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Lucy's Plate 🌈🥗  Fuelling a fit life 🏋🏻‍♀️ 24, Business Grad 🎓 Belfast / Surrey📍 ⚖️ is 🗝 @lucyjoyce2 🙋🏻 10% off @olyclothing LUCYSPLATE

Sunshine in a bowl 🥗☀️ the best salads are always the unplanned ones... the ‘throw everything in your fridge in a bowl’ kind 😍 1/2 packet caulirice • 3 tbsp cooked quinoa • chopped cherry toms/ red onion/ kale🍅 • roasted broccoli 🥦 • petit pois • chicken boob 🍗 all covered in a fresh homemade honey mustard dressing (whole grain mustard/ ACV or 1/2 lemon squeezed/ agave or honey/ soy sauce/ tiny bit of garlic granules) 🍋🍯

Cheeky lunchbox Nando’s 😏 why spend a fortune (and most of your daily calorie intake) in Nando’s when you can make a healthy version at home (that tastes just as good 😍) for 1/4 of the price 💰
Chicken breast roasted in barbecue spices and Nando’s peri peri marinade🌶🍗 • @sainsburys mashed suede & potato (macros are unreal only 16g carbs per serve) 🥕🍠• steamed broccoli🥦 • chilli & garlic sautéed veg (mushrooms, peppers & peas but you can use whatever you fancy)

Baffles me how people can sit inside their office on their lunch break when the sun is out 🙈 just sitting with the ducks eating me protein bagel 🥑🍗 @warburtonsuk thin protein bagel with 1/4 avocado & 100g peri peri roasted chicken (homemade) with a tablespoon of dairy free siracha mayo 🤤 390cals C25 F14 P35 🙌🏻 half the carbs and fats of most store bought chicken & avo sarnies!

As you can see this is why I don’t upload many workout vids.. the quality is 💩 and I am a complete granny with video technology 👵🏻 but this was a spicy lil leg day finisher tri-set (third one isn’t shown in vid).. 3-4 rounds of 1) x10 Squat to OHP with 8-10kg Kettlebell 2) x20 TRX squat jumps 3) Ass to Grass stepper squat jumps (aka stand on a stepper, jump down and squat as far as your butt goes until it touches the stepper and jump back up onto it) x10.. brutal burn out 🔥🔥

Volume eats are back 🍝 reduced fat red pesto courgetti with turkey meatballs & sautéed veggies in a tomato and basil sauce 🕺🏻 low fat, low carbs, low calorie but so filling 😆 love love le courgette 🥒 give it a go tonight & box up the leftovers for lunch tomorrow 🙌🏻

The dream team 💛 rye toast 🥖 • hummus • sautéed spinach 🌱 • runny fried egg 🍳 • grilled toms 🍅 if you haven’t had hummus on your toast you haven’t lived.. it’s better than avo 🥑 (controversial statement)

Swipe right for the best way to eat proats 🤤 @ellena_fit has changed the oat game 🙌🏻 ...sometimes when making oats, mixing in protein makes it quite gritty.... behold: PROTEIN SAUCE 🎉 mix a scoop of protein with some yogurt of choice or milk/ water and stir lots to make a sauce & pour on top of your creamy oats 🏆 I made these oats with @oatly oat milk that I won at @befitlondon_ & I’m never using another milk for oats again 🤤 so creamy!

If you can still see the baked potato you’re doing it wrong 🙅🏻‍♀️ stuffed baked sweet P (found a lil spud that was exactly 100g 🍠) • 1 tin tuna in spring water mixed with: 2 tbsp sweet corn🌽 • chopped red onion • crunchy radish • chopped spinach🌱• yellow pepper • lighter than light mayo • reduced fat red pesto • 🍋 juice • 310 calories in total - less calories than most store bought salads & way more filling 🙌🏻 C33 F6 P30

The infamous 80/20 my world this means 80% of life is dedicated to the weekday grind and 20% is dedicated to the weekend greed 😂🐷 also this way I never have “Monday blues” or the “Sunday fear” because I’m always so ready to get back on track with my training and nutrition after a “treat yoself” weekend 💁🏻‍♀️ this works for me and I’m all about that balanced life.. for some this may not work because it could encourage binging and restricting.. when I eat out I’m still mindful of the choices I make regarding food & alcohol & a lot of the time I’ve enough macros left over from a week of eating super clean and training hard that it won’t affect me if I have a few gin n juices with my salmon salad 🕺🏻🍹 Fat loss = cals in vs cals out at the end of the day REGARDLESS of where these calories come from🍔 Be mindful.... & have a Happy Monday 😘 the end.

Seeing all the protein bar samples on everyone’s Instagram from body power is kinda hurting my soul a bit 🙂 in other news; week one of strict macro tracking mon-fri complete and got a lil pump on, so thought I’d take a snap while high on endorphins (and cocodamol from an abscess on my wisdom tooth which is slowly killing me ngl🕺🏻) ... out for dinner tonight and tomorrow night because we have plans with relatives & friends and it’s okay to have a life even when you’re working towards a fitness goal/ dat summer bod💁🏻‍♀️

What’s better than banana bread? @whey_box Protein Banana Bread 🤩 give it a go 👩🏻‍🍳: 4 ripes bananas mashed 🍌 1 egg whisked 🍌 1 cup almond flour🍌 3/4 - 1 cup oats (or oat flour) 🍌 splash of almond milk • 1tsp cinnamon 🍌 1 sachet @whey_box banana protein 🍌 1tsp baking powder 🍌 1tsp vanilla essence 🍌 handful of either : blueberries / nuts / choc chips.. whichever you fancy.. in the oven at 180degrees for 40-45 mins turning after 20mins 🍌🍞

“Salads don’t have to be boring”.. ya damn right 😛 this Quinoa & Salmon salad was just fab 😍 you need to try the homemade dressing with it as well, it’s so good 🍋 serves 2: 2 salmon fillets • handful chopped fresh dill • 1/2 lemon • 3 tbsp yogurt (Greek 0% fat or Dairy free soya) • 1 tsp / 1 clove crushed garlic • Himalayan pink salt or coarse sea salt • 5 radishes • 1/3 red onion • 1 small red pepper • 2 handfuls garden peas (fresh or frozen) • 3 sweet pickles • 50g quinoa • 2 handfuls spinach • 8 stalks of tenderstem broccoli 🥗 Method: Boil water and cover quinoa in a pot on low heat to simmer for 10 mins • top salmon with a sprinkle of the chopped dill and put in the oven with the tenderstem 🥦 for 14 mins at 180 degrees • chop up all the other veg except spinach and peas into small chunks (chop the red onion extra small) & throw in a big bowl (add the peas to bowl) • in a separate small bowl mix the yogurt/ juice of 1/2 lemon/ rest of the dill/ garlic & a sprinkle of salt • once the quinoa is cooked add to the bowl of salad & pour the yogurt dressing over it • add 1 handful of spinach per bowl as the base and top with the salad then the salmon & broccoli... bon appetite 🍽 my second serving is in my lunch box for tomorrow 😆 Macros: 450 cals C43 F18 P35

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