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ʟᴜᴄᴀ ʟᴏᴛᴛᴏ  Travel | Creative\Student | Venice 🇮🇹 In love ♥️ @serepastrello #lottanza

Today ends a suffered season where @acmilan has defended itself from journalists, prosecutors and gossips. There was a change of coach, a total change of owners and a series of obvious sports injustices on the international field. That said, I'm proud of the guys and Mister #Gattuso who have achieved a well-deserved qualification for the @europaleague groups. Hoping that next year is the right one to get back to competing, I hope that the company will see and provide to give this team the right grafts.

Go #Milan

Yes, the one in the picture is me, in my dreams. #WeAreATeam #weareacmilan

When they call you to participate as an actor in the Gotham series 🎬 (dreaming) 😅

I've been traveling to Paris. Wonderful city. I took with me the person that I consider most important in this period of my life and I shared the beauties, the typical food and the entertainment. I will never be grateful enough to this girl who welcomed me into her life in a period tormented and troubled, with the patience of those who do not expect anything has been able to expect, encourage and support me every day of her life, and continues to do so well. I love you Serena, and I will never stop remembering how precious you are in my life. 💎💖

Northern lighs ... 🌌 Do you believe it? 🤓

Everyone needs a lighthouse in their life. ✨

Here where the time stops. ❄️

Si chiude una porta e si apre un porto. Ma devi essere pronto a salpare subito. Anche col vento contro.

The calm before the storm ⚡️

When I feel like a secret agent 😎 #Blacked

When you feel complete #OneplusOne

A feeling of missing unity. #OneplusOne

Sometimes I like to imagine the places I've been with a little imagination. If you can imagine it, you can do it. #Brightlight 🇪🇸

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