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Luca Dayz  Official instagram of award winning R&B recording artist Luca Dayz. CEO @BentleyRecords|@LuxoAir|@LuxoTravels|@XKONshop. Warner Music 🌎 #BentleyGang

I’m Berry Gordy to these streets. With all due respect, quite frankly @Diddy aka Puffy or Love(or whatever he calls himself these days) & @TooFlyForInstagram Jigga Jay-Z is a thing of the PAST. I AM the FUTURE! @BentleyRecords is the FUTURE! The equation is pretty simple: either you fly to work with the boss or you DON’T. Don’t get left out homie ;)
@LuxoGroupIntl @LuxoAir @LuxoTravels @XKONshop @BentleyRecordsRED @BentleyRecordsEurope #LuxoGroupIntl #LuxoAir #LuxoTravels #XKON #BentleyRecords #BentleyGang #Worldwide #BGOD #Untouchable #Empire #GetTheStrap #ElJefe #Slefmade #Mastermind

Spend a couple days, ya whole year salary.
You a work of art, you belong in the gallery!
Louvre in Paris,
Body like mΓ©tisse,
Get you in them sheets, damn shawty you a beast! πŸ‘…
Paris CDG πŸ‡«πŸ‡· bound via AUH. Excellent J Class product from @EtihadAirways #Etihad #Boeing777300ER #ONIFC #LuxoAir #BentleyGang #BGOD #Paris #Selfmade #Mastermind

No filter necessary cause I keep it all the way πŸ’―! Fake people been reachin' out to me
& I'm on some straight unresponsive shit. I would have so many friends if I held back the truth & just gave out compliments! My circle too small. You don't see the bigger picture, you just see the silhouette. I fly on First not just cause I can, Im on dis vibe cause this shit inspiring(and I hate standing in lines lol). And I rarely get to see my bed(not for sleeping at least 😝)(yea i know um super cocky lol)(strawberry champagne on ice lucky for you that's what i like girl πŸ“πŸ₯‚❄️ lol). I work day & night non stop to make shit poppin for everybody who a part of my community! I invest every dime in pocket to create things cause i'm a born creator. I've sacrificed years of my private life for shit i believe in! So i ain't got no time to waste on no nigga or bitch who gon come & waste my mothafuckin time. I can give the opportunity, I can hand you the tools, but what I can't do is babysit! Learn the grind from me, put the work in & lets all secure the bag πŸ’°! I'm so happy to see so many of people who i've mentored in this biz doing well & building momentum. And to my peers who's doing well S/o to @BigTymeOfficial I see you playa salut. @Tommy_O_Organ did you know your show with Mike is in @Emirates planes? Respek OG! I wanna see errybody succeed. Knowledge is POWER so never stop learning. Not dat bullshit you learn in "school"! System wants you to fail. We street educated! I'm workin on some major shit rn so wish me good luck(not putting people in Mars i'm still a decade away from that lol. Still gonna do it tho for mankind ya diggπŸš€@ElonMusk i'm coming for you big bro!). S/o to my day ones. S/o errybody who's been supporting my grind over the years, love yall. And even errybody who's been a road block, yall aint shit. I value relationships I have with my amazing friends around the world, the real ones & positive vibeπŸ’€ over πŸ’΅ on any given day. Happy Easter n love yall as always. Grind hard! Ya boy Lu Deezy. @Emirates @LuxoAir @LuxoGroupIntl #BentleyGang #BGOD #FlyEmirates #FirstClass #LuxoAir #LuxoGroup #RocketMan #ONIFC #MrStealYoGirl #RocketMan #Selfmade #Mastermind

The crown prince pride of my COMMUNITY
And when I fly I'm on diplomatic IMMUNITY
My passport is stamped out, I need some PAGES
When I die they gon' act out my life on movie STAGES
Got a hired gun - motto is "Protect the CHIEF"
Keep these haters from scheming on my PATEK PHILIPPE!!
"Fly in Style, Fly with Class" @LuxoAir
#LuxoAir #PrivateAviation #JetLife #LuxoGroupIntl #BentleyGang #BGOD #Selfmade #Mastermind #TheAviator #ElJefe #DassaultFalcon

