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Lucas Paugh©  Born in MT ➡️ Transplanted to CA Hunt 🏹 Fish 🎣 Fitness 💪 Ambassador @firstlitehunting @ramcatbroadheads_official Writer/Podcaster @rodnarrowoutdoors

I’ve always dreamed of hunting Kodiak Island, Alaska. Growing up reading many of Chuck Adams’ stories while he pursued some of the worlds largest Sitka Black-tails, I was always intrigued with how these deer lived and survived the brutal conditions the island can produce. This trip was extra special as I was able to spend it with my brother and one of my closest child hood best friends. It’s memories like these that last a lifetime and stories that will carry on for many years... #kodiakisland #alaska #wesurvived #huntinfool #builttohunt #teamrna #rnaoutdoorspodcast #rodnarrowoutdoors #firstlitehunting

After glassing over many deer and helping pack off my share of our groups harvests, I was able to finally connect on this old double throat patched Sitka deer. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but the views and smells of this island can only be replicated by those who have been in the Kodiak alpine.
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Last day meat hunt turned into an 11th hour grind notching both of my Sitka Black-tail deer tags. (Not to mention our morning started out with a close encounter bluff charge from a mature boar Kodiak Brown Bear to less than 10 yds). I was able to get an arrow in this deer at 65 yds.
#sitkablacktail #kodiakisland #alaska #thelastfrontier #teamrna #rodnarrowoutdoors #rnaoutdoorspodcast #builttohunt #huntinfool #archery #firstlitehunting

Kodiak Island, nicknamed Emerald Isle, is the second largest island in the United States. Known for native Brown Bear, it’s also widely targeted for Sitka Black-tail Deer which were introduced in the 1920s. Hunting this island requires both physical and mental toughness, but the reward is seeing God’s incredible creation which is truly the Last Frontier.
#kodiakisland #alaska #sitkablacktail #thelastfrontier #firstlite #gofartherstaylonger #teamrna #rodnarrowoutdoors #rnaoutdoorspodcast #builttohunt

What’s better than hunting Kodiak Island for a week? Catching up with Justin Shaffer @justinshaffer1115 for a quick shower and meal. Thanks brother and great to see you!!!

Kodiak Island will never be the same after this group rolls through. Fun times ahead.......
#builttohunt #kodiakisland #sitkablacktail #teamrna #rodnarrowoutdoors #rnaoutdoorspodcast

My favorite color is October. Who’s excited to see what this month has in store? #leavesarechanging #newlife #october #nextstop #kodiakisland #alaska #teamrna #rodnarrowoutdoors #rnaoutdoorspodcast 📸 @john.spezzano

Caption this... 🍦
Hint: Those are thawed Dilly Bars
#dairyqueen #dillybar #itsthethoughtthatcounts #randynewberghunter @randynewberghunter

New Mexico came and went. Lots of time went into researching, scouting, and the sweat left on the mountain for this archery elk hunt... And I walked away without even drawing my bow in 8 days. It’s these hunts that teach us the most about ourselves and the mental/physical toughness required to push on. The highlight of my trip was spending some time breaking bread and sharing camp with Randy Newberg @randynewberghunter and his crew. I’ve always looked up to Randy and everything he does to help give us all these opportunities on public lands. It’s not about the harvest, but the journey and the lessons learned from others along the way. Thanks, Randy... Let’s do it again soon!
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It’s day 5 here in New Mexico and haven’t nocked an arrow. Temperatures have been in the mid to high 80s with a limited window morning/evening to make anything happen. Have had a few close encounters with small bulls but nothing with mature age class. Nocturnal elk are tough to kill, but I’m hopeful the next 4 days will get better with some cooler weather.

Good to see the bro on my way to New Mexico. See you in a couple weeks on Kodiak Island, AK!!! Until then, time to go chase elk again!

Montana was a grind but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. We were on elk everyday both mornings and evenings. Had multiple up close encounters and opportunities but just did not capitalize. I love coming back and hunting in my home state on public land. It makes me appreciate my time in the mountains... Next stop >——> New Mexico

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