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Luan Baruti  mountains and travels. member of @helvetic.collective Leukerbad, Switzerland

Above us only sky

Last weekend I went paragliding for the first time, ever. Soaring over Lake Lucerne was so unreal I had to remind myself to take some shots as well! Thanks @fotooptikgrau and @sonyalpha_switzerland for inviting me! #grauinstameet.

It's always fun to watch the sun gently make its way down the mountains in the early morning. To guess whether the hill on which you set up camp will be the next one to be bathed in the golden morning sun.

Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?

Can you spot the greenish band of light above the horizon? It's a phenomenon called airglow and has a similar origin to the polar lights. Particles in the upper atmosphere are ionized (stripped of their electrons) by sunlight and cosmic radiation, causing them to glow. Airglow is always present, even in the darkest of nights, but can only be observed in places with little to no light pollution.

Showing Josh around our favourite place. #makeportraits

Winter strolls around home.

What I want to achieve is the photographic equivalent to a deep breath. A moment in which one can escape everyday life and just look at a photograph, despite the countless other attention-grabbing visual stimuli we get bombarded with. Instagram is probably not the right platform for this anymore, so I appreciate it even more when someone actually takes 5 seconds and looks at something I post, as an individual image and not just as part of the infinite feed an algorithm carelessly put together.

Exams are over so here's some last snow before I'm headed to a warmer part of this world 🇯🇴🇮🇱🇵🇸

Sweetest pet

I must say we were rather surprised to wake up to this snowy wonderland.

Back home for the weekend, just a short study break.

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