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SiTTinG 🔛🔝 Of My 🌏  WORK Hard💰PLAY Harder🏆LOVE Cautiously🔎🔍"An Honorable NavySeal"🙏 and his👸 Made sure I'd be set to strive for🎯 My Dreams 🇮🇹🇮🇪👑✈️❤My👦🏼MJ💯

I'm not suppose to be out of bed, however Mj wanted me to see his new form. #MothersLove #PerfectFormMj

Raspberry swirled cheesecake, I'am fresh out the E.R but this is by far the best medication😋 @reconchatumadre😋

May your hunger for change, be greater than your complacency to stay the same.

The young woman in me still dreams..


#StopTheBullying @rizz_aq @jorgekeepsit100 Great message guys 😚😚 #❤️

Enjoy the good times, make memories that will last a lifetime. 4/11

Good one, Find something nice/positive to say about yourself instead of having my name in your mouth💯🤣✋🏻 #Rolling🤠😅 people that talk about others are people that have no means to hold a decent conversation and/or have nothing good to say about themselves #Checkmate #DoesntEffectMyLifeOrAccounts

I'm not good at holding my tongue, I got control of loose hands a long time ago thanks be to God.. However facts remain I've been used, left, loved and lost- It made me build this wall. I'm a take a brick by brick down type of woman. I've been on my own for 20 years, that's a shit load of logging. As I like to always say-"Follow your heart, but take your mind with you". Don't get comfortable to live in a bubble- #PopThatShit #RealityAlwaysStrikes💯 #OnlyTheRealWillRemainInSite

Although I wish everyone, to have a blessed day.. #UpAndOut

Sometimes in order to get yourself to a better and brighter place you have to unload people, things, even family. You hAve to do what's best for you... #TheLoveRemainsTheSame #HappinessIsImportantInMylife #BackToRountine #ClassAndMeetings

My real old stomping grounds, #52st #GreatMemoriesWithMyfatherMother and my uncle parlay Mj hitting the courts😊 @frankiebeige I remember everything and how you'd bring me here when dad had past.

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