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Lucy Rosarian  A yoga rosarian: Cultivating the seeds of yoga in life through yogis, people, experiences, creations. See how I cultivate yoga and watch my journey.

For me, yoga is meditation through movement. Recently I found that drawing is meditation through movement too. As well as the act of you moving with a method, there can be movement within the image, and whilst drawing the image. I will elaborate slightly more on the last point... When I meditate, I see images; strong visions. These visions can come "randomly" throughout the day or during a yoga practice etc. Sometimes I ask myself to check in on it. It might stay the same or it might start changing and moving.

In my most recent vision, I have been dancing alone in front of a giant sun - I moved towards the horizon. A dark figure came from the horizon in the distance. The figure moved closer and closer until we met face to face. It danced in a crazy way at first and then stood still. Eventually a piece of the dark matter fell away and I saw an eye. I recognised the eye. We start dancing and the rest of the dark matter falls away to reveal me wearing brightly coloured clothing. We danced at each other and then with each other, then side by side mirroring each others movements. I was wearing black.
I decided to create this powerful image (twins of me dancing side by side) in a sketch just before my 2nd yoga teacher training weekend session started. Whilst I drew it, I would sketch lines, rub out, draw again etc. The lines changed like a sequence; The image of the dark clothed version of me changed from a side profile to looking directly at me. She was waving goodbye to me in a friendly manner. I waved back compassionately and realised I had transformed into the colourful and vibrant version, ready to explore and dance another dance towards the giant sun.

My intention this year was to learn how to love myself. I am beginning to understand. "Being human doesn't just mean connecting to other humans; it means connecting the human you are now with the ones you used to be" - @clarefisherwriter All The Good Things, 2017

During the YTT session that afternoon, my tutor said "The heart is the horizon." #yoga #meditation #vision #movement #dancing #drawing #yogateachertraining #spiritual #intention #learning #transformative

On the train to London! A very early train.
Back to another yoga teacher training session again. Quickly finished off my assignments last night to meet the deadline. It was much harder than I thought.
All these beautiful blueberries were rolling around in my handbag. So I had to pick out my breakfast one by one. Hopefully I've got them all or else everything and my hands will be blue today. Hope it's not a sign that someone's or my(!) throat chakra will be in my hands!

Missing out on the Wimbledon finals 😩 Enjoy your strawberries everyone! I will enjoy my blueberries!
#yoga #yogateachertraining #train #handbag #London #tennis #wimbledon #blueberries #earlymorning #learning #throatchakra #chakras

Another book has arrived from the TT reading list.

This cool bookmark came with it.

I wonder if it was carefully chosen by the packer... #pranayama #breath #breathing #mortality #yoga #yogateachertraining #book #readinglist #reading #reading2017 #learning #lifeanddeath

πŸ‘ πŸ˜‚

So just doing some more yoga homework, reading "Yoga mind, body & spirit" by Donna Farhi in bed.
Part of the homework is to learn the poses and state the benefits, cautions and contraindications. I love how there is an emoji as an answer for "Who shouldn't do this pose?" Published in 2000, it's definitely a book ahead of its time.
Perhaps I can insert emojis into my homework. Adds a nice touch. πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸŒžβœŒπŸŒΉβ€πŸ”₯βœ¨πŸ™πŸŒ·πŸ©πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ #yoga #yogapose #yogateachertraining #homework #studying #emojis #body #books #book #learning

I'm doing my TT homework on a Saturday night whilst dipping in and out of a cheesy film on the telly box.

We were asked to investigate 7 different yoga poses. The first task is to describe your personal experience with each pose. I don't know whether it is correct or not hence why I am being trained obviously. I want to document it on here as part of my journey.

Again something compelled me to pick up the pencil and draw how I felt rather than write. This is the first drawing I've done since the other pic I posted recently. It feels extremely relaxing to draw and I am enjoying the practice of it.
#yogateachertraining #yogapose #yoga #drawing #art #practice #homework #feelings #body #learning #pencildrawing #sketchbook #sketch #relaxing #saturdaynight

The YTT group (yoga teacher training) were asked to introduce themselves and say which superpower they would like to have. I said I would like to be a real magician and provide genuine magic, not performing tricks. But I realised something today from this quote... "Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it." - J. K. Rowling

We carry the magic. We all have superpowers. Magic really happens so let's use it wisely.

Recently I made a promise to myself to speak and act from a place of love and honesty. I will continually practice to be a good magician and graduate from Yoga Hogwarts.

Then I will be a yoga wizard!

This artwork is by a fine art student at the Leeds College of Art. Unfortunately I didn't catch the name. But it's a wonderfully piece of work which reminded me of nature, the universe and the magic.

