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Nina Lance  Wife to @ninedragons • Parent to 👶🏻➕🐶 💌:

🍷C H E E R S🍷 to my fellow parents! We got this! 🤜🏼♥️🤛🏼 #wineoclock #parenthood #momlife

I can’t believe this is happening in America and in the 21st century. Why are we not able to do more?? How and why is this allowed?! It is inhumane and disgusting. As a mother and immigrant, I weep for the families that have been ripped apart. I can’t even fathom what the parents and children are going through. Not to mention the future ramifications from this injustice and torture. Please please help in any way. Link in bio for ways to help.

I look at this photo and my first thoughts are ‘I need a roots are really bad...wish my chin and nose were slimmer...wish my eyes were bigger...I look tired...I am tired....’.
But then i remind myself that both my hair and makeup are done despite having an 18 month old who runs like the wind and not in the direction we’d like him to.
I deserve a pat on the back. (Or at least a nice cookie.)
I’m learning how to celebrate the small victories, no matter how minute and mundane they may be. It’s so easy to forget about the little details and wins in life that weave together with the more significant and grander moments. It’s easy to forget to treat ourselves with grace and self-love and appreciation.
So even though I may see a tired face looking back at me in the mirror, there’s a beaming little face looking up at me with love and I know I’m beautiful because to him I am. And that’s worth celebrating everyday.
Now. Where’s that cookie?

#selflove #momlife #realtalk

We flew back to LA last night after spending 10 wonderful days with our family in NoVA. River did amazing and better than we expected. He’s such an awesome traveler now.


Dont let these photos fool you. The flight was a fuckin nightmare. My beautiful, happy boy was the nightmare. Yeah, I said it. It took almost 2 hours of whining and crying to get him to sleep. We had to endure glares and complaints from some passengers (understandably) and I was tempted to hand River to them and ask them if they could do better (probably could). When he finally passed out from sheer exhaustion, @ninedragons and I were feeling completely defeated, wrecked, and heartbroken that our son was so unhappy and uncomfortable.

This is motherhood. Honest motherhood. Real motherhood. My motherhood. I’m sharing this with you because what we usually post on social media is an idea of perfection. I have been guilty of this, as well. And I have been struggling with that guilt. It’s one of the many reasons I took a long break from social media this year. (Will share more with you later.)
Some days I feel like Super Mom with an I-can-do-anything-and-everything attitude. Most days I’m relieved that I managed to keep this little human alive another day. And when I have those really challenging, frustrating, manic days a good cry in the shower or on my husband’s shoulder seems to help (along with some wine. Ok, lots of wine).
My life - our life - is far from perfect. It can be chaotic and messy and very far from the ideal that many of us seem to feel the need to attain and achieve based on what others share publicly. #guilty
I NEVER want anybody to feel badly or question their path and choices because of some false sense of idyllic life I share with you. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to attain a perfect life, you’re on the wrong page. I’m a mess. BUT. If you’re looking for a friend and fellow mama who will be raw and honest, then let’s learn and grow together and support each other on this journey. Let’s raise good humans together.

From now on, I’m keeping it real.

It’s nice to be back. And I’ve missed you. ♥️ #keepinitreal #thestruggleisreal #wouldntchangeathing

You’ve shown me how beautiful, fulfilling, and fun marriage can be. I taught you how to appreciate sour gummies. If that’s not a perfect and equal match, I don’t know what is. Happy wedding anniversary, my love! I would marry you over and over again in less than a heartbeat. ♥️ #thelancesuhlotchronicles #03132016

Spent a wonderful day in our old stomping grounds. Last time we were here I was very pregnant with River. Now he’s running around and keeping us on our toes. Time flies too quickly... #riverzeldon #thisisone #dtla

Happy birthday to our rock, our foundation, and our light. Thank you for being the most amazing and loving husband and father. We are so lucky to call you ours. We love you we love you we love you. Forever. 💙 @ninedragons #thelancesuhlotchronicles

Oh, the places you’ll go. ✨

Coffee break 🍩☕️

Recently discovered our new favorite coffee shop. Beautiful space, delicious offerings, and the friendliest service. A very lovely place indeed. ☕️

Dear River,
As I was making your birthday 미역국 (seaweed soup) and feeding it to you this morning, I couldn’t believe that it was only a year ago that you came into our lives when it feels like you’ve been a part of me forever. Thank you for choosing us to be your mom and dad. For being the sweetest, happiest, little baby. Thank you for being so forgiving and understanding of our rookie mistakes (and there will be many more). Thank you for teaching us the meaning of unconditional and endless love. For sharing all your firsts with us and just filling our hearts and home with so much joy and laughter. Thank you for making me a mother. Words feel so inadequate to truly describe how much you mean to us but I hope the next 4 will carry you through your life and always remind you how special and important you are to us:
We love you forever.
Love, Mom
#riverzeldon #12monthsold #dec29th

‘Tis the season to be jolly? 🤔 #badsanta #sorryRiver #rivers1stxmas

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