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Kicking off age 24 with my first trip to the US🇺🇸 (lol only a 1.5 hours flight away). Thanks to @bbrendato @jorluu @shirleylhua @redstappster @mdmarkh for the awesome celebration!❤️❤️

One city I will always come back to - Madrid. Incredible city full of history, food, and day trips. Will visit again in the future for the Spanish Versailles which was closed for royal events. 🐻🍓

Detour to Budapest🇭🇺

halfway point of my trip & the lagoon felt like a dream ☺️

On the outskirts of Madrid 👑

One of the most epic show ever! @bastilledan did not disappoint✨

Adventure of the day ✌️

284 steps for this amazing night view ! ✨

Memorable Reading Week✨

fly high 💸

The Start of 2017 with @lukasgraham 🍻

kid at heart 😜🤡

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