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  Life is under reconstruction, will be back soon.

8 hours later...fking done making food LOL. Happy CNY to everyone..even if u don't celebrate it. I ain't even hungry anymore man.

I always have my own back.

...and they said money doesn't grow on trees. πŸ˜’

I give really good tours. pay me.

I'll be in las vegas for a day, time to get money, get famous..yeah it's our timesπŸ‘Œ#ootd?

long time no c:.what am i even doing up at 3am :DD??

Looks like I need a new laundry basket πŸ˜₯

enjoy my idiocy πŸ˜…..(probably what i'd do if i was a real dog)

How I spy on people inconspicuously.

My house is freezing and it's not even cold outside??

Caption this ... πŸ˜‚

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