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When I think about the things that make my natural hair grow the most, my top 3 answers are;

1. Moisturizing/hydration
2. Deep conditioning
3. Protective styling
When my hair is well moisturized, it thrives. It’s softer, bouncier and less prone to breakage. When I protective style, my hair breaks less: less manipulation = less breakage.
What 3 things make your natural hair grow the most? Please share your tips below
P.S there is a new video on my channel on how to get into nursing school if that interests you.

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Saturday was a pivotal day in history as it was the royal wedding of Prince Harry and now Princess Meghan. I usually don't care much for the Royals so I was initially not into all the fuss but since I don't live under a rock, I somehow got pulled into this through social media and TV of course. After seeing the incredible amount ownership black people felt towards this wedding, I posted a somewhat controversial video last night on my opinions on the royal wedding and whether I think this is a win for black people. I know my thoughts are not always the popular opinion so I’d love to encourage respectful dialogue in the comment section. Tell me why you agree or disagree. I stand to learn a thing or two. Click on the link in my bio to watch this controversial video.
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Heart filled with love, hair shaped like heart ♥️ #4chair #curlbox
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This is the last of my blue series. Can you guess my next color theme?
P.S have you seen this week’s vlog yet? Click on the link in my bio to watch. It’s a long, fun vlog 😃
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“It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy” . So true! I’ve been developing a habit of gratitude, and I have noticed that being thankful for what I have already puts me in a happy mood and also creates an atmosphere for bigger blessings. #begrateful #thankfulthursday #positivity #Godisgood

New Fashion Nova model vs Real life video just dropped on my channel. Click the link below to watch
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That “drinking lots of water and minding my business” kinda glow...
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Make sacrifices today to afford the life you want tomorrow.
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“God found some of the strongest women and made them nurses” - Anonymous
Yesterday, I randomly realized I don’t have any pics in my work scrubs so I made today photoshoot day, expect to see more pics in my scrubs 😂. I also filmed an advice video for people looking to get into nursing school. Video will be up this week on our channel #happynursesweek

Good morning Luchi Gang! Just posted a new weekly vlog on my channel. Click the link in my bio to watch 💙

“There is no limit to what you can accomplish except the limits you place on your own thinking” - Brian Tracy
P.S New video is up on my channel on how to know of a career in Nursing is for you. Video is linked in
my bio
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I love well manicured nails however gorgeous, long nails and nursing don’t go well together because long nails trap dirt and we don’t wanna make our patients sicker. Nurses sacrifice anything from gorgeous nails, bathroom & lunch breaks, Christmas, thanksgiving, weekends and much more to take care of you. Nurses week starts tomorrow, May 6th -May 12th. Appreciate a nurse today!
P.S A new video is going up today on my channel on why I chose to be a nurse and things you need to know if you’re considering a career in nursing. Be sure to watch it!
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