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Steve Lucescu  2nd Unit Director•Stunt-Coordinator•Producer• Earthkeeper •Shamanism•Healer•The Reconnection•Ordained Minister•Citizen of Earth•Married to @nahanni108


It was such an honor & a privilege for my awesome, amazing, gorgeous & loving Wife Nahanni & I, to have planned, participated and fulfilled such an incredible dream come true this past weekend...
We had such joy & pleasure with Kyla & Pedro throughout every step of the way... Words cannot express my gratitude for bestowing such an beautiful event in my path.
It was an incredibly huge blessing & honor for me to walk my Beautiful Precious Little Angel Kyla, across the lush green grounds, in such a magical & idyllic setting at Cambium Farms, offering her hand in marriage to such a loving amazing new Son Pedro. Not previously meeting his Father Jorge, who attended from his home in Brazil, I had the further honor & privilege of meeting a beautiful man, a wonderful loving soul.

It was easily evident to me why he, & his Wife Natalia, could easily raise such an equally great man & genuine soul in that of Pedro.
If I left this earth tomorrow, I would now depart as a very happy proud father & soul - knowing that my beautiful daughter is loved, celebrated, considered, and cared for; by such a wonderful partner, friend, spouse & soulmate. Open your Hearts, Expand your Minds, & join me now - together with Great Spirit, the Creator of all that is; He who is known by a Thousand Names, yet She who cannot be named, or told;
In the most beautiful crystal clear Vision of a long, healthy, prosperous, eventful, passionate, forgiving, & safe journey, wishing & visualizing Kyla & Pedro with every conceivable happiness possible, with a joyful fulfilling eventful life, together in this Union as Partners, as Best Friends, as Confidants, as Husband and Wife, & as Eternal Soulmates, in this exciting new chapter of Theirs, & Ours, in this thing called "Life"
@lucescu @kylalucescu @pedro_planells @nahanni108 @chloeavakian @aram_likes_guitar @tiaspost @faithfetish @zombienikki @peterpansshadow @itsantonella @taramacleangrand @adagiovalet @cambiumfarms @cabralcatering @tn2productions @xocakedwithlove @bellwoodblooms @stefaniedargphotography @alexrajak @xodashachu @meghanvictoriax
#lucescu #muchlove #beautifulcouple #wedding #cambiumfarms #bellwoodblooms #cabralcatering

Full Summer Moon Blessings to you all... Dream Big. Sending #fullmoon blessings and #muchlove to all!
#fullmoon #lucescu #muskoka #earthkeepers #fourwinds #albertovilloldo @nahanni108 @lucescu #thefourwinds #thefourwindssociety

Big kudos & many thanks to Dr. Steven Greer for another awesome sold out seminar & the release of "Unacknowledged". Many thanks to my wonderful Wife @nahanni108 for arranging such an awesome afternoon. #sirius @siriusdisclosure #drstevengreer #unacknowledged #lucescu #disclosure #mufon #ufo #et

WooHoo!! My little princess is getting married. So incredibly happy & ecstatic for Kyla & Pedro. @kylalucescu @pedro_planells Their love for each other is so evident, so real, & so precious. It has been a dream come true, and such an extreme pleasure and honor for Nahanni @nahanni108 and I, to have been able to participate and plan such a wondrous event for my "little girl"... #beyondbeautiful #beyondblessed #beyondhappy #wedding #weddingphotography #bridetobe #brides #bridestory #dream #dreamcometrue #lucescu

Getting closer to reality!! Are you ready for Boondock Saints Origins? @boondock_saints_ #boondocksaints #boondocksaintsorigins #lucescu #dctvshow #doncarmody @spflanery @bigbaldhead @c0rmican https://youtu.be/kgW-mpzNtrA

Happy Earth Day!! Honoring Pachamama on #EarthDay.
"Summoning the energies of Earth and Sky reconnects us with the natural cycles of our lives. It allows us to embrace the Mother who will always nurture us and the Father who will never leave us"
How are you celebrating Earth Day 2017, and what will you do to make this Earth; Your Earth; Our Earth; a better place for you, for your children, and for your children's children?
#beforetheflood #EarthDay #PlanetEarth #Earthkeeper #pachamama #thefourwinds #albertovilloldo #beforetheflood #epic #lucescu #bethechange #unify #1giantmind #earthkeeper #shamanism #thereconnection

