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Love Recharged  A self love based brand focused on healing and giving - we specialize in Affirmation Stationery items ❤️🔋

We’ve given you two affirmations to jump start your Monday on a positive note.. now let’s fuel your body by adding a few healthy goodies to your breakfast. 😋
Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and by incorporating fruits and grains, these power foods energize your mind just as much, if not more than they energize your body. 🍎 🍌 🍓 * be conscious of what you’re taking in this week.
Photo 📷: @plantbasedrd
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Here are two affirmations to kick start your Monday into a great week.
- Monday rocks! It is one seventh of my life and I make the most of it!
- Monday is MY day! It’s my opportunity to begin anew!
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We tend to get self care confused with beauty regimens, solo dates and spending money and while all of those things are fun and definitely add to the pot, don’t forget working on our hearts, minds and glowing from the inside out is where the real self care that will have lasting effects comes in at. Take what you need and come back for the rest.. ❤️🔋 by: @soothe
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The things we tend to worry about rarely exist. Don’t overthink it. 📷: @yeahitschill .
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It’s the simple things. Don’t forget to recharge, if only for a second. ❤️ 🔋 #selfcare 📷: @chibirdart

Successful people create daily routines whether it’s in the morning before they begin their day or at night before they end their day. Ask yourself, what am I doing for myself before I let the world in and distract me? .
- do you have a daily routine? If so, what is it? (Share in the comments)
#selfcare #selfcarelookslike #dailyroutine 📷: kimothyjoy

WOMEN. To the career driven, prayer warriors, vacation goers, life of the party, light in the dark room, uplifters, those creating spaces and platforms, those of you wiping your friends tears, those cheering and complimenting strangers... ❤️
your stripes, your pain, your stretch marks, your short hair, your textured hair, your wide hips, your freckled face, your crooked smile..
your ability to love anyway, laugh through the pain, cry when you’re grateful, bounce back when you’ve fallen down.. WE LOVE YOU! WE CELEBRATE YOU!
Tag your squad!

#happyinternationalwomensday #internationalwomensday 👯‍♀️❤️

Loving this Stressful Day To-Do List from @positivelypresent .. Remember to take some time throughout the day to recharge yourselves. The best thing about it is IT DOESN’T HAVE TO COST A THING! ❤️🔋 #todolist #reversethestress #breathe #selflove #loverecharged

Hello March. This is our message to you for the entire month. KEEP YOUR MAGIC ! ✨#hellomarch #womenshistorymonth #loverecharged #stationery #greetingcards ❤️🔋

Just in time for #ValentinesDay . Ladies, this is the perfect #greetingcard for your #mcm . ❤️🔋
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There are so many women doing incredible things in the world. From teaching to creating opportunities for others. From supporting to investing and even just sharing uplifting, positive energy. You are all my SHEro’s. • ❤️🔋
-Tag a woman who may need to be reminded that we appreciate them, their work and/or their efforts.
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Have you signed up for our newsletter? The Weekly Recharge is a motivational newsletter to help enhance our lives with expression, encouragement and healthy practices. Sometimes we just need to unplug in order to recharge. ❤️🔋 visit .. click on “Recharge” and get your life. - •This week we are discussing morning routines.
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