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Elliot Hahn  04 5mt Vf39 FXT MK Tuned @ 18psi Subaru ambassador Copilot: @taylor_bhn ❤️

I never post anymore lol 📷@gt_media

I never post interior shots so here’s a pic with the new Nardi 🤷🏻‍♂️

Spool gang 👉😎👉


Hyped as shit for IA tomorrow 📷@gt_media

Can't tell if @natch370 is looking at the 🅱️itment or if he's looking at the big ass puddle of coolant I leaked everywhere lmao

Calm before the storm 🙄 late night log pulls for @mikeydrives1

We back bitches! Ewg is in and I LOOOOOOVEEE it 😃 installed TGV Deletes, DW 740ccs, 3mm phenolic spacers, newer Vf39, AVO Inlet, IAG braided oil feed lines, Tial 38mm, and cleaned up the bay a ton. @mikeydrives1 is gonna get her running all nice and smooth and I'm really excited to have a reliable and consistent setup for once. Was a really fun learning experience and I have to say that I'm definitely not as intimidated by EJ's anymore. Vacuum lines lookin like the wild spaghetti monster but I think I've got them figured out 😂

So hyped to get all of my new parts installed this shit is gonna be rowdy 🙄🙄

She got a big ol onion booty, made the world cry 😭

fuck 'em dog, we gon see how hard they ride 📷@gt_media

Snap crackle pop 💥💥

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