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Lucy Bee  Lucy Bee Fair Trade Organic Coconut Oil, Creamed Coconut, Cacao, Turmeric Latte, Epsom Salts and many more. See our full range, on our online shop.🐝


Lemon Pepper Chicken. Full recipe on www.lucybee.com. Our 1 litre coconut oil currently has 20% off on our shop, link in bio x

Our 1 litre is still on offer for £11.20... 20% on our online shop! Get in before the offer finishes, it won’t be up for much longer! 🥥🌴🌸🐝

Did someone say.... COCONUT MILK?! 🥥🌴🥛. It’s 99.9% coconut milk, Fair Trade, Organic and unsweetened. That’s all I can say for now....! It’s a game changer to Lucy Bee cacao hot chocolates. Coming out later this year.... #FairTrade #lucybee #ethicalbestbuy

Anyone else look like they’ve had a fight with a tomato in a bush after doing sprints (or any exercise)?! 🍅🌳🥊. Today was one of those days I argued with my brain about going to the gym, if I should go this morning, lunch, evening (knowing I probably make excuses and wouldn’t end up going later) as I’m tired from a weekend away and feeling the effects, my body reacts so quickly when going away from the flying and being out of my usual routine. I get so bloated and puffy in the face from overeating, drinking and no exercise, not complaining though as I loved every minute of it and would do it again this weekend if I could but it was a struggle to get back in the gym today as I felt MEHHHH. So I told myself just go, walk, do whatever, and I ended up doing 20 sprints, 20 secs on 20 secs off at the fastest pace I could go and ended up working my arse off or should I say the overload of extra carbs off 😄 and feeling good and back on track after that one workout, so if you’re an over thinker like me, just go do it, you never regret a workout, or anything that makes you end up feeling better about yourself whatever that may be. Anyways, set for the day ahead! Hope you all have a good one x

It’s starting to feel so real now..... final few products to confirm for the skincare and body range. I have wanted to bring out a natural skincare range since starting Lucy Bee as my background is beauty, it’s been a dream of mine and been a big challenge. A lot of meetings I had with companies made me feel like it was impossible and that you HAD to use this and HAD to use that. But we didn’t listen to them and walked away as we knew it wasn’t right or our ethos and what we believed in. We knew when we found the right person who would take on the challenge we would be able to do it. And we have!
Georgia and I have been working on this for nearly two years now. So much time, love, stress and passion has gone into it and seeing it all come together is incredible. The whole range is unbelievable and my skin feels so good from using it. So much care has gone into the product inside, to the glass jars (the two larger bottles are what we are using, not the mini ones - we have really nice ones!) and last but definitely not least the outer packaging. The whole range is Fair Trade, Vegan, Cosmos, No Palm Oil, Organic. Incorporating Lucy Bee ingredients such as coconut oil, turmeric, cinnamon, coconut sugar, Dead Sea salts, Cacao. Can’t wait for you to see the final thing! If I have one tip, if you believe in something stick to it and do not give up or let anyone tell you different. Work hard, stay determined and follow your heart and when someone says “you can’t do that or it’s not possible, you have to do it this way .....” do your work, research and prove them wrong! Roll on June time 😭❤️🙌💋🐝🌸⭐️

Who’s with me?! 🙋‍♀️ oh and pizza, pasta, etc etc etc. 😗❤️

Hello, I will be at Hertford Theatre this Sunday with Daisy doing a cooking demo of a very tasty, simple Tofu Thai Green Curry which includes our creamed coconut, coconut sugar and coconut oil. We will also be talking all things Lucy Bee, Fair Trade, Balance and more!
If you are from Hertford, or live locally it would be great to see you there. 🙂
Daisy is a nutritionist and has a masters in Public Health Nutrition, and is now a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. Daisy has also trained to become a Health and Wellbeing Coach for a Diabetes Prevention Programme in Hertfordshire. This is aimed at those who have been advised they’re at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The idea is to empower participants to make changes to their lifestyle.
Where; Hertford Theatre.
Time; 1pm (for roughly 45mins) on Sunday 25th.
Please go onto Natural Heath website to see more details on the weekend event! @naturalhealthherts
My nerves have already started to kick in 😂🙈🐝😗💜🙌🏼😋🍴🍵

When you’ve had a few wines and want to join in on the parade #goals #extra #saturdaynightfever

Fab time in Malta so far, sight seeing yesterday. Today I did an interview with The Times and filmed for a tv show over here with @agiusclare @vincentsecofarm ❤️. Now time to eat more food, drink some wine with Gina G. #pinkyperky 😂😘 swipe to see more x

Black peppercorn sauce.... our black pepper corns are organic and fair trade and honestly you can tell the difference in the quality of them. X

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat strawberries again after trying these organic strawberries today at @vincentsecofarm . The flavour was insane. If you are in Malta, I will be at Vincent Eco Farm from 10am-1ish tomorrow with @agiusclare ! Come say hi! X #malta

Arrived in Malta!

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