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Representing Chile 🇨🇱 #flagday #ultramiami #ultraangels

I didn’t want to post this picture until after May but I couldn’t resist! Thank you so much @photosbyclw for this beautiful photo. Really reflects on the amazing color of my @ravewithmigente Lucy set. One of my favorite collections not only because it has my name but because the colors are so unique and such soo beautiful! Also, Thank you @topfoxx for the shades!

If I had a dollar for every time I chose to go to the beach rather than do anything else (important or not), I’d be rich. I appreciate beaches so much. It’s a place to set your worries free, take in the beauty and truly relax. A place where you stop thinking, clear your mind and be at peace with the world. Sometimes, that’s all we need. 🌊•

•Taking the time this entire weekend to do just that. Disconnect and let go before finals start kicking in. I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend.

Live for these moment. •

•Meeting beautiful talented angels encouraged me to become a better angel. The energy and encouragement throughout this photoshoot was beautiful. Everyone taking pictures of everyone and everyone helping others out. One of the best memories I have and I’m so thankful I got to meet these beautiful team. Also, thank you to @jaypegg_ for these amazing pictures. @ultraangels

It’s been over a week since Ultra. It feels like just yesterday I was working at ultra. It was an amazing opportunity but it didn’t come easy. It takes long hour shifts and hard work to be on the team. From working out your body, to practicing in heels for hours before the big day(s). To live the dream of an @ultraangels . People think it’s easy to just dance half a set with thousands of eyes watching or working in VIP the entire day. It’s Not. It’s a lot of pressure and long dedicated days to getting everything perfect. This opportunity taught me a lot on how to get outside my comfort zone. It taught me so much on how to push to my hardest no matter how many blisters I have on my feet or how to push for long hours without breaks. No matter how hard it got, I continued to work as hard as I could. It taught me what it takes to be an @ultraangels . Thank you @imjrivers for all the love and efforts to our group of girls. Thank you @karinacamelia21 for this awesome photo! Thank you @katiekansas for the chance to be a part of the team for 2019. I will never forget all the talented stars I met throughout my journey. Thank you.

Just a week away from ultra. Words can’t describe my nervousness as an @ultraangels . I’ve been preparing for this moment and now it’s come. Training will only get harder until the days arrive. Working hard each day to be the best I can at what I do. •
•Special thanks to @uhhvonte for capturing such a beautiful picture. Also, thank you @vibedration for the cutest bag and thank you to the beaches that always give me a place to make magic. Without our beaches, I don’t know what I’ll do. I love the beach and everything it has to offer. Thank you @katiekansas and @bmarsz for this opportunity as an @ultraangels ! I can’t wait to work with such amazing and talented group of women next week. Also, thank you @karmichelle_ for giving me hands on teaching with makeup (I’m still learning but appreciated you so much). Lastly, thank you to everyone who continues to follow my journey. Thank you for helping me 15k.


•Thank you @uhhvonte for the amazing pictures. I can’t wait to share the others I’ve been working on. Also, huge appreciation to @malyswimwear for this look. Such amazing looks from @malyswimwear and it’s only getting better. I’m super happy for @malyswimwear for continuing to grow. You deserve the best. Truly the most beautiful, understanding, caring and amazing creator behind all the looks @malyswimwear . Go check out her latest collections and upcoming events. Use code LUCY10 for a discount!


•Thank you @uhhvonte for this awesome shoot. The wind was excruciatingly strong but we made it work! •

•Thank you @vibedration for this cute bag! I absolutely love it! Use code LUCY10 to get a discount on your purchase today ❤️

Not valentines but still one of my favorite looks ❤️ •

New month new goals! Have a lot going for me this month and I’m going to work as hard as I can to shine the brightest I’ve ever shined. •

•Use code LUCY10 to get a discount!


Fun fact: it was about 30 degrees with wind that made it feel like -63837 •

•little throwback to my first visit at New York when I met this amazing photographer @compafoto . I told him I wanted a great view of New York and he gave me the best spots at New York. This photo shoot during the day was painfully cold but it was worth it. Thank you for the endless memories and pictures I still look at today. You’re a beast at photography and I can’t wait till you come to Miami because it’s too damn cold to be in New York. •
• On another note, woke up thankful to be alive today. Thankful to wake up, have good weather, have food, be able to go school, and wake up with a family. Everyday I’m thankful. Everyday I work hard. Whether it’s in school, work or myself. Self improvement and self reflections is so important. As I walked into February, I have to maintain focused and ready to conquer new challenges I’ve never faced. 💪🏼

Words can’t express the emotions I’m feeling. I was going to post this picture today with a caption of how grateful I am to be living another day and expressing how I feel but now, I can’t even tie my emotions together anymore. I’m so happy to announce that I made it as an @ultraangels !!! I’m in tears and I have no words to express myself. Just the other day at auditions, I was praying to get spotted between all the talented dancers I was up against. While I did the most difficult routine I’ve ever tried to learn, I felt a bit discouraged because I felt as if I was the only one who had a difficult time learning. I was super close to losing hope and walking out but I tried to push myself through auditions and force myself not to give up no matter how hard it was. If I would’ve walked out, I would’ve never gotten this opportunity. Such a great lesson to never give up. I would’ve never thought I’d get the chance to be model for the biggest festival alongside the most talented dancer and artists. A true dream come true. Thank you to everyone that believed in me. Thank you to @m3lany for being my inner motivation months before auditions and during/after auditions. Thank you for all the advice and kind words. Thank you @katiekansas for this opportunity to live my dream. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you.

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