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Shana Banana Bee  Oahu, HI ❤🌴️🌊 👧💙🐶= izzieyumiko808 💑💍=be_pear The ocean is my 💙 🌟Everything happens for a reason🌟 🐝 愛 は 命 🐝

She loves palm trees, take her to the islands
She loves sunshine, take her to the islands
She loves bomb waves, take her to the islands
She loves reggae, take her to the islands

Take her: Common Kings

I've been missing the beach lately. I've been adulting for the past couple months.
I still love this photo shoot i did with my big PC: big brother @ai_impressions

My summer beach nails 🐚🏝

Candid of me enjoying melon soda in Akiba.

If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals -SB
This weekend has been an emotional rollercoaster.. granted everything is almost fixed but the scars are still there.
I'm hoping this month will be better for me..April although had some fun times like my Japan trip.. there were some sad points too.. like my grandmother's death and couple things that have happened.
Chin up.. and I'm gonna try to persevere

I'm missing Japan and the cute cafes.

hello from the beach..i wish. Lol
You like my new bikini?

Sakura drops: Utada Hikaru Seeing the sakura was such an awesome experience. I'm missing Japan. I want to go back.

Nothing like being back at home.. enjoying awesome pizza and local music

They just played all the local i like. Lol
Playing now: Red dress: magic!

Meguro river
Got to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom and now i got to see them fall

The only Godzilla we could take a pic with since the other one in Roppongi is gone.
Our last full free day in Japan. It was fun and exciting.. but I am ready to go home but I'm really gonna miss Japan. I hope we can return soon.

One last time and got my silver member card!

Another cafe and coffee break waiting for the rush hour to pass. Possibly our last time visiting Harajuku/ Shibuya

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