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Suzanne Kelly  Paediatric Massage Consultant ~ Infant Massage Instructor ~ Early Childhood Educator ~ Holistic help 4 babies ~ Home visits & classes P:0432 586 324


Happy Monday Mamas & Papas 😊✨May your week ahead be brilliant .. One way of making it safer may be by booking into learning Paediatric First Aid training. Learning first aid is a life skill & it is empowering as a parent, grandparent or carer to know what to do in situations like choking ( such a common possibility with children 😳😱) , knowing how to perform infant & child resuscitation, febrile convulsion info & more. This course is run by paramedic Lisa , who generously donates her time & all profits from this event go to one of my favourite organisations MSFIN ( Mums Supporting Families in Need ) ❤️ Thanks to the Baby Goods Warehouse who organise this useful event. 😊 A win win all around - learning a life skill ( that potentially may save a life ) & giving back to others. Why not incorporate a date night here 😉 attend with a loved one & enjoy an outing after at one of the many amazing eating places in nearby Mornington☕️🍹🚑 #paediatricfirstaid #lovetolearninfantmassage #babysafety #lifeskill

Welcome to the world Lenny 💙 Congratulations to Bec George Archie & family.
Wishing good health, love & amazing adventures ahead. 🙏❤️ Skin on skin contact - such a loving, nurturing welcome to baby 👶 📷Bec Douros #lovetolearninfantmassage #newbaby #babybonding

Happy Fri- Yay Mamas😊 Love to bring back the zen ?
Connect mindfully with your baby & yourself?
Help promote better sleeping patterns ?✨🙌🙌 Learning infant massage may be your answer .
There are so many benefits for baby & your family life. If you would like to learn more, please message or call me- 0432 586 324
I teach in a supportive, friendly & fun manner. No judgements here - full support Mamas & Papas. 👏 Flexible options are available - learn in a small group setting, 1:1 in Seaford or 1:1 in your home at a time that works best for you & your baby. Imagine that feeling after you've received a massage - 😴💤😊😌 imagine being able to help your baby feel like this each day ❤️ Happy weekend ahead 😘 I have a home visit a little later & then it will be a weekend with some self care in there 😉 nothing expensive or lavish --just some deep breathing , slow time , change of routine, immersing in nature, being grateful & simple soul filling goodness. May your weekend be rejuvenating 🌿 📷babyology #lovetolearninfantmassage #infantmassageclasses #homevisits #holisitichelpforbaby #zenbabyzenmama

I'm thrilled to share the groundbreaking news from parliament on this Sweetheart Day ( yes- it's Sweetheart Day along with Valentine's Day ) ❤️❤️ @heartkids launched sweetheart day to raise awareness of heart disease. The goal is to continue to provide support, advocacy, growing awareness & enabling further research into childrens heart disorders . 8 babies are born every day in Australia with a heart defect. 💔 CHD -Childhood heart disease is Australia's largest cause of death in children under 12 months. This great news today means Heartkids will receive funding from the Commonwealth of Australia, putting a CHD action plan on the table. Go team Heartkids ❤️🙌 Head to sweetheartday.org.au to learn more & please if you can share & support to continue to raise awareness of CHD. 🙏 Thanks to my lovely friend & amazing Mama, @tink0811 @3_little_gentlemen & to her gorgeous, curly haired , brave warrior boy, Dante for allowing me to share these photos. Much thanks to RCH professionals for their care & dedication to achieving best outcomes for children & their families. This is where we spent our Valentine Day - RCH , not ❤️related but one of many ongoing appointments for our Grandson. Much thanks & gratitude & please know all who contribute to the Good Friday Appeal, your support really does make a difference to the lives of many 😘 #CHD #8toomany #heartkids #sweetheartday #braveheartdante #lovetolearninfantmassage