#harrypotter #jkrowling
#harrypotter20 #yogateachertraining #yoga #reflection #reflectivepractice #theyogilife #leedscollegeofart #degreeshow #magic #wizard #nature #universe #art

First day of Yoga TT was fun! Getting to know the group and we stuck stickers on each other to feel the direction of the muscles: Cat / Cow Pose in the image. My first yoga pose on Instagram haha.
I grabbed some CrossTown Doughnuts afterwards and they were divine. πŸ‘€β€πŸ© #yoga #yogateachertraining #doughnuts #donuts #crosstowndoughnuts #yogapose #muscles #stickers #peanutbutter #newclass #training

Packing my bags for this weekend to begin my teacher training journey.
A few weeks ago, a friend took me to the art supplies shop and encouraged me to buy a sketch book so I did. For a long time I felt stifled to put pencil to paper yet I have strong visions through meditation and every day life. Something stopped me from interpreting my feelings or experiences onto paper. I didn't want to record it. I am not sure why not but I am not concerned about analysing it right now.
Whilst considering what to take with me on my travels, I picked up the sketch book. I thought I could draw some poses whilst learning on the course but I felt compelled to sit down on my bed and start sketching. So I've just sketched this image. Part of it is derived from a meditation or vision which keeps coming to me recently and some of it is inspired by a little block print I saw in a book this evening.
I want to.embrace being fearless. This is my focus at the moment. I want to experience, learn and grow.
Many years ago, I had an excellent drawing technique as well as technique in other mediums of art. Obviously I haven't practiced and I have lost the finesse yet I felt so relaxed and focussed whilst I sketched it. I have wanted to draw again for so long but I was afraid to be criticised. Tonight in my yoga practice, a thought came to me which changed my perspective; I have a shoulder which rounds forward and I have been nurturing it recently to improve it's position. When people are criticised sometimes they protect themselves by rounding their shoulders and moving away. At the end of the practice, I wanted to spread love from my heart and give it, not just to round my shoulder to protect the love in my heart and keep inside to cope. I asked (in my mind) to create a full circle from heart to my shoulder to nurture this area and create balance. Already I have felt a change and I see it flourishing this evening...
Yoga has taught me about practice. Being fearless, I share with you these thoughts, this image and this journey...
#yogateachertraining #yoga #yogini #art #drawing #fearless #love #creativity #mindandbody #sketch #sketchbook #practice #everday #intention

Happy International Yoga Day!
I wore my heron jumpsuit to celebrate the occasion!
Another bud is about to bloom this weekend and I can't wait for it. Yoga Teacher Training begins...
#internationalyogaday #yoga #yogateachertraining #roses #buds #selfie

There's a heatwave across Europe! 🌞
I rose very early to do all the household chores and bask in a dog walk in the morning sun before it became too hot. Middle of the day, I went to my regular Sunday yoga class and worked out at the gym afterwards.
This afternoon is all about rest and play with my puppy! He keeps asking me to throw the stick for him in the shadiest spots.
We're staying in the shade and staying hydrated. I'm wearing factor 50 all the way all day with my prescription sunnies. #selfprotection #selfprotect #suncream
I'm thinking about taking some selfies of my yoga poses to document my progression. So watch out for them soon.
#yoga #progression #garden #shades #sunglasses #heatwave #dog #sticks #hot #selfie #gym #workout #restandplay #playtime #nomakeup #factor50 #hydrate #europe #uk

Just had a lunchtime yoga practice. I bought #NewScientist and #psychologiesuk #magazines to read during the afternoon in the hot weather. When I came back home from yoga class, I received my first journal from the British Wheel of Yoga. Pleasantly surprised to see an inspirational yogi and my personal long term goal on the front cover: The 100 year old yogi.
#summer #hot #garden #reading #magazine #yogi #yoga #inspiration #longtermgoal #goals. #journal #journals #bwy #britishwheelofyoga #articles #firstissue #learning #student #yogateachertraining #lazyafternoon #100 #100yearsold #mentalhealth #physicalhealth

So today is National Clean Air Day as well as Bike Week in the UK. Drivers were encouraged to leave their cars at home and opt for car sharing, public transport, foot, or using a bike.
This is my bike which I bought last summer because I had the romantic idea that I could cycle to and from work in the city. Plus the guy selling it to me told me a romantic story about how a man cycled the same bike from the UK to Russia to propose to his girlfriend: he wrote a book about it. I would like to read it but I wasn't given a title.
The phrase "it's just like riding a bike" is very mis-leading! It has been several years since I have ridden a bike and it is not as easy as I remember it. I like riding the bike but I don't like stopping. I kept losing my balance or falling off when I stopped. Unfortunately my confidence has been knocked and the bike bas remained under this old blanket ever since. The comforting blanket of fear. Let's hide the problem.
Well every week for nearly a year, my friends have had to endure me talking about how I want to ride my bike but can't because I'm too scared to stop and traffic.
Whilst reading Ana Forrest's book, Fierce Medicine, she refers to how she conquers fear head on. So it has inspired me to ride this bike... Yoga style... Watch this space. β€πŸ™πŸŒΉ
#cleanairday #bikeweek #bike #cleanair #ecofriendly #commute #fear #conquer #inspire #yoga #touringbike #problem #stopping #breath #balance #idea

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