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Daemion 🎨🤷🏻‍♂️  I guess I'm gunna start postin art here maybe bc it was suggested??

I’m offering $2 icons using waitresses new Kenomo base! Pretty much any species and all genders! I can make small and simple tweaks to base to fit your character!
Payment via PayPal!
The funds are going to go towards adopting my mom a cat by (hopefully) Mother’s Day this year!
DM or comment to claim a spot; turnaround is same-next day.
#art #digital #commissionsopen #2USDicons #base #cheap #furry

Hi y’all I’m not dead have a pic of the birthday card I made for me mumther

I’d love to see you make a sculpture out of this little guy I doodled in class!! @nerdecrafter #nerdecrafter

Tbh I can’t believe I drew this

This is what I smell like so this is what he would smell like. #whatdoesyourfursonasmelllike
Pictured art is by spacedeerart on FA!

I doodled this while waiting for my car to get detailed and I am proud of this Boy

I left it on the table 4 them

Lovin the first half of my commission from @greypfruits ❤️❤️ can’t wait to see the other half!!!!

WIP for upcoming character
Base is by waitress on FA or Hansa @ cozycatstudio

“3 AM”

Soft boy and trash man have a relationship of.... some sort

Also I drew hue but bc it’s pencil the glare is rEAL

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