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Saschie MacLean-Magbanua  🦄Founder @rsvp33 💌PR at Tourism Vancouver 🌈Named #30under30 by @bcbiz 💛@chantalmaclean #cedricdoggory 👇🏼Come dance 👯

Friday, powered (and made much better) by a platter of carbs. Thank you @beaucoupbakery 😘

Our last day on Safari 😭 It was made extra special with a surprise treehouse picnic from the lodge and such good game viewing (there was a full circle hyena-leopard-giraffe thing and a lot of feeding!) More in my story and highlights. 📷 @thephilocalist
PS. I keep giggling at Roman’s self congratulatory commentary in the last video 🙃😂

We saw the big five in one drive when we first arrived BUT I kept challenging our rangers and trackers to show us the baby big five. The only one left on our list is baby leopards. 🙈 📷 All of these photos are Romans 💯 @thephilocalist #londolozi #sabisands #kruger #krugerpark #bigfive

Scroll for one of the craziest moments on safari for me. 🔜 .
It was our first drive at @londolozi and our ranger Alfred and tracker Terrance knew we wanted to see cats. At dusk we were driven to one of the Birmingham coalition brothers.
I was in awe at his size because we had seen a couple of male lions while we were at the other lodge, but they were senior citizens and just napping in the sun. The older fellas were much smaller and weaker looking than this guy. Here was a lion that had the magnificence I imagined a lion to have.
He was sniffing the air likely picking up the scent of his pride and would go to find them. He walked towards us and started vocalizing. It felt like he was yelling at ME. I was filming and kept looking over to Alfie for reassurance and he was just chill, super calm and unconcerned about this enormous animal yelling at me. I just kept thinking “Is he mad?” “Is he coming for me?!” “Is this ok?!” I could very much feel my vulnerability in this open top vehicle. His paws (or teeth) could reach me in a second. .
It was one of those moments that feels way longer than it was in reality but even watching this back I feel the reverberations in my chest from his call and the flip flops in my belly from my nerves in that moment.
Mr. Lion 🦁 continued on and Terrance and Alfie explained that we’re just a vehicle to them. Even though it FEELS like they’re making eye contact and staring into your soul, they’re not. 😆 The calls weren’t aggressive growls or anything other then him saying “where you at” to his bros. Well, Alfie didn’t describe it that way but I’m sure that’s essentially what it was. 👊🏼

Didn’t think this honeymoon could get any better. But dang, @londolozi I love you. #londolozi

Safari Saschie spotting lions and cubs 🦁, baby hyenas (warning⚠️he’s carrying a carcass), and a young male leopard that I thought may eat Roman. 📷 @thephilocalist @londolozi

What to do between drives?
A) Swim
B) Nap
C) Read
D) All of the above 🤔💙 #sabisands 📷 @thephilocalist

Our mornings start with a 5:30am wake up call. We head to the main lodge for coffees and a nibble and then go off for our game drive at 6am.

We’ll cruise around our concession encountering elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, rhinos, hippos, and so much more more but really, we’re often on a mission for the big cats.

The anticipation builds as the tracker and ranger spot paw marks and investigate the area, often hopping out of the Land Rover with their rifle to check more closely. We were lucky to meet this cheetah who can be tricky to find because of the large distances they travel in a day.

Part way through our morning drive we’ll stop for a hot beverage and on our evening drive, a sun downer, the classic being a gin and tonic.

We’ll return with breakfast ready and have the afternoon to relax before lunch at 3pm, immediately followed by our evening drive, and then dinner. It’s quite a routine but one filled with so much excitement and uncertainty. 😍 📷 @thephilocalist / me

The most magical place I could ever dream of. #sabisands

Too much wine. Not enough time. 🍾🍷🥂🙈🍴😋😴

Wish we stayed longer in picturesque Stellenbosch.

Loving this experience so much! Cape Town was such a beautiful city to explore with fascinating history and culture, a stunning landscape, and kind and warm people. I feel so lucky to be able to see all of this with Roman for our honeymoon. 🍯🌙❤️

My highlights were our views after hiking Lion’s Head, catching the waves at Muizenberg (I’m a wanna be surfer 🏄🏻‍♀️ now!), seeing the penguins, having traditional Braai at Mzoli’s, our very bad game of paddle ball at the beach after a bottle of champagne, the Saturday market, and our dinner at @lacolombect. I’ve basically named most of our activities so I’ve clearly loved this trip! 😅 📷 @thephilocalist

Things we loved about @campsbaypod 💖
1️⃣ Amazing personable and sincere service; the team here made us feel so looked after. They were truly so friendly and helpful.
2️⃣ We saw the ocean every morning and heard the waves crashing as we fell asleep. Being right by the beach was so relaxing and it was an inexpensive Uber into the city.
3️⃣ Breakfasts were delish and something to look forward to every morning. As well as sunset happy hour with wine and cheese for taking in the sights.
There’s so much to do and see in Cape Town — we’re already dreaming about our next visit. 💯🙌🏻❤️ #campsbay #capetown

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