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Handwritten,Illuminate & (?)  In love with a Canadian boy who hates tomatoes and loves muffins😍❤️🔴 5.1k+ Muffins🌸 Fanfiction🖋 Emma & Aïsha💗


Lol me😂❤️

I go back to my table where Shawn is waiting for me. "She got this app" I whisper in his ear. "I knew it!" He says. We get our food and sit back at the table. "Again I'm soo sorry for not believing you" I say quietly. "It's fine Y/n, you were such a jealous fish" He laughs. "A jealous fish?" I ask laughing too. "I wasn't jealous, I just didn't want you to get hurt" I say, I know I'm lying. "Ohh okayy" He says looking at his food. We both eat our food without saying anything. Shawn takes my plate and puts it away. Next one is longer I promise❤️

He is sooo happy😍😭❤️❤️❤️


So I wake up in the morning and walk to school, just like every other day. But this time, I'm thinking about how to get this girls phone the whole time... I'll have a lesson with her after lunch break. So I'll wait till then. But in lunch break, I get my opportunity. She and her best friend are sitting at a table and they are on their phones. Her best friend says something, they both scream and run in one direction. That's my chance. I run to their table, yesss she left her phone. "Password needed" SHIT SHIT SHIT WHAT'S HER PASSWORD?! OKAY SHE HAS THIS BOYFRIEND AND HIS NAME IS LUKE. I type "Luke" INCORRECT. SHIT. But then a message pops up "Create a new chat with Whatsfake" okay that's enough. She has this app on her phone. I freak out. I put the phone down again, just in the moment they enter the cafeteria again. Phewww, that was close


So another acc got this from whoever but not her official snapchat, but nvm she looks so gorgeous 😍❤️

"I cooked us something" He says. "Omg really? I'm so hungry!" I laugh. "Yeah same even though it's 12 or something" He smiles. We have a really great time at his house, we just to stupid stuff and I mean, we are stupid. The food he made is really tasty, he cooked chicken with rice and some sauce. Even Aaliyah eats it, she isn't that sick anymore. When his parents come back, I leave. I don't wanna interruot their family time or something. "See you tomorrow in school?" I ask him. "I think so" He says. I leave and get back to my house. "Everything alright again?" Mom asks when I enter the house. "Yess" I yell back. It is? Yeah I just have to check this thing with the girl tomorrow and then everything's arlright.

HAHAHAHAHA Guys I'm logging out for a pool party I'll be back later❤️

And I started to realize I actually know who that girl was. She was one of the beauty girls, how could I not notice the fake diamonds on that phone?! But how could she do it? I mean how... and then I started to realize it. She was the girl who always bullied on me and always told me I was dumb for being friends with Shawn.. She must've faked that and managed it for me to see it. She's more intelligent than I expected. I tell Shawn about my idea. "Wow, that's so cruel of her... Do you mean she would do all that just to hurt you?" He asks. "Definitely" I state. There's actually an app for faking chats... Wow I'm impressed what bullies can do just for destroying friendships. I mean why would you spend so much time and effort on people you don't even like...? But I really need to know if she really did that... I'll see that tomorrow. "I'm so glad you didn't lie to me" I say. "And I'm sorry that I even thought you would" I add. He smiles. "Hey Y/n" He says. "Guess what?" "What?" I ask. "

She is so perfect in gorgeous😫😍

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