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Edward Muñoz  You wanna be happy in life? Find something you love to do so much you’ll do it for free. Then find someone to pay you for it ⠀ ↠Belinda➝🔒

Dream without fear, love without limits

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. So remember to always look up at the stars and never down at your feet.

Living the good life full of goodbyes, my eyes are on the grey skies saying I don't want to come home tonight 🎼

I refuse to lower my standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs.

Those who don't know me personally often judge me for my extreme amount of confidence and with that, people tend to see me as "stuck up, arrogant, selfish, etc." Now, do I care what people think of me? Of course I do but I don't need acceptance from anyone. Everything I know about photography, film, sound design, etc. I thought myself. I am who I am because I pushed through many obstacles, I have what I have in my possession because I worked hard for it and I'm not stopping anytime soon.

You may not be perfect, you are flawed like all humans. But you are perfect to me and that’s all that matters.

Live your dreams or watch as others live theirs.

Be the light that guides me home when seas are rough.

Starting this new year off with a new video up on my YouTube channel! I can't believe how much I've learned about film making in the last year, looking forward to dig deeper into this craft to create more content for the world to see. Happy New Year! 🎊 click the link in my bio. 🎥

Well! 2016 has come to an end and man! Has it been a great year! I learned so much, accomplished more than I could've ever imagined, got promoted, took in a new creative craft, traveled a bit, met a lot of interesting people who've since became great friends of mine... but most importantly I was gifted a particular person whom I am extremely proud and happy to have met and I can't wait to start the new year with her. So! Cheers 🥂 to a new year filled with adventures, creativity, travels, great health and positive vibes. Happy new year everyone! Be safe. ✌🏻 2016, 👋🏻 2017. •

I realized I was thinking of you and I began to wonder how long you'd been on my mind. Then it occurred to me: since I met you, you've never left. •

Don't be afraid to change. You may lose something good but you may gain something better.

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