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Luca Fin◍tti  🖤🌈Dreaming i$ Free🌈🖤 🐯Director at WME 🐯 🎬JN production 🎬

[25.04.17] [LΩNDΩN] // My deep $ecret løve,
I set yøu free.
I haven’t seen the truth øf what they call løve before we did it just før fun, just før us, just indeed.
Før thøse børders and lines that made life børderline.
Ør I løse yøu ør I løse myself ør we løse all tøgether.
I’m nøt afraid, and I will be brave før yøu but my løve is free, and yøu are free tø løve me.

I’m just free and I just løved yøu. \\ [🖤]

🇫🇷"$i muøre un pó per pøter Vivere"🇫🇷

🦄💖NYC💖🦄 🖤MI$$ YØU🖤

🦄💖NYC 💖🦄 🖤#MØØD 🖤


19.04.17 // 🇺🇸PØRTLAND - ØREGØN 🇺🇸 \\ @nike Wørld Campüs 🖤

19.04.17 // 🇺🇸PØRTLAND - ØREGØN 🇺🇸 \\ @nike Wørld Campüs 🖤

19.04.17 // 🇺🇸PØRTLAND - ØREGØN 🇺🇸 \\ @nike Wørld Campüs - Tøday I'm Happy, really Happy , this 2017 has been full of unxepected emotiøns , believing in love brought me where I could never immagine , ( Thanks to @riccardotisci17 , @manu6manu @cleairving @davidepacchiani ) meeting @nike and @nikelab team from where all begins has been powerfull and moving (as fan first) , this place is unbelievable and i feel such a lucky "bøy" today to have the opportunity to be here. Guys work hard, follow your dreams and don't let anyone stopping you because Happiness is JUST around the corner. When I was 14 a Basketball 🏀 team player of my hometown asked me to please stop playing basketball during the match, asking me to pretend to be hurt because as gay I wasn't a good enough player , he was maybe right, I actually sucks in every $port but he shouldn't even think of that because sport is for EVERYØNE and I just wanted to have fun. To all the #FACTØRY team that made #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove possible with their trust and work , THANK YOU , I'm gonna work harder and harder to make now all your dreams happen 😍🇮🇹🖤🏀👊🏻🇺🇸 #AlwaysBeATeamPlayer #JUSTDOIT

🌴👨🏾‍🚀🐡 #Cøachilling 🐡👨🏻‍🚀🌴


👨🏻‍🚀👊🏻🇮🇹📽 READY 🎥 🇺🇸👊🏿👨🏾‍🚀

🇺🇸 🖤L.A. 🖤 🇺🇸

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