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Sandra.  My Fanart! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Zayn posted x7. Tumblr: lovingityeah. Open Comissions, dm me to inquire. My sarahah:


This is a bit of process speed painting video, I don't know how to turn it around tho lmao.
#zarry #zarryart #zarryfanart #digitalart

Couple aesthetics. Gender fluid Zayn and bf Harry.
(So @kilamsoftly made a gorgeous ziam with gender fluid Zayn and I screamed about it and then decided to do a quick thingy myself too. So Zarry with gender fluid Zayn it is lol).
#zarry #zarryart #zarryfanart #zarrystylik

Camie I love you and your art, this is one of my fav ever of yours but is very hard to chose bc i love too many of them(all of them) so of course I'm participating in this! Wish me luck people lol and go check @ohnoballoons asap if you haven't yet #ohnogiveaway

"Didn't realize the hate for minions was this real, fuck, these aliens got it bad".
Tag @zayn please .
Some time ago lovely @ohnoballoons drew this girl wearing this look kinda and posing this way and as soon as I saw the pic I knew I wanted to draw Zayn like that, but I forgot until now lol. So here is this kinda quick thing.
#zayn #zaynmalik #zaynart #zaynfanart #zaynmalikart

Zarcel Office romance au.
(My friend got this on my head and now I can't stop thinking of it, so here have a quick thing lol).
#zarry #zarryart #zarryfanart #zarcel #zarrystylik

Go give love to your body.
Please tag @zayn πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ thank you!.
#zayn #zaynart #zaynmalik #zaynfanart #DuskTillDawn

Zomega and Alpharry πŸ’œ.
I know mpreg is not for everyone so if you don't like it I would recommend you to just ignore this drawings lol.
(I would kindly ask for Zayn or harry not to be tagged in this since I always like to keep my shipping away from them, I always am grateful for all the comments on my drawings of each of them with the tags but I guess is pretty obvious why I want to draw the line with drawings like this, thank you!!).
- -
#zarry #zarryart #zarryfanart #zarrystylik

Just Zegg to enjoy the baldness perfection lmao. (Also you can do me the favor of tagging @zayn here, if you want?).
#zaynmalik #zayn #zaynart #zaynfanart #zaynmalikart

...someone take my internet away lmao.
This is the worst thing I have done lmaoooo but I saw this meme on harry version with that whole line of the 'woke up the girl who looks just like you' so of course I had to make it Zarry lmao, so the credit mainly goes to the person who did that original one lmao. I have no comments.
#zarry #zarryart #zarryfanart #zarrystylik

Swipe left.
I made this drawing over a year ago, a concept I always loved and this one of my first digital paintings, that's why I decided to bring it back, is too good of a concept to be forgotten lol.
#zarry #zarryfanart #zarryart #zarrystylik

Bringing an old concept back.
(And yes I know how completely useless that band on Zayn's thigh is when it is on plain sight and not hiding, but it is as always just completely self indulgent as I imagine him wearing lingerie and having that lace band around his thigh..hmm I should draw that too).
#zarry #zarryart #zarryfanart #zarrystylik

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