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Tommy statue at Seaham

Me and the wife at a recent wedding , me wearing what resembles a 1970's tablecloth and Andrea looking like she's borrowed her teeth off a grand national winner ....( I wish I had those teeth ) #toothenvy



The best web I've ever seen personally , this thing was over 2 ft in diameter and looked like it had been spun using fuse wire ....I'm glad the spider that did it wasn't around

Harold in the hot tub , this little man continues to amaze me and teach me so much , last weekend Andrea , Harold and me were walking the dogs in the woods , the little fella was tripping over roots slipping on the rocks in the stream and getting soaked but he shook himself down and carried on regardless , as I went to put the dogs in the car he came running up to me " daddy daddy ...for you " I looked down and in his little hand he had two tiny buttercups he had just picked , he gave them to me as if he'd given me the world .....and do you know what ....he had !

So hard to believe my little man was 2 yesterday , a day out at the safari park , a nice meal out early evening and then cuddling up with him on the couch to watch a few episodes of Masha and the Bear , a perfect day .....for Harold , Andrea and me

Dawn fog , the sunrise gives it a pinkish hue

The last goodbye •

One from the last set of photos i got of the fox cubs before their mom took them to pastures new to teach them the life skills they will need to survive , had a great few weeks with these playful little fellers , i resisted all temptation to stroke them even though they came close enough this shot the little one seems to know we wont meet again

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