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'Nardo❤  "ι goт aттenтιon вy вeιng ғυnny aт ѕcнool, preтendιng тo вe reтarded and jυмpιng aroυnd wιтн a deғorмed нand" ~ leo dιcaprιo

heavenly young Leo 😻 #leonardodicaprio

{VOTE} Who would you ship Leo with?💕 Toni Garrn (1) or Lorena Rae (2)?? SWIPE▶ #leonardodicaprio #tonigarrn #lorenarae

Imagine picking up the phone & THE Leo DiCaprio is talking to you😭😭 // I will call you, Leo😂 #leonardodicaprio #handinhand

{BREAKING} Leo & Toni Garrn seem to be a couple again!! They were spotted leaving the 1OAK nighclub holding hands.😊💙 (they were dating back in 2014) #leonardodicaprio #tonigarrn

Kate & Margot have arrived in Toronto for the TIFF!!! THEY ARE BOTH IN MY CITY😭😭 🇨🇦🇨🇦 #katewinslet #margotrobbie #tiff2017

⏬{Caption this down below} ⏬ #leonardodicaprio

Kate Winslet slays so much🌻 #katewinslet #leonardodicaprio

Reposted from Leo @leonardodicaprio 💚 Let's help save the Amazon!! Repost the hashtag: #togetherfortheamazon #togetherfortheamazon

COMMENT⏬ Your 8th & 10th recent emojis are what Leo thinks of you 😊 I got: 💕😍 yasss #leonardodicaprio

me wondering how some ppl caught the eclipse with their phones! 😂🤔 // How much of it did you guys see? 🌘 #leonardodicaprio #eclipse2017

Loves, I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions for my account? 💙 Comment⬇⬇ ---
How are u guys today btw! 😊

Biking in NYC: Leo x Kate 🌎🚲 #leonardodicaprio #katewinslet

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