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John Luu  @UniTeaCosplay squad! This is my personal page, photo page is now @Cinnabun_Photos Will be at Ax and Sfcc


Repost for a wonderful Wednesday cosplay! I don't like the whole woman crush Wednesday or man crush Monday thing lol.
Check them out!!! Their work is wonderful!! @robothentai
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I'm allergic but I want! This kitty is so cute!!! It looked like it was stalking something and then it just flopped over. Same kitty, same.

The most difficult thing to struggle with about depression, loneliness, and emptiness... is knowing that you're loved, but feeling like you're not.

I can't convince you in any way, without you first convincing yourself (even in the slightest) that you're worth loving, that life is worth living regardless of how much pressure is crushing you... I know my humor is morbid and that I am broken. But we aren't alone... perhaps broken pieces can make the most beautiful mosaic of experiences and relationships. ---


Poop Snake Squad <3 fanime 2017 was our first full year as a squad. And when we all met. We got the photo late on Monday and we're missing a few members for this photo :(.
I'm proud to have seen us grown as a group but also as individuals. The work and effort everyone put in for their cosplays, their hobbies, and profession is a constant source of inspiration. We are not perfect and we constantly rip on each other, but we are there for each other when it counts. They keep me grounded and push me to keep getting better. Forever grateful to each of PSS members <3
Members in the photo are tagged:
Members missing:
Little baby Ali
Photo: @otani_visuals
#poopsnakesquad #squadlife #litaf #garbageaf #fanime2017 #fanime #fanime2016 #bathroom

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