Lactation cookies can help with boosting & maintaining milk supply for breastfeeding Mamas. 🍪🥛🍶 You can purchase these already made or you can whip up a batch in about 10 minutes ( +baking time ) There are loads of easy recipes online & you can adapt to suit your preference by adding extras like cacao nibs, craisins, dried apricot, almonds, pumpkin seeds or your own combination. You can also make gluten free versions. I sourced my ingredients from the supermarket & Go Vita in Frankston. For about the cost of a pre purchased box my recipe made 65 cookies. From the one batch ( split in 3 ) I made 3 versions, cacao nibs, cranberry & nuts, raisins , dried fruit & choc chip.
Key ingredients are brewers yeast, wheat germ , flaxseed & oats. More detail as to how these help with increasing breast milk supply can be found on my fb Suzanne Kelly Infant Massage. It’s fair to say by the milky contented look of Ava that these cookies are working - further reinforced by a weight gain being already over her birth weight. These ingredients can also help with ‘baby blues’ , tiredness & the zinc in wheat germ boosts the immune system & protection of cracked nipples.
I would certainly recommend baking these as a unique gift for a new breastfeeding Mama ( safe for Dads to eat too with fortified healthy ingredients ) 😉 Learning Infant Massage is also a healthy way to enhance bonding , strengthen the immune system & increase happy endorphins. Please call or message me - 0432 586 324
for flexible learning options, info & home visit appointments.
#lovetolearninfantmassage #lactationcookies #milkbaby #newborn #selfcareformamas #breastfeeding

Pampering throwback to last Sunday 💐 A lovely thoughtful gift to Aunty Amy from Ethan. These two have a special bond. ❤️Ethan wanted to do something different than flowers, something that would be extra pampering for Amy. With a little help, he totally made Amy feel amazing , pampered & ready to greet visitors looking super glam & feeling great. Huge shout out to Jayne Mihailidis @mamas.angels fb Mamas Angels Jayne is the go to for pampering new mamas & spoiling them with beautiful blow waves, hair cuts, manicures & massages. info.mamasangels@yahoo.com.au Amy was very emotional with the kindness shown by Ethan organising this Ethan was feeling very proud, being able to come up with this unique gift idea. Thanks Jayne 😘 Amy was glowing. We highly recommend your services for others who may be looking to pamper a new Mama. We all know that feeling ,🙌having great hair brings & so hard for new Mamas after birth to manage this themselves in hospital or the early days at home. Yay to Jayne 💐 Yay to Ethan ❤️ Yay - Amy 😍 #lovetolearninfantmassage #mamasangels #pamperinggiftfornewmamas #auntyandnephew #greathair

Fri- Yay feels ........😉 When Grandma visits to lend a hand ( & does a little clothes shopping - just because💕🎀)
Yes - couldn’t help myself ‘cos we all know a girls gotta have a tutu ...
In defence of the adorable girly choices I made , I know this little one will grow to be one strong & compassionate woman . Ava is surrounded by a strong, resilient & incredible family ( 4th generation & a wonderful maternal great grandmother for wisdom & love ) I’m proud of the response to a remark made by my son in law when asked if he was sad he had another daughter ( thoughtless question to ask to anyone ?) Son in laws response ‘ I’m proud to have 2 incredible daughters & honestly I can think of very little that I couldn’t do with my daughters that I could do with a son👌🙌🙌 Absolutely true words & respectful role modelling . I love that my grandchildren , female & male, have opportunities for choices & to be who they choose to be & how they will live their lives. Strong, fierce, compassionate, resilient & always kind humans. Infant massage allows you to connect mindfully & with nurturing love with your baby.
If you would like to learn infant massage, please call or message me - 0432 586 324 Flexible options , affordable fees, home visits & supportive teaching 😊 #lovetolearninfantmassage #kindnessmatters #newborns #familylove #grandmalove #raisingresilientchildren

Yes ..... I’ve been quiet on the Insta front these last few days but super busy on the home front. 😘So very thankful & grateful 🙏for a safe arrival of our healthy baby granddaughter Ava Sue 💕🎀 Friday 2nd Feb 7lb 9 oz 9.09 am Mum Dad & big sister Stella all doing well 😊 Thanks Mum & Dad ❤️for the honour of Ava’s middle name - such a beautiful bond & privilege being a Grandma. Respect & thanks to all the professional team at St.Vincents Private hospital... above & beyond with personal care 👌🙌 I’ve been helping out with big sisters care & the kinder run ( increased respect for Mamas juggling babies, children & kinder runs) it’s all coming back to me now ....😉 Skin to skin contact was the most beautiful way for Ava & parents to enhance bonding through nurturing touch. If you would like to learn infant massage , please message or call me on -
0432 586 324
lots of flexible options to learn, including home visits & absolute support given to new parents. What’s your best tip for new parents that you found helped you ? #lovetolearninfantmassage #newbornbaby #preciousmoments #stvincentsprivatehospitalmelbourne #granddaughter #daughtersandmothers

