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LUCKY BLUE SMITH  Fan account for LUCKY BLUE SMITH ;) I lus my bby blue


Sweeties 😍❀❀ Love them

I am the procrastination queen and it sucks

His smile & eyes 😍😭

Cutie πŸ’ž

Well hello there, it's been agessss (Also just look at his beautiful face 😍😭)

Yoo my last exam is on Thursday and I can't wait!!


Shoutout to the girl in the back

Dearest Lucky,
Before I say anything else, I'd like to say sorry. Sorry for missing your birthday. I didn't forget, of course I didn't; I have exams at the moment and I'm under a lot of pressure and I'm stressed and nervous. But now I'd like to give you a late birthday message. -
HAPPIEST BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! ❀❀❀ I hope you had the most wonderful day with your friends and family and you're experiencing many positive and wonderful things. I've been here for nearly two years now and maybe that's not old to some of the fans but to me it feels like a long time. And it's been so great supporting you lucky, not only are you so kind and sweet to your fans but you've also made me meet new and wonderful people on here (shoutout to Izzy, Hannah, Sabri, Ellie, Tasy πŸ’–). When you occasionally notice me lucky, like my picture or when you've commented or on GCs my heart legit flew out the window and I would jump up and down and scream. So ott of me πŸ˜‚. Anyway I love you lucky and I will always support you, forever and ever; even when I'm not active in here. I know you won't read this lucky and probably no one else will but oh well I enjoyed writing it. Bless you all and again I LOVE YOU @luckybsmith β€πŸŒˆβœ¨πŸ’žβ˜€



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