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Dear @albeebenitez, the solar lamps you brought are now being used in the evacuation centers. Because the kit comes with three bulbs, not only can they be used to light up three areas simultaneously, the residents are thrilled that they can also charge their mobile phones!🙌🏻 Thank you very much for always being one of the very first to help us --- when Typhoon Yolanda happened, you sent plane loads of relief goods. When this earthquake struck, again you quietly came to lend a helping hand. Thank you, godfather!🇵🇭 #sorrygubotakobuhok😂

Hi @gomezjuliana!🤗 I miss you loads, so earlier today I made it a point to take my favorite potassium soup in one of your pretty giant cups.❤️ #PauliNa #HumanaAngPilgrimageUgLaag 💃🏻

I was looking for a better photo of me and my sister, Caren, who celebrates her birthday today. But really, this is where life finds us now, in the thick of rehab and relief efforts for the victims of the recent quake.
My sister is one of the most efficient and strongest people I know. Next to Daddy, she is McGyver #2 in our family. In all that I do, in my work especially in public service, Caren is by my side, with me through thick and thin, a wonderful General and ally in all the work we have to do. I am lucky to have the best sister in the world! Happy birthday @carentorresrama, know that we love you very very much! Cheers to many, many more happy birthdays to celebrate!❤️ This photo was taken yesterday, when we inspected the damage caused by the earthquake, in Sitio Maglahug that has since been abandoned by all the residents as they were evacuated to safer ground.

It is exactly one week today after the magnitude 6.5 earthquake that struck Ormoc City and other parts of Leyte.

Over 1000 families or about 5000 residents have had to be evacuated quickly. Soon temporary homes will be put up while the resettlement plan is firmed up and then rolled out.
As we did our rounds, we visited the 182 families that had to be evacuated from Sitio Maglahug in Brgy. Gaas, now a 'No-Build-Zone' given how intensive the destruction there was in addition to its vulnerability to landslides. In the first photo is a makeshift tent that temporarily provides shelter to 4 families of 18 individuals total. They all miraculously fit inside this space that they somehow managed to put up with their bare hands --- using sticks and stones and rolls of tarpaulin from DSWD with some help from the most basic of tools.

The other photos show how they have managed thus far ---- there is a big, wide plank of plywood in the center, like a very big table of sorts, which they use as their bed, nine people in a row per side. Their clothes hang from ropes and wires cross-crossed across the room, their belongings are off to the sides, a makeshift kitchen right outside. Some still have the solar lamps from that time not so long ago when Typhoon Yolanda happened. The units have proven to be sturdy, they still work to this day. Given how rough the past week has been, one of them found time still to lovingly make sure a two-year old member of their family has his duyan, and I saw how one grandpa gently swayed the child to sleep as we talked.

Life is not always easy for the people of Leyte. Ours is a Province vulnerable to natural disasters that somehow visit every so often, in various shapes and forms. But resiliency is everybody's middle name here, next only to faith which I know always comes first --- faith in God who is greater and bigger than all we are facing now; faith, too, that we all shall see better days again. In His perfect plan and time always. He is in control.🙏🏻

And because life is full of beautiful surprises, I find out that the bride, Rosalie, is a high school batch mate in St. Peter's College, and that some of my batchmates are in attendance. So......instant reunion!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻❤️❤️❤️

Quick stop during a regular work day in the district. As Mayor, part of today's schedule is to officiate a wedding between two people in love. I tagged along spontaneously. Ahhhh.❤️ Happy endings, a beautiful sunset, beautiful Ormoc City. Thank God for small, but pure, pleasures.🌹

I got these yesterday from the students of Dr. Heronimo B. Zaldivar Memorial School of Fisheries in the Municipality of Albuera, Leyte, when I turned over computers and printers. I love handmade notecards; most especially all the warm feelings that the many lovely thoughts written on them bring. I keep them all --- treasures for that somewhere-down-the-road when I am old and I will have lots of time to smile upon the many once-upon-a-time chapters of my life. But I'm also sharing this shot I took just now, as I snuggle under warm sheets in a very cold room, after what was quite a hot day, because it pretty much sums up the month of June for me --- colorful, busy, filled with unexpected blessings and new awakenings, imperfectly beautiful.❤️ Over the next few days (or weeks) I hope to share bits and pieces of what it was like for me, and all that was wonderful and uncomfortable and glorious about it.........but to do that I must first find time to breathe, to come up for air after what has been a full month of nothing less than a flurry of activities, daily. Thank you, June, for all that you were to me.🌹 July, bring it on! May you, too, be many shades of wonderful.🤗

Today, we are happy pineapples!🤗🤗🤗 #ormocpinafestival2017

Following the lead of our hardworking and dedicated Majority Floor Leader Rep. @rudyfarinas, the House of Representatives continues to hold various committtee hearings even while officially on break.🇵🇭 In the photo also are Rep. Romy Acop and Rep. Gus Tambunting.

Tonight we will be on Kapuso Jessica Soho❤

To Juliana's Superman (and mine, too!), Happy Father's Day!❤️ In today's @philippinestarlifestyle, I wrote about how these two have an alliance and bond all their own. Link in bio.🌺

Cheers to the man who, in my eyes, is the first McGyver. You gave me my first real watch (which I still have and which still works!), my first two Swiss knives, all my flashlights and emergency kits, a stun gun, pepper spray. You taught me to load and fire a gun, and to this day you still buy me my favorite fruits and snacks and ballpoint pens. Yours is a sturdy, comforting presence and you have instilled in us, as you lead by example, the values of courage, discipline, fairness, thoughtfulness, compassion. The innate goodness of your heart always shines through despite your quiet strength and unfussy ways. Thank you, Dad, for all that you are. I do not remember a time ever when you were not there for either one or all of us and when God made fathers, He picked the best one for me and my siblings. Happy Father's Day! We love you always and always!
P.S. This photo was taken when Matt and I filed our certificates of candidacy for the 2016 elections

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