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Lucas Bononi  For Inquires or just to say "hi" ✉ #lucasbononi New York, NY📍

Painting progress on "Jordán" 🖌🖌🖌

Detail of the new painting I'm finishing up! 🌸🌸🌸 #spring

For my 10k post I would like to reveal secrets about the form modeling methodology at the atelier I am training at! A few things are: ~~~
☆Dont be fooled by=mach banding effect\simultaneous contrast
☆We're not allowed to say the word value (sculpting with graphite)
☆specular reflection (high light) has low chroma even when on top of a high chroma light facing plain. ☆Complentary colors will appear as the drop off of form desaturates cause you to put chroma in the wrong place. why do we use green near the shadows instead of a pure neutral? The answer is the flesh tone mirrors the complement so don't do this!
☆The speed or rate of turn causes gradations to be drastically different
☆View the object 360 degrees to calulate the orientation of the planes in relation to to the light source and memorize the symmetries and relationship of the light source and angels of the form you are working on.
☆specular transmission cause high chroma even near a terminator (note: don't ever put chroma near the terminator unless if this type of phenomena occurs)


Photo Credit: @annagribtsova_ph

Did this life figure drawing over at @grandcentralatelier ✏✏✏

Tried getting loose with this portrait sketch titled "Shannon"! 🖌🖌🖌

Did this drawing from life using graphite! ✏✏✏ #lifedrawing

This painting literally glows in the dark #mint

#mint background 📗📗📗Why? Because the image revealed itself in my head and couldn't leave, so I had to haha

Experimentation is so LIBERATING sometimes🌸🌸🌸

Painting flowers is a whole new science to me hence this is my 1st actual painting I've done of them! 🌸🌸🌸
♧Using a flower frog
♧Ice water so that they change at a slower rate
♧String to keep them in place
♧Cutting the stems about an inch. every couple days (keep in mind the perspective changes)
♧Changing the water every couple days
♧Taping off there position
♧Painting one flower at a time for the whole entire day 7am-7pm (natural light)
♧Frankensteining: using other flowers as reference when your flower is kaput
•Let me know if you know other ways to paint flowers from life?!

It's been almost a year since I started the drawing year at Grand Central Atelier, NY. So why did I start a whole new program again even though I just obtained a bachelor's degree in Fine Art Painting from Academy of Art University? 👇🏼
Many people were telling me not to go through with it. Many of my teachers were satisfied with my technique as is. Everybody was warning me that I will just waste my time. Already I was making a living off my art for a couple of years and now finally I was able to become a full time painter, but nope. I decided to come back to school again and to tell you the truth it wasn't psychologically an easy decision for me. 📚
But I did it. I always was feeling like there was some sort of art philosophy or method deeper than anything else I can find. There was a great mystery to me in the drawings and paintings of GCA. I felt like I won't be able to become the artist I want to become without opening this secret. 🕯
So what is so special about this school? Objectively, it's the best Atelier of realistic art in the world. Every year they accept just 10 people give or take, based on your performance and a personal interview with the founder Jacob Collins. So today just out of all four years there are a total of 36 students beside me studying at this Atelier. And what then? We're doing black magic! Just kidding. We learn science. Physics of light, color, forms, illusions found in nature, naturalism, biology, anatomy and many other things. 🌈
The atmosphere of the school is something really special which just makes me believe more and more that we are participating in some kind of cult over here. We use only north facing natural light. No photos or anything to assist drawing are allowed such as protectors or grids. Everything is pretty simple. It's just you, pencil, paper and nothing else. 🙌🏼
Please let me know if you are interested in my experience with this or my previous school? I think it might be fun to compare them. 🤔

Photo credit: @annagribtsova_ph

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