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Lucy Morge  @lucy.isabella

I once told myself that because I couldn't draw, I'd never be able to fabricate a piece of clothing from my own imagination. So I spent the last 4 months proving myself wrong.
After scouring the internet for days in search of a prom dress (and liking absolutely nothing), I gave up and decided to try and make my own. I spent months sewing prototypes, picking out materials, and stitching every piece of this dress together. I made mistakes, I failed, but I also learned. The most important part is that I loved every second I spent working on this piece.
Moral of the story: try something before you decide that you can't do it. ❤️

I love you beyond words, @oj_hannum
Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's day, and for a wonderful every day. ❤️


My life philosophy: you can accomplish anything with a good pair of heels.

You make everything better ❤️

Sometimes I look back and I can't help but feel extremely thankful for the presence of music in my life and all of the wonderful experiences that have come with it.

Thank you for the music, the love, the bubble tea trips, the laughs, the rants, the sarcasm, the candid photos, the hugs, the late nights, the early mornings, and everything in between. Most of all, thank you for making it so hard to say goodbye. I love all of you and I can't wait to see where music and life take you.


The classic "my chops are shot but I still have 3 more hours of recording to do" smile

but can the fireworks top the sunset?

Back where I belong...

whatever toots your horn...

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