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GSK, ONS, EAR... is caught. In custody. And I am finally finished my work for the day, and am now watching the Press Conference with a little snicky snack.


Wine and Crime, two of my favourite things. The irony of “Clandestine Marriage” being the first crime I get, is not lost on me. Well, I’ll drink to that.

Don’t drink and instagram ladies and gents. 🤗😂😂😂🤭

I earned this wine. Weekend full of book launch, making elderberry syrup, bottling Fire Cider, picking up furniture, building furniture, building a FUCKING FENCE, designing new furniture for markets, Bunnings trip, stocktake, rearranging the van, aaaaaaand 3.5 hours of driving... I mean, I drink wine every night, but TONIGHT? Tonight, I EARNED IT. 💪🏻

Thanks for that wild ride. We made it. 🙌🏻

Look, listen... today’s lesson is at 6 weeks and one day, you get jabbed with needles and then you get snuggles. It’s called balance. I got you, Rain.

Oh the joy that comes from forcing those who share the same name to spend a few hours together..

I have late night conversations with the moon.. she tells me about the sun, and I tell her about you. 🌙

There’s only so much incense one can burn before one realises her efforts are futile. Mmm yes, I think I’ll clean and sage the house, then curl up with some wine and the kids.

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