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Logan Sachon

San Francisco :)

a good smell

Saturday fixins

solo :) harry :) styles :)

cosmic shout-out to the universe for this beautiful day, karmic shout-out to the corner market man for giving me the sale price on this coconut pop (1.23 in the bottom of my bag).

I'm a tech bro now

I used to scavenge bouquets, in Portland, in Brooklyn. I haven't done it in ages -- it always felt a little deviant. I was always expecting someone to come out and yell at me. When scavenging, I have some rules, don't take anything anyone would notice, don't stray off the sidewalk. But still of course, if ten people each took a small cutting, it wouldn't work at all! Anyway: today I ignored that last truth, stuck to my rules, prepared my response in case of confrontation, and gathered some stems on my walk home. I didn't get yelled at. I haven't, yet. And now I have this morally ambiguous bouquet. (I realized afterwards that I made it for @megnesmith, it's her birthday. There was awhile there when id show up to birthday parties flowers in hand, a bunch from the bodega, a scavenged arrangement in a jelly jar if id planned, tied up in ivy if I didn't. tradition!!!!! muscle memory!!! nostalgia!!!)

happy happy birthday to this cool dude (specifically, the one on the left). love you @alxschn

at a bodega in san francisco. a good omen.

goodbye new york! look to the cookie, and also to california, where i'll be.

the code word is roshambo

this is the face of someone on her last nyc subway commute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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