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Linda Sarsour  Civil rights activist, community organizer, mom, Born and raised Brooklyn, Palestinian and proud.


You know you want one. No matter the circumstances around us. No matter the lies and propaganda about Muslims. No matter the arsons, the hate crimes, the assaults - we will continue to be #UnapologeticallyMuslim. Wear it proudly. Get them for the kids. Keep your head up. ❤️✊🏽 #Muslim #Islam #resist #resistance (link to purchase in bio - we have long sleeve tees and hoodies too. All proceeds benefit MPower Change).

Today as they lay Nabra down to rest I ask God to open the doors of heaven, that he forgives her for all her past sins, that he give her family and community patience and resilience.
I ask God to protect us and our children. I pray he keeps us from harms way. I ask that He soften the hearts of those who want to hurt any of God's creations. I ask God to bless us with his mercy, his love and to alleviate the pain of grieving parents and loved ones in every corner of this world. God is our light, let Him shine on us all.
Ameen. #Justice4Nabra #Nabra image by @teddycreates

"you broke the ocean in half to be here. only to meet nothing that wants you." - immigrant. Words by #NayyirahWaheed

#WorldRefugeeDay Art by @star.socks

Black disabled women matter. Black mothers matter. #CharleenaLyles called Seattle police to report a burglary and the Seattle police came and took her life. She was shot in front of 3 of her 4 children including one with Down Syndrome. They knew she was mentally ill. She was also pregnant. Getting robbed may have kept her alive. We will never know. OUTRAGEOUS. UNACCEPTABLE. #Justice4Charleena #blacklivesmatter #stopkillingblackpeople

As a mother as a human being and as an American my heart is SHATTERED. This beautiful 17 year old young woman named Nabra was beaten to death with a baseball bat in Virginia and dumped in a pond where the police found her body. This needs to STOP. This is NOT OKAY. #Justice4Nabra

#PhilandoCastile - Say his name. Another day and another miscarriage of justice. We should ALL be outraged that we live in a country that does not value Black life. As a mother, my heart breaks into a million pieces when I think of black mothers and the fear and anxiety they must live in every day hoping for the safety of their beautiful children. I am committed to a world and the work where we create a society where a Black mother's son is as worthy as a white mother's son. This work will be led by black mothers like @tamikadmallory and I will follow her wherever she takes me cause I know she wants to protect her community and by extension ALL OF US. #blacklivesmatter #Justice4Philando #EnoughWasALongTimeAgo #stopkillingblackpeople

Front page of the @newrepublic on newsstands now. #resistance #lovetrumpshate

We will never forget. TODAY jury will be deliberating in the case of the murder of #philandocastile. #Justice4Philando

New York City stands with Muslims. #CounterACThate #resistance #lovetrumpshate #solidarity

I want to wish this woman a Happy Birthday. She has already made history and for those of you who know her, you should be honored that you have been in the presence of a living legend. This woman is a truth teller and a truth seeker. She is committed to our people's liberation. You may all see the glam but I have witnessed the hustle. She inspires me every day and keeps my head held high. I am brave because of her. I am bold because of her. I pray that God envelopes her with his protection and love every day. I am grateful that he brought her in to my life and decades from now I can look back and reminisce on the history we made together. I love you @tamikadmallory. Praying for many more happy birthdays. #love #family #sisters #womensmarch #nyjusticeleague

Where did the time go? My son, my life, my first born. I am so proud to call myself your mother. You are everything any mom would want, compassionate, smart, funny, respectful, loves your family, religion and so proud of your Palestinian heritage. #prom #prom2k17 #family #love

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