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Repeat this Daily !
As children we learn how to use our imagination in order to make something that isn’t real in reality seem real in reality .
But because we get old we loose belief in our imagination because Life starts to Happen !
But God gave us imagination for a reason . The moment you reach back into your imagination you start to enter back into the spiritual realm of God showing you what is yours and if you believe that YOU can do all things through Christ then everything you believe in your imagination can manifest into reality .. But you have to have a true desire , faith in God , and belief that God can do absolutely anything and you shall receive whatever your heart desires ❤️ -LoveSydd
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My Daily Affirmations : “Happiness is possible. Happiness is real. Happiness is my birthright. Happiness is God. And God lives in me. Therefore anytime I need to find my happiness I will go within. I will use my words to create and never to destroy. I will speak those things that are not— as though they ARE. I will FEEL GOOD before the good even comes. And that is what will draw it to me. I will use the power of my mind to imagine the pictures I desire to see. I will express my gratitude for all that have and for all that I am. It feels good to be happy. It feels good to be free. I am unattached and unbothered by other people’s opinions of me, and their choices and actions can not affect me. Because I’m HAPPY I am CONFIDENT! I am JOYFUL! I am FUN! I am GORGEOUS! I am RICH! I am NEEDED ! I am APPRECIATED! I am LOVED! I am HAPPPYYYYYYYY FULLY BEING WHO GOD CREATED ME TO BE!!! “ #Affirmations #BeyondPretty #Youarewhatyouspeak

You have access to the holy spirit. There is never a time when the holy spirit isn’t present with you. The holy spirit lives in you! But here is the catch ... its not going to come out of you unless you are willing and open the door for it to come out. YOU ARE FILLED WITH POWER! USE THE HOLY SPIRIT To get the answer or whatever is missing, you are guaranteed that you are doing the will of GOD. #beyondpretty

#FBF of my Self Love video❤️ .. Our society today has been conformed to portraying a certain image .. an image of acceptance to look and act like what society wants us to be , to fit in , to run from the troubles of our life .. and I'm not just talking about just outer appearance , but what's inside of you . God created everyone in their own unique way and sometimes we get lost in society and what is known as the "perfect girl" ! And we fall in love with the attention that we receive . But what about the person behind the Glitz and the Glam or maybe the funny humor ? She is hiding behind an image, trying to break through , trying to be unique, and stand out ! Not caring about what the next person likes or don't like about you .. it may not always feel good , but the only way to actually be happy and change the world is to Love you for you .. Self Love ❤️💕 #selflove #women #womenempowerment #loveyouforyou #godsbeauty #godsplan #purposedriven #Slaypraynation #tagsomeoneyoulove #tagsomeonewhoneedsthis

God remembered us when we were down, His love never quits. Rescued us from the trampling boot, His love never quits. Takes care of everyone in time of need. His love never quits. Thank God, who did it all! His love never quits!
Thank you @victorychurchatl ❤️

Your words and thoughts create your future not the tough situations you are in right now ! Believe the desires in your heart ! ❤️ #beyondpretty

I believe that my life is Sacred . Therefore I am committed to living, thinking, acting, speaking, and doing everything in my life to reflect that. And ALL the good that belongs to me by Divine Right can never be taken from me, because God said so ... #thankful #blessed

I can go on and on and on about how good God really is ❤️ and the more I seek him the more he shows up in my everyday walk ! #blessed #sorryhadtodeleteandrepost #lol #ifyoucommentedbeforecommentagain 😂

Can’t leave my other baby out ❤️#Mynephewsarekings

I love me some Kairo 😍❤️ #nephewlove💙

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