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I never thought that #braces at 26yrs old would look or feel so great...and I don’t necessarily mean physically great...I mean I didn’t think I’d feel so proud of myself for taking care of my needs, entirely on my own! I didn’t think people would be so supportive and compassionate about my journey, and empathetic as well! I didn’t think I’d want to smile until I got them removed...but it’s quite the opposite! I think I smile more than I ever have...because I’m truly happy, and I truly feel loved. To be received and embraced by my friends, family and strangers alike without hesitation...having people look at me and actually SEE ME for who I am and not what I look like, or not by the measure of the resources I have available to me, but just me. #braces #glasses and all! ☺️ *and yes I wear real glasses, but c’mon the filter glasses are so damn cute I can’t help myself 😆
Just wanted you to know I feel loved...thank you 💕

May as well just be me...



It’s Thursday - perfect day for donuts and Snapchat....just because...

....not tryna work today... 🤫

At work taking phone calls like...


It's my Birthday! It's 2018, I'm 26 years old...and I couldn't be happier or more grateful. Shoutout to the fabulous ladies that surprised me and put this whole thing together! I went from "I'm turning 26 in a few days...guess I'll just work and cuddle up and read a book about personal development..." to Masks & Margarita's, Sexstrology Readings & Cards Against Humanity, Mimosas's and a lovely Brunch at The Topanga Table! If you leave room in your life for miracles and surprises, you will attract miracles and surprises! 2018...LET'S DO THIS!!!

...just gonna leave this here... 🔥🔥🔥
#california on #fire

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