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☆Hello ☆  /'''\ (Ⓘ.Ⓘ) /'''\ ~I draw~ +I am self taught+ Requests - Closed Trades - Open Collabs - Open

Some Yandere stuff cause ya

Some 10/10 art of the lovely @thesmii7y cause I love him

This was concept art for auric, that I digitalized, and actually really liked, so ya here

Not very good but here #fzag11draw

My candle hoarding dragon, Eli

I drew Danté a long time ago in my sketch book and I decided to digitalize the sketch so you guys get this

Some kinda weird art thing

Auric in kinda girly clothing

Just comment one and I'll draw them with the random thing
The tag for my ocs is #auroras_ocs

Drawing inspired by the song Cant pretend by Tom Odell

Drawing inspired by “Pools by Glass animals”

Just comment them

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