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Cody · Creator of Mon-stors! ♻  Motherhood & monsters. ✌ Mountain living mama turning textile discards into fun toys & storage solutions. As seen in Parents Magazine cody@luanded.com


Pink spotted Mon-stor toy storage bags - coming soon!

Also... Can't you just feel the UGH MOM! he is exuding in this photo?! 😂 (Don't worry, he was a willing model. If you can't tell by his hair, he pink is one of his favorite colors!) 🤣

This isn't one of those "Instagram perfect" shots, but I have to share this because it is so integral to WHY I do what I do! Yesterday, Zoey Rose was "helping" me pin Mon-stor bits together, and that sweet little gasp & her expression when she realized she successfully pinned something made my heart explode! 😍 I am SO glad I caught the moment in a series of photos, and so glad I work from home and am able to have these moments with my children. Swipe to see the shot from just a second prior. 💛💙💚❤

What I look like while I work on that massive pile of monsters I posted a photo of earlier. Sometimes a mama just needs to treat herself, during a work day, in the middle of the week, when you get snowed in. 💙💚 And I clearly have never tried to dye my roots before. 😂 #hotmess

9 Mon-stors and 13 stuffed monsters on my desk to work on today. 💪 Already halfway through my first cup of coffee, added some craft show dates to my planner & ready to refuel before I hit the sewing machine while G does homeschool work & Zoey plays in her tent, most likely holding down one high-pitched key on her piano until my eye starts twitching. 😂

Anyone have a kiddo in the loose tooth club? 😁 I added almost 30 new products to my shop yesterday & I am about to head to the post office with almost a dozen tooth pillows & stuffed monsters that have been adopted so far! 🙌 You guys are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for your support - every monster adoption makes my heart so happy, and means SO much to me! 💚❤💙💛💜

Guess what is on my desk this week?! A HUGE pile of Mon-stor Toy Storage Bags in the works!!! 😍 What color of Mon-stor(s) would you like to see for your child(ren)'s bedroom/playroom?! 📷: @jmontilone

This mama got up early to pack up orders to go out & assemble swag bags this morning! Here is a sample of goodies that will go out with all orders placed this weekend in the swag bags! If you join my new Facebook group, you can snap up a code for free shipping good through midnight tonight, too! 😘

How I worked basically all day. 💚 Zoey is cutting two molars at once. None of her other ten teeth have bothered her, but heavens... these are a doozy! 😭 She hasn't been more than a few inches from me today for the most part - or even let me talk to her brother - without an epic meltdown ensuing. Luckily, she has been a pretty good helper, & I was able to whip up a dozen Tooth pillows today while she "pinned" things (like my thigh, chin & arm). 😝

Also, I have no idea where that piece of tape on my table came from. I didn't even notice it until I was about to post this. 😂

Someone thought they were being sneaky - Zoey Rose broke in to my studio while I was making lunch! I caught her hugging & loving on all the monsters. 💛💜💙❤💚She tried to make a quick get away when I said it was time to put them up. 😂

2 questions, mamas!
1. What is in your cup this fine morning?

2. What are your plans for the day?! ​I have delicious coffee with salted caramel creamer, and since Zoey slept for a 6 hour stretch for the first time EVER last night, this mama is feeling like she can do anything! So I'm updating my Happy Planner this morning, and then I have a date with my sewing machine to finish up a batch of stuffed monsters while Gauge does his homeschool work & Zoey plays with toys! Happy Humpday!

I went to bed at 10pm, and Zoey was up every half hour/every hour to nurse, then up for the day at 4:47am. 😴 I've already drank 3 cups of coffee to try to stay awake, put on clothes to feel slightly less like a hot mess, & now to hydrate up while I make monsters while my favorite little monster catches up on her sleep. 😏 (Napping is not an option for me - I've never been a napper unless I am mega sick! I end up just laying there with my eyes open 😂) #vibrantmom

Happy Monday! I just added TWENTY new stuffed monsters to luanded.com (and if you are an email subscriber, you have a code for free shipping sitting in your inbox)! 🙌 It has been a busy morning full of listing monsters, running errands, dropping orders off at the post office, & homeschool lessons in the car while giving my sister a ride to an appointment. 😜 We just got home 10 minutes ago, & I am already at my desk about to start work on another batch of 20+ stuffed monsters + some tooth pillows. Gimme all the coffee! And maybe some doughnuts. But definitely all. the. coffee. ☕☕☕

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