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Tone  Luck's Yard is a family multi-disciplinary chiropractic clinic in Surrey, with 11 therapists all working together for the health of our patients.

So exciting to meet new friends and colleagues that I’ve known for a long time at @heidi.haavik’s seminar this weekend. Alex Newton who is our faculty chair of the Royal College of Chiropractors pregnancy and paediatric faculty and Emma Fretwell who the faculty chair of the animal college of chiropractics, and also an animal chiropractor. Sparks were flying and new ideas created inspired by our new knowledge. #chiropracticrocks #heidihaavik

Geek 🤓 Easter! 🐣 This weekend I’m learning about the brain from my fellow Norwegian chiropractic researcher Heidi Haavik. Not many people would get me to a class on Easter 🐣 weekend....😉. 🐰 She is the lead chiropractic researcher in New Zealand 🇳🇿, and one of the top chiropractic global 🌏 researchers too. 🐇 Heidi and her team has been part of creating over 45 studies in the past 20 years on the impact chiropractic care. 🐣 I salute her and ALL the amazing chiropractic scientists globally 🌏 who tirelessly work on our behalf helping us understand how it all ties together. 🐇 It’s thanks to this group of people we have moved on and progressed, but also in some ways finding our way back to our roots and staying true to our original believes. 💕 Love our profession! #patientcentredcare, #chiropracticneurology #chiropractic , #lucksyardclinic

The Octagon Chiropractic Clinic in Hammersmith is our sister clinic owned by my husband Stephen Hughes. They have a fab team of chiropractors and a fully equipped Pilates studio. If you have family or friends in London we can highly recommend this clinic. #chiropractic

Wishing you all a healthy and peaceful Easter weekend. Tomorrow we have a Rob working and then we are all back as normal from Tuesday. Tone is off on a course learning about chiropractic and the brain and the only one who could her her away in a bank holiday is the eminent chiropractor scientist Heidi Haavik. Will report back later. Happy Easter from us all! 🐣🐇🐰

✨So grateful to have had Mariana Ferencakova working with us at Luck’s Yard for 12 years! ✨She is so talented, hard working and gives everything to her patients. ✨Thank you Mariana for your care, we are so lucky to have you. #dreamteam , #lucksyardclinic , #chiropractic , #chiropractor , #milford, #godalmingchiropractor , #surrey, #patientcentredcare

Snack for a busy day in clinic. Some of the roasted almonds that didn’t get burnt...😂raspberries and grapes. Rainbow colour snack indeed. Lots of patients to serve so need to keep the energy up. #chiropractorinthekitchen , #lucksyardclinic , #drchatterjee , #thefourpillarplan , #rainbowfood

Ops... when you are trying to nourish your family with healthy snacks, when you are trying to be a good mama after a long day at work, when you know that you have forgotten the almonds 50 times before and burnt them, when your kids say ‘mum don’t forget the almonds again..’ Well it’s bound to happen isn’t it! 🤭🤗😯. But the thought was there and that is what matters. ☺️😂☺️. #goodenoughmama , #mademykidslaugh, #herewegoagain , #chiropractorinthekitchen

Each week we have patients that we send back to their GP’s to have further tests, x-rays or to just discuss their current medication. Our job is to work alongside the medical system, to support them and collaborate. We try to help our patients take charge of their lives and become the architect of their own health, asking questions and learning about their bodies. Our job is to help, guide and support. We are so grateful that we gave such wonderful relationships with the GP’s surrounding in Godalming and Surrey where we truly can work with patient centered care. Stay in touch with your GP, no questions are silly and take charge of your health. And keep asking us what we do and how it works. We love to help and explain. And we love to see when our patients find natural solutions to their health issues. #lucksyardclinic , #milford , #godalming , #surrey , #chiropractic , #massagetherapy , #acupuncture , #podiatry , #reflexology , #aromatherapy , #counselling , #coachingforkids, #coachingforteens , #mentoringforteens

Last week I had three patients in one day with the same leg 🦵 symptoms but due to three different causes. Each one had pain in the same area but it stemmed from different biomechanical reasons. Chiropractors feel like detectives most days as we hunt for clues to why the body acts in a certain way. It is the most interesting profession as no day is the same and each patient is unique. I feel blessed to have found chiropractic and been able to practice it daily for 28 years now. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Tone. #anklesprain, #cramp, #elbowpain, #tenniselbowrelatedtotheneck, #neckrelatedheadache, #inabilitytorelax, #jointpains, #hippain, #kneepain, #acutebackpain, #chronicbackpain, #generalisedachesandpains, #lumbago, #mechanicalneckpain, #migraineprevention, #minorsportsinjuriesandtension, #musclespasms, #plantarfasciitis, #rotatorcuffinjuries, #sciatica, #softtissuedisordersoftheshoulderjoint , #chiropractic, #lucksyardclinic

Exam tips! Be as creative as you can when you revise and use different strategies for learning. This will help you retrieve the memory better when you are in your exam and feeling under pressure. Don’t just rely on one learning style. Search learning styles quizzes on line to find our all the ways you learn best so you can maximize your best way to revise. And find a study buddy and start a study group. It ya sadly not encouraged in schools but a fantastic way to solidify your learning. This helps you to know where your gaps are and it will never be boring again. #learningstrategies, #smartrevision , #examstress , #examtips ,#beatexamstress , #empowerstudents

Music is good for the soul. Yesterday my former singing teacher at the musicworks, Rose Kimberly @rosekimberley1 launched her album at the @boileroom supported by friends and family and great support bands. So excited to hear her new sound and see her fantastic band. Great venue too! 👍👏👏👏#musicisgoodforthesoul , #antiinflammatory , #gigs , #supportlocal

#meettheteam here we have Vanessa Adams, our sport massage therapist!

Vanessa holds an ITEC Level 4 Certificate in a Sports Massage Therapy having qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in July 2014 from St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

Vanessa believes that a common misconception is that you have to be a sports person or already injured to benefit from a deep tissue massage but this is actually not the case.

She comments: “Having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years I understand the impact that this type of work can have on the body as well as the mind.

Whether you are taking exams, a keen gardener, sitting at a desk all day or a sports enthusiast of any level, I honestly believe that you will find deep tissue massage beneficial”. #lucksyard #meettheteam #sportmassage #deeptissuemassage

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