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Lucyoga (Lucy Bannister)  On summer holidays! New videos on ๐Ÿ“น YouTube/LucyogaTV. Classes resume on 3 Sept. Check out my timetable for classes in #Bingley, #Keighley & #Leeds ๐Ÿ™

It's time to put the yoga mats in summer storage, the blankets in the wash and for me to lie down in Savasana! ๐Ÿ˜„
I'm factoring in more rest time, so that I practice what I teach. The next few weeks will be about focusing on my own practice, my family and my friends. I turn 40 in ten days time so it will also be about some partying and fun times too!! So now to just get the last bits of admin finished up and maybe a relaxation video up on my You Tube! I hope you all have a lovely summer. I may pop in here from time to time or I may just be over on @luluartist. Or I might just switch social media off altogether, I've not quite decided yet...#lovesummer #yogateacher #yogamum #Bingley #Keighley #Leeds #Leedsyoga #Lucyoga #DruYoga #summerholidays #timetorest

It's #YorkshireDay! I'm very proud to be a Yorkshire lass and to get the immense privilege of living and working in this beautiful place. I've chosen some photos from my recent A Walk and Yoga in t'Woods in Bingley to celebrate Yorkshire Day, to show not just the beautiful surroundings but also the people, because they are what makes Yorkshire really special.

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Need some easy self-care? Want to reset yourself and find a calmer and less stressed you? Well come and join us for the last Yoga in Bingley before the summer break - it will be another of the special A Walk and Yoga in t'Woods. These are the pics from Monday's session - an absolutely lovely morning in nature with this fab group.
We go for a walk up into the woods - time to chat and meet each or walk quietly if you prefer. Then we do a half-hour gentle yoga session in a gorgeous glade deep in the trees. The return is in silent meditation, absorbing the nature and being in comfortable quiet, even though we are in the company of others.
Book in advance please, via #linkinbio

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Feeling a bit emotional at the moment? Loving the summer but a bit weary from the heat/muggy/cloudy cycle of the last few days? Yoga tomorrow @the_tetley will be all about finding some chill through deeply relaxing floor based postures and releasing stretches to cool and calm the nervous system, paired with some strong standing postures to build strength, courage and will power. This will be a small class so I can really help you find that place of release in both body and mind.

Booking via #linkinbio

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It's five years since the first Rooftop Yoga Peckham. I launched on Saturday 6 July 2013, in a blistering heatwave that quietened all those 'Outdoor yoga? You do realise this is England!?' comments. What an adventure it was taking our yoga to the roof for two summers, and here we are again in another heatwave, wondering if we live in the UK or southern Spain!

If only @the_tetley had a roof terrace, I'd be up there like a shot on Saturday! But the City Workshop is lovely and cool with lots of light so we will have a fab time for #NoStressYoga in there. Want to join me for some cooling summer yoga? I've got spaces.

Book in advance. #linkinbio .
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Need to COOL DOWN right now!? Check out my Insta Stories for how this spray bottle and some yoga breaths could help you feel much cooler very quickly.
#hottestdayoftheyear #coolingdown #sitalipranayama #sitkaripranayama #coolingspray #ukheatwave #bingley #Keighley

So excited to be able to teach outside tonight at Yoga for Runners. These guys are all looking at a beautiful run of lush green trees and grass that is full of bunny rabbits! And even better is that the basketball court tarmac is slightly springy so it's perfect for yoga. Tonight we worked through one of my leg and will power strengthening sequences. Being outside makes it all so much more relaxing and soothing.

You can book for Wednesday online at


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This week I'm the pre-gig yoga teacher for Flight of the Conchords again! Here they are in full rock recorder* thrash out last night. Absolutely brilliant show and I'm still buzzing about having my own dressing room backstage! I'm loving teaching these guys yoga. They are absolutely lovely and Dru Yoga offers the perfect balance of 'exercise and relaxation' according to Jermaine. So there you go - one half of a recorder rock duo that can fill a 10,000+ seater arena says my yoga is good!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Š Back to teach them tonight and will be testing out a new Dynamic Sun Sequence on them in advance of my workshop in Peckham tomorrow. I promise to only include #fotc endorsed yoga ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ *As in the small wind instrument we all played at school!
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Can't wait to share some Dynamic Dru with you here on Saturday, in the new @levelsixpeckham studio, which is part of @peckhamlevels - just below where I used to run Rooftop Yoga Peckham!
We'll be working with yoga that ignites your inner fire, to give you natural and sustainable energy, whilst also getting a bit of a sweaty glow on!

Whilst honouring the slow and soulful nature of Dru Yoga we will work with some of the stronger, flowing and more dynamic sequences in the Dru tradition.
I have a handful of places left if you would like to join us!

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Can you go on a yoga retreat having never done any yoga before? Absolutely! The beautiful Vida came to Spain a couple of weeks ago and experienced the incredible transformation that a week of yoga and meditation can offer. Personally I think it is one of the greatest honours of teaching, to introduce someone to yoga.
If you've been meaning to try yoga for a while, then get in touch. I have weekly classes in Bingley and Keighley, monthly sessions in Leeds and workshops in London (next ones are 23 & 24 June). Next year I am heading back to Spain to teach with the amazing @luciayogacom again. You can book now to join us there. Details of all this is on my website.All sessions are open to all levels of experience, beginners very welcome. And, always, ALL bodies.#linkinbio #beginnersyoga #yogatransformation #yogaforeverybody #londonyoga #leedsyoga #Bingley #keighley #lucyoga #nostressyoga #bodypositiveyoga

Taking a side step from normal business for a moment for a very important message. Tomorrow, Friday 25 May heralds an incredibly important vote in the Republic of Ireland. Let women choose. Our bodies, our rights.
With full credit and thanks to our favourite children's author and illustrator @oliverjeffers for this fab illustration and for being outspoken with his politics. #personalispolitical

#repealthe8th #humanrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #ourbodies #ourrights #yogaispolitical

And thanks to @natmooreski for the original heads up to this image.

Do you struggle to sleep, or relax? Whether it is getting off to sleep, or waking too regularly or too early, lack of sleep is utterly exhausting. As I've been asked so much about this lately, I am running a workshop specifically on yoga that can help you to sleep better!

Sleep Well: Rest and Relaxation for Better Sleep
Sunday 24 June
2:30 - 4:30 pm (Yoga Arch, Camberwell)

Spend two hours wrapped in some of the most restorative and relaxing Dru Yoga there is. This workshop will help you understand the best ways to relax and wind down before bed (or during the night if you wake a lot) so that you can create your own unique yoga practice to help you sleep better.

This workshop is suitable for all and can be adapted to suit those struggling with health and fitness, who are pregnant, post-natal or just plain knackered.

Special offer of two workshops for ยฃ50 if you book the Saturday session 'Dynamic Dru: Energy and Vitality for Summer' at the same time.

Book now at or via my timetable #linkinbio

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