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Lately i been out of reach, because loyalty is something you cant teach niggas💯 1️⃣9️⃣ #freekey

I gotta keep it a rack with my people, turn my whole squad bosses🎯

Brody home it’s on 🎯now I’m waiting one ☝️ mo 🔐

The gram ain’t make me so the gram can’t take me 💯

When it’s beef ain’t no running from that red dot 🔴🤙🏾

You ain’t out here grinding like I thought you was 🧐

I don’t look up to no nigga ❌💯

I seen t heart up close, aint no fear in it💯🤞🏼

I ain’t talking over phones nigga pull up on me ❌💯

Don’t forget you came a long way from the trenches ❌🧢

#GABR 🔥🎒 📸: @callmefill__


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