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L U C I A  ::: partners in fun with @scottrinck & @cedarrinck :::

Backyard walks with @cedarrinck - #playoutside

Little man is getting the hang of the hiking trail ... wanted his own pole today ! Thanks @lisagumballzo for the good company in the trail - #playoutside

Forest skills training with @scottrinck ❤️🌲

Sunny hailstorm in the forest today - the light was beautiful 🌲💧❄️☀️- #playoutside

Enjoying exploring the front yard with @cedarrinck on these sunny winter afternoons ☀️🌲❤️#playoutside

Snow day with @cedarrinck - knee deep for a toddler! ❄️#playoutside

Rainy river play days with @cedarrinck
#playoutside #rainsuitforthewin 💦💦💦👍🏻

@cedarrinck 's first time on skis today - he was stoked!! Can't wait for more mountain adventures with this little man. ❤️👶🏻🎿

@cedarrinck is stoked on his new wrapping paper.... I mean presents! 😂🌲❤️Merry Christmas to all!

@cedarrinck sends wishes of peace, love, happiness and powder snow to all ❄️❤️❄️ #peacelovehappiness

Throwing rocks with @cedarrinck - #playoutside

Winter wonderland on the Snoqualmie River today with @scottrinck & @cedarrinck ! ❄️❄️❄️

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