day!❤️ In today's @philippinestarlifestyle, I wrote about how these two have an alliance and bond all their own. Link in bio.🌺

Cheers to the man who, in my eyes, is the first McGyver. You gave me my first real watch (which I still have and which still works!), my first two Swiss knives, all my flashlights and emergency kits, a stun gun, pepper spray. You taught me to load and fire a gun, and to this day you still buy me my favorite fruits and snacks and ballpoint pens. Yours is a sturdy, comforting presence and you have instilled in us, as you lead by example, the values of courage, discipline, fairness, thoughtfulness, compassion. The innate goodness of your heart always shines through despite your quiet strength and unfussy ways. Thank you, Dad, for all that you are. I do not remember a time ever when you were not there for either one or all of us and when God made fathers, He picked the best one for me and my siblings. Happy Father's Day! We love you always and always!
P.S. This photo was taken when Matt and I filed our certificates of candidacy for the 2016 elections

We honor all those who have fought for our freedom. We honor all those who have fallen. We honor all those who continue to forge on bravely. God bless our great and beautiful country.🇵🇭

Sharing with you a video Juliana made for us when we celebrated our wedding anniversary last April. Thank you for this @gomezjuliana🌺🤗❤

🌺🌺🌺 P.S. Dear @richardgomezinstagram,
Ayaw ug kalipong. Ana gyud na ang life, dong. Dalaga na gyud. Unsa on nalang. Unya ang slit sa sinina, atimana.😅😂 #AsaNaAngMgaDagkongIro

Santi and Juliana have been classmates since pre-school and all the way till they graduated from elementary. They've been in countless schools plays together --- danced, sang, played the marimba, wore all sorts of DIY costumes every elementary student is subjected to as a rite of passage(😂), had play dates in homes of classmates and our home. Time passed. They went to different schools. But last night they got together again but this time, to go to his prom. I remember them both not much taller than a chair, but there they were in our living room --- he in a smart suit, flowers in his hand, and my little girl in my heels and a gown. With a slit. Tell me, where did the time go?😅 @richardgomezinstagram @vivatregina P.S. The kiddie photos are from Millette, Santi's mom (I know, we are stage mothers😂) and for those who may wonder, Juliana has a band-aid on her knee because she skinned it while training for volleyball).🌺

Right now, in our kitchen, on this bright if wet Saturday afternoon, there are few things more perfect than this flawless guava jelly on crackers.🙌🏻 And after I took this shot, Juliana had the bright idea of putting some cheese slices on top for that extra yum in every bite.😋

I was a very new bride, with no kitchen skills to speak of, and there was that one night when we had a few unexpected guests. There was dinner, yes, (although I cannot recall what we served) but we realized belatedly we had no dessert, and it was too late to rush out to get some. Richard wandered off into the kitchen and I could hear cupboards and the refrigerator door opening first, the gorgeous scent of butter cooking next. Before long he came out with a big platter filled with a stack of what looked like crispy pancakes, dusted with sugar on top. We ate it like cookies, tearing off a piece here and there, as we talked and talked the night away. It was simple, delicious, perfect as an after-dinner treat with some tea. And for some reason it was quite the hit. Little did our guests know that it was just lumpia wrapper, fried gently but decisively in good butter, and then dusted generously with sugar.
The photo above was taken today. After lunch, my Richard recreated that treat he had made that one night many, many moons back, except that now he used honey (which I got as a present in one stop during a recent 6-day road trip along the north Luzon highway). And it was just as I remembered it --- crisp and crumbly, sweet, and can I just say absolutely lovely, more so because of the tender memory attached to it. Oh, and btw, this dessert still has no name. But I guess that's okay.❤️ @richardgomezinstagram


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