Where all my #BentleyGang ladies at? What a gotdamn classic huh? Happy Valentines to all my beautiful, strong, independent single ladies out there. These ones were made in the studio specially for y'all. It's that real baby making music! Go to to watch the full video & download for free! I know I been quiet for a minute with the music, that could only mean I'm working on some major shit! Mami I ain't gonna leave ya high & dry lol. Enjoy it ❀️ Ya boy LD. #HappyValentines #BGOD #Cupid #Medusa #PantiesOnDaFloor #MrKidnapYourGirl #PantyThief

Been thinkin bout ya all day. Im a fan of your talents so I've always been impressed. Just look at her spectacular πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ I know you cook so lemme throw you on a stove and flip you like a spatula!! #LuxoAir #BentleyGang #Cloud9 #G5 #ImaBawseSoINeedABawseBitch #MrStealYoGirl #FukkYoNigxa #Lol #PantyThief #MayweatherFlow #ZEROlosses

Go check out my bro @KentJonesOfficial brand new music video "Merengue"! Maaad vibez. Beautiful ladies. Finally a great R&B tune to bump in the whip after a long time. #BentleyGang go show love. Stream on Spotify. Watch the video:

We took St.Regis over you herrrd! Yooo I wanna make a very special birthday shoutout to my day one, ma brotha for life @teevx aka Troy B aka greeneyes616 aka DJ T-Rex! Executive A&R @BentleyRecords a boss in tha making πŸ’―! From New York City to LA to London to Dubai we got this shit on lock!! I appreciate you fam we started from nothing and you believed in my vision. The empire shall keep growing. I wish you more success and glory. These haters be scheming but all we do is WIN! πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘#BentleyGang I need yall to wish ma brotha. Ladies also help him reach 25k on IG @teevx
#BGOD #BentleyRecords #TroyBeelen #AnR #Birthday

"Laaaadies this is your captain speaking from the flight deck woosaaa" ahahaha. Happy New Years 2018 folks!! Last year was phenomenal. Lets make this one even better. Much success, good health, love and happiness to everyone πŸ™πŸ½πŸ”‘πŸ’― #BGOD #BentleyGang #Fly #LuxoAir #OnAir

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! πŸŽ…πŸΎ When mans was 8 or 9 had a rare chance to visit the MS Maxim Gorkiy while it was called port. She was love at first sight & I was facinated by this man-made marvel. Ever since I've always wannd to be on cruise. Happy to be here folks. Good food, great wine, beautiful ladies what more could you possibly ask for? Looks like I'm on Santas good books not on uncle Mikes shitlist lmao! Hope everyone is having an equally great time no matter where you at. Another 10-15yrs & y'all might as well join the Luxo Queen sailing the seven seas? πŸ˜‰I'm here to learn as always. Think big, Be patient, Stay positive my people & many more BLESSINGS to you and yours πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’―πŸŽ„ #ThisChristmas #Rendezvous #MerryChristmas #Cruise #CruiseShip #LifeAtSea #BentleyGang #BGOD #LuxoGroupIntl

I ONLY count my wins, NEVER count my losses. Late night G5 conversate with bosses. We travel to an exotic place
DAMN RIGHT I put a smile on that exotic faces! 2018 i'm going ALL IN. All cards! To all my hustlas out there keep grinding hard see you at the top any minute now ✊🏽 S/o to @Emirates for the royal service as always! πŸ™πŸ½ #DarkExcellence #BentleyGang #BGOD #FlyEmirates #Emirates #LuxoAir #ONIFC

Proud moment seeing your artists giving interviews on TV n shit! S/o to one the hardest working and most loyal artists I know @MadMax_BGOD
Good luck with the tour fam. Have fun! S/o to the homie @WileHaze I see ya. @BentleyRecords #BentleyGang #BGOD #BentleyRecords #MadMax #WillEHaze #HolidazeHazeTour2017

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