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My friend told me how electricity is measured and I was like watt!?

Story time: as I was crossing this bridge myself, I slipped, fell on my butt and almost dropped my phone. Let's just say my reflexes are top notch and leave it at that 💁

We went up the gondola expecting sunshine and views of the fiords. Instead, we were greeted by a blizzard and snow up to our knees. Still one of the coolest things I've experienced (pun intended)

"Det är sorger vi aldrig kan komma bort från, men vi kommer alltid komma från Stockholm, för vi lever som om ingen kan stoppa oss. När vi hittar varandra, kan inget stoppa oss."

✌️🌹 peace will win, and fear will lose.

Today, Stockholm stands for strength and solidarity. ❤️

And all of a sudden a very rare species, the sun, appeared in the Vancouver sky (is to be read in David Attenborough's voice)

Lo's tip of the day: when you're lost deep in the Canadian forest, the best thing to do is pick up the camera, take some photos and just hope that someone finds you before you freeze to death. You can thank me later.

When your biggest fear is flying, the best thing to do is jump on the smallest seaplane and go for a ride, right? Right.

Fun fact: this bridge was built by the same family who made the Guinness beer. If that's not family goals, then I don't know what is

Cloudy with a chance of so much rain it will take three days for your shoes to dry

One and a half years ago I left my heart in this city. Vancouver, I've missed you. So, so much.

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