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Lucinda  😜Fun. 💪🏼Fitness. ✨Sparkle. ⬇️130 pounds with hard work and dedication 🐳🍍 #pineappleprincess 💚Weeple Army⚡️❤️💀Endurance 🏋🏼 crossfit

Sloooooooowly getting back to “normal” adding more movements in weekly and slowly adding weight to different things. Always happy to lift. I love #crossfit way to much. Hit a PR with my clean and jerk today 🎈yay !!! #lifting #rehab #girlswholift #ishouldstartmealprepping #journey #lucy #healthyishappy

So how did 18.4 go? Just like this. First an foremost I am so happy I got to do a #open workout at all. With my list of modifications being long I was surprised to be able to actually get to do a workout. I know I’m not super strong at push ups and tonight proved it . Along with the 45 in the work out the additional 30 or so no reps made me fight for each one. My goal was to get through most of the bear crawls as well. I am happy with my progress post surgery and I just need to keep pushing forward. Thank you @aironmars for being my awesome judge and @crossfitkindle always for the support. #crossfit #intheopen #girlswholift #progress #rehab #active #happyplace #deadlifts

A simple message you should live everyday. It takes nothing special to be kind. 😊Taken from my friend @mollsadventure #smilingsmyfavorite #bekind #sharepositivity

The bribe I told myself I could have if I just made it through my PT session today. Today think was the hardest session I have done so far. All my weights were bumped up along with more exercises which is a win. The “work” with the PT was the hardest both physically and emotionally yet it has to be done to get where I want. The human body is very resilient and I’m thankful for what mine has given me and sorry for the abuse I have given it. #roadtoultra #rehab #recovery #fitaid #crossfit #want2run #goals

What recovery looks like..... when your best day is only 8k steps and your PT tells you it’s still too much too soon 😩😩😩 I just want to run free and pain free (I am pain free 99% of the time). Patience , persistence (of my rehab stuff) is really all I have these days. Waiting another 4-6 weeks to see if my goals I laid out for 2018 are going to be a reality. #rehab #running #ineedsometrails #crossfit #active #weightlossjourney #progress #roadtoultra

So much fun this morning , very neon 🦄 walked it all and knee didn’t yell at me💜 this is the longest distance I have done in a while (just a 5k) but I’ll take it #babysteps #awesome80srun #pasadena #sparkleathletic #rehab #progress

Oh heyyyyy flat Lucy where have you been ? Shenanigans tomorrow but nothing that is against PT orders 👌🏼 #cannotsitstill #sparkleathletic #teamsparkle #thoselegwarmerstho #thisskirthasalotofmiles

2018 just started right ? For me it feels like it. Work is slammed in January and with knee surgery looming I couldn’t really focus on my long term goals. ☀️ first and foremost I need to work on my knee rehab to be 💯healthy , without a healthy knee I cannot move forward. 👙body weight, essentially the same milestones as before yet a little more realistic, hopefully as I work through other goals these will be met but also by REALLY dialing in nutrition and most importantly STICKING to it. 🏋🏼‍♀️ crossfit goals , I have a few and while it’s nice to get all of them or pretty PR these two are highest on my list. 🏃🏼‍♀️lastly , a huge running goal of mine , with my “maps” of runs I hope to accomplish this 50k in the fall 😬😬😬😬😬😬 nervous? You bet! Anxious that I have big goals? 🤷🏼‍♀️ totally!!!! Win or loose, let’s go !!!! #goals #crossfit #weightloss #aravaiparunning #dreams #arizona #run #active

It’s FriYay and I feel pretty today. Shame I have nothing to do. #happy #sunshine

My favorite band for the last almost 20 years (that makes me feel so old😬😬😬) released a new song today. Cannot wait to see them this summer. Maybe it’s the year I go to Red Rocks 🧐 @ofarevolution love love the vibe of this #fridayTunes #happymusic #takemetothebeach #feelslikeparadise

The journey is never over , the book is never done. Even small steps (literally for me these days) is a step in the right direction. #recovery #canigoplaynow #needtobeoutside #imissrunning #imisscrossfit

My sunrise this morning was amazing , sad my phone died 2 mins later. The near 10 miles today was slow being that that’s the most mileage I have done since my birthday. The shenanigans , laughs and good friends this weekend made it awesome before I head into these next few weeks. #arizona #hikelife #wishiwasrunning

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