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“Help me,please, Drake” I LOVE THIS SO MUCH


Shawn in blue jeans and a beanie😍❤️

Lmao true

I looked around, trying to find my saver. My sight was blurry and I could barely keep them open. I closed them and instantly fell asleep. I woke up in a unfamiliar bed with a blue blanket over me. I quickly got up and looked for my phone. It was in my bag so I pressed the home button to see how late it was. 3:44am. “Oh god, I came here at 7, did I really sleep like 5 hours here?!” I tried to remember what happened before I went to bed. “I believe I’m in a room upstairs in Cathy’s house. But where is everybody else?!” I slowly opened the door and a boy fell onto my feet. He had obviously been sleeping leaned against the other side of the door and I woke him up. He was lying on the floor, his eyes slowly opened and he was looking mw straight in the eyes. He had dark, brown eyes and I couldn’t do anything but stare.

A few seconds before I hit the ground, there were two strong hands grabbing me and carrying me bridal style. People were still talking, but I couldn‘t hear them normally anymore. I just remember being sat on a chair and getting handed some water. Someone was holding me up so I wouldn‘t fall or walk again. I was feeling sick, I felt like I was about to throw up. I didn‘t know who was sitting next to me and I could barely say anything normal.
More? (“💗”)And sorry for not numbering the last parts❤️

Someone still wanna read the fanfiction?


What‘s the time at your place?

This is sooooo cute❤️

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