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@justinhires does his videos on his phone but you never get to see what they look like from from a third person perspective. This what you have to look forward to this year season 2 of @macgyver.

Jack Dalton braving the Atlanta heat between cigarettes. #getsome.

Mix Ghostbusters with 007 and you get @macgyvercbs. Whose ready for what's coming this season?! We are stepping it up a notch in every way. #jamesblonde.

People! Entertainment Weekly has spoken! We need you to help choose who will be on the cover of the annual Fall TV Preview issue! Link to voting will be in my bio and available until August 4th!!! Vote and tell your friends now!! 🎯

Macgyver season 2 day 1. Here we go. @tristinmays @justinhires @plenkov

So Macgyver season 2 is bootin' up and look who I found. Clover is our new production office dog. She's four months old and she's going to continue to ignore me as I try to pet her and pick her up much to her dismay for years to come. #iLoveItWhenTheyIgnoreMe #PlayinHardToGetButIKnowHowSheReallyFeels #macgyver

I was going to play golf, it rained, and so I bought a jeep instead. Odd chain of events, I'm aware, and I'm not usually this impulsive, but Gary and the guys at the The PreOwned Store were so honest I couldn't help myself. If you like a Jeep this is the only place you should look. They'll ship anywhere too.

@plenkov is as mush a mischief as I. Hilarious.

Aaaaand here's the goofy version of the previous pic. @ripfighter (Robert Patrick) still hasn't lost his sense of humor. #cbssquad

12 years ago and some change @ripfighter played my dad in Walk the Line, and now I have the pleasure of traveling with him and his wife, Barbara while promoting our Television shows. It's sad that the trip is coming to an end, but I'll remember it for the rest of my life. #ActuallyblessedNotLikeWhenEveryoneElseSaysIt #cbssquad

Big s/o to Tommy P! Been my manager for nine years now and stuck with me through those long bouts of unemployment and general "actor BS." He doesn't even have an instagram but his mom does! So here's to you. You should be proud of him. #LeoInGatsby

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