Love to learn infant massage? Please call or message - 0432 586 324 Nurturing touch is the first form of communicating with your baby. I have flexible options available to make it easy & convenient to learn, suiting you & your baby's needs. Infant massage helps with better sleeping patterns, reduced crying time, decreased stress levels ( both parent & baby) , increased weight gain for prem babies, enhances bonding & attachment, strengthens the immune system & holistic relief with wind, colic, constipation & reflux issues. These are only a few of the benefits of why learning infant massage is the perfect way to nurture your baby. As a bonus , complimentary organic massage oil & a sequence sheet is included. The massage strokes are adapted from newborn through to the teenage years. Please tag & share this post with a new parent. Inquiries for group classes for new parents are also welcomed. 📷instababy #lovetolearninfantmassage #infantmassageclasses #homevisitsforbabyhelp #thepoweroftouch #newborn

Sending much love & thoughts to all Mamas out there who have a precious little one heading off to start the journey of school life. A milestone memory as Mamas we always carry close in our hearts. ❤️ To all the ‘seasoned’ back to school Mamas - Yep I’m feeling the earth move here from all that yay !! happy dancing 😉💃 The days may be long but honestly those years are short & zoom by in a flash. Cherish it all 😘❤️ Please call or message - 0432 586 324 if you would like to learn infant massage or to organise a home visit for holistic help with baby issues of wind, colic, constipation or reflux. There are over 21 health benefits of infant massage & many conditions that can be helped, like asthma, eczema & strengthening the immune system. Flexible & supportive learning options are available & to inquire & chat is absolutely free & no obligation. I am grateful & never take for granted the privilege working alongside new parents with their precious babies. 🙏
Cheers Mamas, stay strong ( I think it’s harder for parents) than the children who are all smiles & enjoying being at school , just moments after parents have left - with the tissues in hand. Treat yourself to a big coffee , sit & breathe ...👌🙌🙌you’ve done awesome parenting & getting here ❤️ #lovetolearninfantmassage #schooldays #infantmassageclasses #supportingparents #resilience #dowhatyouloveeveryday #workingfromhome

Those sizzling hot summer day feels ......
How's everyone else surviving this Melbourne heatwave?? 💥🌞💥 Cold wet face washers are always a go to ... place wet in a freezer bag until super chilled. We will be headed to a movie soon to soak up some of their air con. 😩😂 A market there for theatres to sell an all day ticket. They could even play re runs... no worries what the movie is - we'll take the upsized combo of an old movie & a big dose of air con X 3 . 🍿🍿🍿🌬🌬 Water play is also a great way to keep cool - indoors or in a cool covered area lay out a plastic tarp topped with beach towels & a tub of cool water & water play toys. Toddlers & pre schoolers also love if you freeze small plastic toys, like dinosaurs or farm animals in ice & they play with them in a tub watching them melt to get the animals out of the ice. Keep hydrated, stay indoors & do your best to keep littlies & yourself safe & cool. #lovetolearninfantmassage #watersafeplay #summer2018 #heatandbabysafety #stayhydrated #wetfacewashersandwatermelon

Utmost respect to the true founders of our beautiful country & all who call Australia home.
Happy Australia Day to all😊 I feel very privileged to call Australia home 🇦🇺 I’m grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given & the life my children & grandchildren have. The generosity of spirit Australian’s are renowned for, our wonderful beaches & countryside, clean water, peace, plentiful & amazing food & having opportunities to achieve.
Today was all about family here, giving thanks , having fun & a whole lotta great food 👌🙌🙌 The big Aussie bbque, snags & sauce in bread, rissoles, salads, home grown produce , fresh fruit,pavlova & the most amazing multi cultural lamingtons made by my brother in law ( pandan - green chiffon cake - Malay recipe & topped with luscious chocolate icing & coconut😋). Yes - that is a huge vegemite jar with our surname on it & yes we are eating this... Humid hot weather & this Yo-Ko original top was perfect, cool & comfy with plenty of expansion to cater for our Aussie day food festival😉. I hope your day has been a happy one. I hope you’ve encountered a snag in bread & a luscious lamington along the way 😘 #australiaday2018 #pavlovaandlamingtons #keepcalmandlightthebarbie #yokooriginal #lovetolearninfantmassage

