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Lovi Poe  An artist in motion. #CestLovi #LoviYourBody

When traveling solo, you have to have the courage to ask... “I’m sorry do you mind taking my photo?” 😂 This is an actual candid shot of me with my palms pressed together thanking the kind stranger. He sure was able to capture my “thank you face”.... with a slight hint of embarrassment.😂♥️

If it’s a “kick-you-in-the-crotch spit-on-your-neck-fantastic” kinda day... you definitely deserve a cocktail.🍹

Be you. Even if it means not wearing “no show socks” cause they’re too cool for you. Just be you. 🙂

Just another “take a photo of me against the brick wall” moment. ♥️ #LaLaLovi

Ang gusto ko ay sumakay sa pagikot ng buhay.
At pagtagal maging gabay sa iba pang sasakay.
Gusto mo bang sumama?

Nais ko lang naman magkasaysay
Itong buhay. Isang beses lang naman ito.
Kung gusto mo di masyadong lalayo
at ng di ka mainip, ika'y iaaliw sa aking perry's will.🌈 @reginevalcasid #Reginian ♥️

Traveling solo... prioritizing my soul.🌊

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.🌈

Stretching or doing a #LoviPOEse ?😋 @benchtm @benchbodyph #BenchEverday

You know, just roaming around the house of Bette. @rembrandt @longchamp #LongchampAmazone

Hello, beautiful.🌸

Don’t ever be afraid to show off your true colors. 🌼

She’s got Bette Davis eyes🎶

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