It was exactly one year ago this evening at 22:27 that my Mom, our Mom, passed over into the Spirit Realm... It's been a strange year of not being able to visit, call, or seeing her at all the family functions, and holidays... but her presence, her spirit, her laughter, her joy, & her smiles were always with us, each and every time... Thank you Mom for all that you gave me, gave us..
Thank you bringing me into this World,
Thank you for uniting me with my Sisters & with my Brothers...
Thank you Mom for the care, the love, the lessons, the heartaches, the laughter, the joy, and all the sacrifices over the years,
Thank you Mom for the immeasurable, and never ending love that you always gave...
And Thank you Mom for the very foundation of who I am today...
Thank you for everything... Not a day goes by that I don't think of you - but may you be enjoying a special dance with Dad, in your Heaven again tonight... Until I see you again...
I Love You always...
I'll Cherish the time that we shared here forever... To all my family & friends who are reading this tonight, right now...
I thank you for your love, and friendship...
Much love, peace and many blessings to you, & to all your entire families, especially to all your Mothers, wherever they may be tonight... Wishing you all a good evening, & a wonderful weekend as well.
All the best...
Always. xx #lucescu #bestmomever #mom #remember

More great news for my incredibly talented and gorgeous Wife Nahanni. WooHoo again!!! The prestigious and phenomenal Model Talent Agency - Spot 6 Managment - just signed her!! Many thanks to Agency Owner, the awesome Cynthia Cully, and the wizard of Bookers - the amazing Matti Matyasfalvi, for now representing her!! @nahanni108 @spot6management @cynthia_cully @matti_maty #model #supermodel #spot6management #spot6models #hot #hotwife #proudhusband #lucescu #nahannijohnstone #nahanni #worldclass #beyondbeautiful #beautiful

It's an official WIN for my Wife Nahanni, at the Film Fest International Awards in London, United Kingdom, for the Best Supporting Actress Category for her role in Yellow Fever!!
I am so proud of my talented, beautiful, amazing and gorgeous Wife!! Such an honor to see her win, and walk that Red Carpet!! Beyond Gorgeous!! Beyond Beautiful!!
Big thanks to Director/Writer Kat Moon & Producer/Cinematographer Jan Daube for their wonderful & amazing project, and for their faith for selecting Nahanni in their project. @nahanni108 @lucescu @katmoon777 @janchez69 @yellowfeverflik @filmfestint @jennaushkowitz @scottgordonpatterson #yellowfeverflik #katmoon #jandaube #LIFF #filmfestinternational #lucescu #nahannijohnstone #bestsupportingactress #mostawesomewife #proudesthusband #london

Such a sad day - Rob Stewart @teamsharkwater has been found by a Key Largo Volunteer Firefighter Dive Team , sadly he has passed over on his latest Sharkwater venture while diving the wreck of Queen of Nassau, in Alligator Reef off Islamarada, FL.
This world has lost a wonderful soul, awesome man, great conservationist and documentary filmmaker, but his work, his passion and his light will shine on.
Thank you Robbie, for all that you gave us, all that you believed in, all that you accomplished, and all that you did, to make this Earth a better place for all.
Many condolences to Brian, Alexandra, Tyler and all his family and friends.
May you Rest In Peace, and stay always in our hearts and thoughts.
Much love and many blessings Amigo. xx #sharkwater #robstewart #keylargovolunteerfirefighters #uscoastguard #lucescu #keylargo #savesharks

Yay!! Congratulations to my Amazing, Talented & Gorgeous Superstar Wife - Nahanni @nahanni108 on her Nomination as Best Supporting Actress, for her Performance in Yellow Fever, at the London International Film Festival - 2017!! Looking forward to seeing her on the Red Carpet again!! #liff #london #lucescu #nahannijohnstone #londoninternationalfilmfestival #KatMoon @katmoon777 @thankyoutheo @jennaushkowitz @annamhogan #bestpicture #bestsupportingactress #bestactress #bestdirector

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