Super excited like this little bubba to be back & teaching infant massage classes for 2018! Please call or message me - 0432 586 324 for more details & information about the many flexible options I have available to suit you & your baby. I understand the juggle of being a new parent & I make it super easy for you to learn in a supportive teaching manner & 1:1 in your home or in a friendly Seaford location. There are over 21 great health benefits of learning infant massage. You are empowered to help your own baby in a holistic way & some of the benefits include- enhancing bonding, better sleep patterns, reduced crying time, strengthening the immune system & relaxing both baby & yourself. Complimentary organic massage oil is included & fees are very affordable. I'm based in Seaford & travel to Bayside, Mornington Peninsula & surrounding areas for appointments. Other areas by agreement. Now is the perfect time to learn infant massage. #lovetolearninfantmassage #zenbabyzenmama #holistichelpforbabies #happybaby #homevisitsforhelpwithwindcolicconstipationandreflux

Happy Weekend to all 😊🍉🌞 If you are in Melbourne, Victoria - I have you have been able to keep cool on this 🔥💥 scorcher of a day. This little Bub has the right idea - sitting in a tub of cool water looks like the perfect spot to be. I hope the breeze continues & that it is a better night for sleeping. Enjoy your weekend & family time. Water play is one of the easiest & happiest activities for all. #lovetolearninfantmassage #holistichelpforbabies #homevisitsforbabyhelp #watersafety 📷kellyfreemanphotography

Learning infant massage is the perfect way to enhance bonding & attachment with your new baby. In the interest of honesty & keeping it real I want to reassure that this bond isn't always an instant star bolt to the heart. Please Mamas be kind to yourselves & don't beat yourself up thinking there may be something wrong with you. Childbirth & parenting in the few weeks that follow can be a super challenging journey. A mix of volatile hormones, recovery after birth or a c section & even juggling other children's care & needs can all add another layer to emotions. Oh & lets not forget the biggie- lack of sleep 😳😣 This can all take its toll. Speaking up & sharing your feelings with loved ones may be useful. Always seek professional help if you are concerned about you or your baby's health. Learning infant massage can be a holistic support in a variety of ways. There is a proven correlation with touch & the release of oxytocin ( that Love or anti stress hormone ❤️) in both baby & parent. Oxytocin is a feel good hormone, helps with increasing breastmilk ( via prolactin production ) & has direct effects on brain growth, especially the neo cortex of the newborn. Anxiety & stress levels are decreased , better sleep patterns are enhanced & bonding, trust & understanding your baby's cues are increased. Please DM or contact me - 0432 586 324 if you would like to learn infant massage & to discover how infant massage can benefit you & your baby. I offer bespoke classes tailored for you & your baby's individual needs & I have lots of flexible options to make it easy for you to learn. I teach in a supportive & fun manner. No negative judging vibes here 😘 full support to Mamas, Papas & babies 🙌 #lovetolearninfantmassage #enhancingbonding #holistichelpforbabies #oxytocin

Hi Mamas - happy weekend to all😊 I posted these photos of myself as a toddler & young girl to my phone today as a timely reminder of positive self talk.
If you head to my Facebook Suzanne Kelly Infant Massage I shared a video which I highly recommend watching. The message in the video is a timely reminder as how often as Mamas we can be hard on ourselves trying to attain perfection & with unrealistic expectations & ideas of what the Motherhood journey should be like. How we speak to ourselves can erode our sense of self worth, heighten anxiety & dull our sparkle. Imagine - if this year 2018 we are not only kinder to each other , what about if we are kinder to ourselves... the photo is a prompt - would you speak to the child like you are speaking to yourself? I’m remembering both of these photos actually being taken - I am remembering the happiness, although if you ask my Mum what she may remember it will be different. My mum may remember losing her purse after I had this photo taken & then in the larger photo of her attempted hairdressing skills. 😂😉 My Mum had attempted cutting my sister & my long hair & the more she attempted getting it straighter , the shorter it became.. we wore curlers for a few days until Mum overcame her embarrassment to show my Dad, her hairdressing skills.
Honestly Mamas, be kind to yourself & take care of you. Your children love you for the time you give them , not because you set such a high standard for everything ,that there’s often little time for laughs, fun & the joy of childhood. Do what is right for you & your family & you don’t need to explain to others.
If you are hassled by others I think the comment ‘ I’m so glad it’s the year of being kind ‘ is a great comeback. Much love & virtual 💐to all Mamas. Have fun finding a childhood photo to put on your phone for you 👶 A big hug & love to my Mum - you did awesome 😘❤️( I forgive the haircut) xx #lovetolearninfantmassage #selfcare

