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'Nardo❤  "ι goт aттenтιon вy вeιng ғυnny aт ѕcнool, preтendιng тo вe reтarded and jυмpιng aroυnd wιтн a deғorмed нand" ~ leo dιcaprιo


Been ages since I last posted!! Do my followers still remember me? [Prob not] 😄💭 ~~
#leonardodicaprio #youngleo

BREAKING: Bill Paxton has died at the age of 61 from complications during surgery. RIP Bill Paxton, aka Brock Lovett from Titanic.😫🙏🏼 #billpaxton #rip

These images are real-life photos from the Titanic⚓ they've been transformed from black & white images to coloured. It's so awesome how much the movie set resembles the actual ship!!💙 creds to:Thomas Shmid of 3D History #Titanic #Memories

RIP to a great filmmaker & conservationist, Rob Stewart💙 He did so much for the Shark population under the seas & sharks were his greatest passion. He died recently after a scuba diving incident. RIP @teamsharkwater 🐳😢 #robstewart

Look who's presenting at the Oscars 2017!😍 funny how people made fun of him for not having an Oscar, yet this year he's back on that stage😌💪🏼✨ #leonardodicaprio #oscars2017

Hope your Holidays were as happy as Leo in this pic💙😂 {Sorry for being so inactive lately} #leonardodicaprio

sorry for my brief inactivity guys💙 will try to spam all likers😚 #leonardodicaprio

Leo had lunch served by former homeless employees at a special restaurant❤️🍴 {in Scotland,nov 17th} #leonardodicaprio #socialbiterestaurant

HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY TO THE KING OF ACTING🙌🏼 Leo is truely one of the most inspiring celebs💙 not to mention he has the most heavenly looks😍 Leonardo Willhelm DiCaprio, we love you🎈🎉 MAY YOUR 42nd BE BLESSED✨ #leonardodicaprio #happybirthday #42yearsold

ANOTHER WELL DESERVED AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY🙌🏼💥 Look at babe holding another award💙 Before the Flood was amazing✨ #leonardodicaprio #jonahhill #fisherstevens

Finished watching Before the Flood with tears in my eyes... I'm so proud of Leo for making this documentary, a true eye-opener. Can't believe some people still think that climate change is a hoax, while there is live proof all over the world about it!! Watching this film made me even more proud of myself for going vegetarian 12yrs ago. Now the world is counting on us for its well-being, think of the future generation everyone!! The world needs us!🌍✨💙 THANK YOU LEO😭 #LeoForPresident #BeforeTheFlood #leonardodicaprio

It only takes a DiCaprihoe about 20seconds to complete this😊😇 [since #8 doesnt work with "Nina", I think it's "Agdal"] #leonardodicaprio #crossword

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