One of the greatest benefits of infant massage is that it helps healthy brain development. You will not spoil your baby by cuddling.
Touch is vital for healthy development & it is through your touch that you first communicate with your baby. Research studies have proven the positive findings of the power of touch by comparing the differences in brain development via medical imaging, showing the variation of when a child has had healthy brain development in correlation to nurturing & touch & enhanced bonding.
Massaging & hugging your baby helps with cognitive & improved brain functioning. If you would like to learn infant massage & to discover the many benefits of infant massage for both you & your baby please DM or call - 0432 586 324 I teach in a supportive manner. 😊 Flexible options are available to learn to suit you & your baby's needs. The strokes learnt can be adapted from newborn through to the teenage years & can help provide the bond that grows between you & your child. 📷IG baby #lovetolearninfantmassage #infantmassageclasses #healthybabybraindevelopment #thepoweroftouch

Well we are feeling pretty happy here - 😊 Our first voucher used from Mornington Peninsula’s Penny Saver discount voucher book & we have managed to recoup half the cost of buying this great book👌🙌🙌 A $20 saving in one hit & a fun outing to Rain Hayne & Shine Farm. We loved spending close family time with our Grandchildren & making holiday fun memories together. Attachment, relationships & feeling connected are vitally important for children.... & us all. Infant massage is a perfect way to connect & enhance bonding with your baby.
I am back after a lovely Christmas & doing home visits for holistic help with baby issues of wind, colic, constipation & reflux. I am also taking bookings if you would like to learn infant massage.
Please DM or call me -
0432 586 324 I teach in a supportive & fun manner. I try to offer as much flexibility with options to suit you & your baby’s needs. Another bonus of purchasing this fantastic discount book - is there are discounts available from me , to learn infant massage. Visit @thepennysaver to get your hands on a copy. I love that $3 from each book sale supports one of my favourite organisations @mumssfin There is also the opportunity for super easy fundraising for your organisation through book sales. We intend to shine & have fun this year & look forward to working our way through visiting the venues & businesses included. #lovetolearninfantmassage #supportinglocal #thepennysaver #havingfunandsavingmoney #makingmemorieswithgrandchildren #enhancingbonding

Yay!! Summer daze ... ' Beach baby A salty little sweetheart with sandy toes & a sun kissed nose' Loving this summer weather but a timely reminder for us in Victoria - 🌞💥☀️ A scorcher predicted today. Keep babies & yourself cool & well hydrated today. Cover up, find a cool place & rest ...
#lovetolearninfantmassage #sunsmart #breastmilkorformula #summer2018 📷pinterestbaby

Throwback Thursday - A snippet of some of last years infant massage classes & home visits.
Thank you to all of these Mums & babies featured & to the many more I was privileged to meet. 😊I am looking forward to sharing the positive health benefits of learning infant massage with lots #more families in 2018. Infant massage is the perfect means of communicating & enhancing bonding with your baby. I am taking bookings - 0432 586 324 If you would like to learn infant massage. Flexible options include, learning 1:1 in your home, as part of your Mother’s Group, in a small group setting in Seaford or tailored classes to suit your specific needs.
I teach in a friendly & supportive manner & complimentary organic massage oil & sequence sheet makes it even easier for you to learn.
There are many health benefits for both baby & parent.
Helping Baby with better sleeping patterns, decreasing stress & anxiety, strengthening the immune system & holistic help with baby issues are only a few. The strokes learnt are suitable from newborn through to the teenage years. Learning infant massage is a fabulous life skill & allows you to connect in a mindful manner with your baby. I am based in Seaford & travel to Bayside & Mornington Peninsula & surrounding areas, other areas by arrangement.
Gift vouchers are also available. Infant massage - fun & so many benefits. I look forward to helping start you & your baby on your infant massage journey.
😘Wishing all of the lovely families & babies I worked alongside last year much health, joy & happiness. ❤️🌿 #lovetolearninfantmassage #infantmassageclasses #holistichelpforbabies #2018classes

Wishing everyone a beautiful 2018 wherever you are in this world at this time. 🌏✨
May it be filled with health, happiness, adventures, relaxation, joy, family & friend time & may you have peace of spirit.
A grateful thank you to all of the loving families I worked alongside in 2017 sharing & teaching the many benefits of infant massage. I’m appreciative of you all & the positive feedback & encouragement 😊
I hope Infant Massage enhances your bond & deepens your connection as a parent, as your baby grows & in the years ahead.
I don’t have or presume to have great wisdom or advice ... only , if you are coming from a place of Love, compassion & try to be kind, I think this is a great start & children model & learn what they see.
I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had & for the incredibly supportive people my path has crossed through social media & in following my passion.
I’m excited about what 2018 will unfold & I look forward to being challenged & meeting many more wonderful families.
( loads still to learn about social media & IT skills & business growth but I know my heart is aligned with my passion of what I am doing ) 😘 I also know of my strengths with what I already have faced on life’s journey that I will get there 🙏 Thanks & much joy to all Cheers, Suzanne x #lovetolearninfantmassage #takingbookingsfor2018 #infantmassageclasses #happynewyear2018

Hello Fri-Yay!!
Ok , so this is a friendly post to self ....
Purely because I have been loving this much needed break so much ( yep - the bit between Christmas & New Year... where you don’t know what day it is , routines out the window, pjs, along with eating leftovers are order of the day & stringing out hair washing & drying😉😂) This sweet bub - reminded me of the hair task scheduled for today.
Heading to the city for a birthday celebration for my beautiful daughter. Her birthday was yesterday🎂 Happy Birthday to anyone celebrating close to Christmas & to all the new baby’s born at this magical time of year. 😘❤️🌲 We have always kept Christmas & birthday gifts & celebrating separate. Both are special occasions here 🌲🎂 Enjoy your Fri-yay & honestly if you can’t face the hair washing & drying - don’t !
Life’s too short to be worried about hair, tie it back or pull on a hat ... 👑🎉mine just might be a party hat...😂 📷cute bub - instababy #lovetolearninfantmassage #takingbookingsfor2018 #infantmassageclasses #badhairdontcare #birthdaycelebrating

Hi Mamas - how are you doing? 😊 Is anyone looking for sustainable ‘leftovers’ menu solutions? I’ve really been on the case here this last year about decreasing food wasteage.
😉not really such a problem here, with a nearly 6 foot teenage eating machine & 2 constantly eating male adults 😩.... yep the light in the fridge is probably the thing that gets the best workout in this household 😱😉😂 Inspo for tonight came from the bowl of baby potatoes, pumpkin & onion leftover from Christmas ( time to clean the fridge out 👍)
I also found a 1/4 cabbage in there which I lightly sautéed & added some fresh peas & cherry tomatoes picked from our garden, ground salt & pepper, a beaten egg & shaped into patties dipped in panko breadcrumbs. Lightly fry in oil until golden on each side. Plate up with Greek yoghurt & mint dressing & a squeeze of lemon juice. 🍋 We enjoyed these with leftover ham, turkey & garden salad. Easy, delish , healthy & economical 🙌 A bonus of cleaning the fridge out ( a bit like finding money when you do the washing 😉) was the discovery of leftover cranberry juice - heck that was a no brainer !!
Swipe right for best using up of cranberry juice recipe ever ... cheers 😘😉🍹 #lovetolearninfantmassage #sustainablefoodpractice #emptythefridge #avoiddroncall #safefoodhandlinghere #selfcareformamas

Hoping everyone enjoyed a joyful Christmas & time to put your feet up for some well earned rest. It was worth every minute of the decorating , wrapping, styling , baking & organising. Happy times with family are the best gifts ever & I am grateful to be surrounded by a loving family. These are what childhood memories are made of..& what I hold closest to my heart❤️
Wishing everyone much joy & especially for the Mamas much sleep after a huge few days 😘😴😴😴#lovetolearninfantmassage #christmas2017 #family #christmaswrappedup #christmasbythesea

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